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A new humble home
<i>Kyoko stands in the middle of the rain and looks up, just now noticing it's raining.</i> &quot;Oh no.&quot; <i>Freaking out as she realizes her burger started getting soggy, she quickly shoved the whole thing in her mouth. She then realized she was alone, lost and probably should've asked for directions instead of being uncharacteristic comedic relief.</i> &quot;Well, surely there has to be an abadoned house somewhere near here I can stay the night.&quot; <i>She looks around for any run-down buildings in the area</i>
A new humble home
<i>Kyoko approaches Nanaka from around the corner, brandishing her spear in one hand and a burger in the other. As she takes a bite of the burger she simultaneously begins to talk as she chews.</i> &quot;What if we fought to the death in the middle of the rain for like no reason right now.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Kyoko_Sakura)</div>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Collecting your jar of hearts
a very persona halloween
I honestly can't imagine what it's like to act like someone you are not.
<i>Following Nanoha's lead back to the starting room, Kyoko then groans upon the mysterious voice's complaints.</i> &quot;Oh, expensive is it? Well in that case...&quot; <i>Kyoko thrusts her spear into ground and tears through it like Spongebob walking into the Krusty Krab when he couldn't tie his shoes.</i> &quot;That's what you get for boring me.&quot; <i>Although, upon realizing that Nanoha was likely going to blow the place up anyways, Kyoko merely yawns afterwards, blinking a few times and looking upwards</i>
&quot;My, how boring.&quot; <i>Kyoko sighs, briefly glancing over at Nanoha.</i> &quot;Where do you think the person behind this is? If we can just take them out, all of this will be over.&quot;
<i>boredly shrugging, Kyoko walks over and kicks the dog</i> --action-- kick: light phys damage
Duel on a Virtual World
<span class="underline">Sweet, it's gonna blow itself up. Guess that means we win.</span> <i>Kyoko takes a big mac out of a pocket and start eating it, leaning back against the rubble.</i> <span class="underline">So, anyone wanna go out to eat after this?</span>
Duel on a Virtual World
<span class="underline">Great, it's charging that laser again. I'm gonna aggro it and see if I can't tank the hit.</span> <i>Kyoko retracts her spear and throws it straight towards the torso of Maegara, then diving backwards behind the rubble.</i>
Duel on a Virtual World
<i>Being knocked in the air, Kyoko stumbles around before pointing her spear to the ground, which extends at several joints before plunging into the earth and fastening Kyoko in mid-air.</i> <span class="underline">Vents, huh? Just leave it to me!</span> <i>Kyoko then retracts her spear and goes into freefall, landing on top of one of the piles of rubble. She whips the spear forward like a nunchuck, which then freely twists and turns through the air, allowing Kyoko to attack with it from a distance. Looking over the surface of the giant robot, she guides the head of the spear towards any vents she could say, striking rapidly with repeated jabs.</i>

Recent topics

RP Stronghold
*stands up to a podium* &quot;Alright, soldiers, it's time to show all these anti-rp boomers who really owns this site. They think they can drown us out with cheap, rehashed topic ideas. We were the ones who were here since the beginning. We're the ones with dozens if not hundreds of alts. We all know what they're really after, THEY-&quot; <i>Slams fists down and starts yelling</i> &quot;-think they can take not just the last, but the last <b>TWO</b> gogurts left in the refridgerator before I have the chance to get home from work. Well, they've got another thing coming! We will fight back, we will keep making threads, and we WILL be the superior shitposters! Who's with me!?&quot; *starts default dancing.*
Saturday Morning's Megica
&quot;Last time on The Adventures Of Kyoko Sakura The Magical Girl, things were looking pretty grim for my famous sidekicks. That is until the heroine, Super Ultimate Kyoko, showed up and put a stop to the witch of the week named Ray-Si-Sum. Thus, Mitakihara was saved from the threat of racial violence.&quot; <i>opening theme</i> <i>And here we have our &quot;favorite girl&quot; Kyoko sitting alone at lunch eating her favorite food, borgar. It's a peaceful day in the city, but something tells me this peace won't last, kyu.</i> &quot;Gee, how come Homura-chan gets to have <i>two</i> chocolate chip cookies.&quot;
Coconut Mall
<i>In what seemed to be its own secluded dimension, a race course posing as a mall laid vacant, with the exception of a single redhead in a baby stroller-like kart going up the down escalater</i>
Setting the expectations low
<i>A character I know nothing about teleports into a random street in Shibuya. The first thing they find is a gashacon on the floor which they pick up and transform with</i> &quot;Transmation sequence!&quot; <i>They then say a bunch of transformy words then say the name of the form</i> &quot;Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare XBOX ONE!&quot; <i>They transform into Call Of Duty guy and order a tactical nuke on LeBlanc as well as two number 9s.</i>
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