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Is persona 4 arena still relevant?

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This is still real?
Ok but what is your font
Can I customize my account
Go to settings and attach the file of the image where it spasificly asked you to. Hope I helped
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Sorry I forgot that one
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
It depends if they come from the leg or the wing
New features
Upvotes the downvote to spite them
New features
Should I feel bad?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
But that's the best way to die in my opinion
Hey, Paizono
Ah yes. The butiful super Mario super show: Skyrim addition. My favorite TV game

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I have made a descovery
There is a very old thread from about 3 years ago called toaster apretiation thread and I want this treatment. I am seeing how many people would appreciate the toasters if given the opportunity
How do you think...
How do you think social distancing is affecting the metaverce?
I finally get it
The reason why we won't get p5 arena is because dogs don't live that long and seeing adult Ken and adult you means that dogo probably won't be alive. He was really old for a dog in p4 arena and I wouldn't be surprised if atlas went for the realistic opinion as sad as it is.
What game are they apart of?
So my account is baced of the character Labrys who first appears in Persona 4 arena but she also appears in Persona 3 dancing moon night. So is she a Persona 3 or Persona 4 character?
How have you been spending your free time in quarinten?
I seriously want to know but personally I have been playing older games I own.
I love this animation
https://youtu.be/g-ZjknpZihM don't ask me why. I didn't make this
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