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Is persona 4 arena still relevant?

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I'm original because p4 arena isn't the most popular of the Persona 4 spin off titles and because Persona 4 is an older game
This world is corrupt
The world is messed up. We need to live with that and move on. I used to be suasidele and have even tried killing myself more times than I can count but in the end I stopped. I was only ever able to stop because I learned a lot about the universe. Nothing we do matters and we are all going to die one day. The heat death of the universe is going to happen no matter what so all you can do to make your life matter is to make other people and yourself as happy as possible and live a long life of being happy. If you don't live a long existence of affecting yourself and everyone else positively then you are going agenst the fundamental point of you existing in the first place. Be happy and don't kill yourself. Don't think about it too hard.<div class='edited'>(edited by Labrys_)</div>
Waiting for p5s
You make a good point
Best girl and best boi.
<quote user="Ren_bestrickster">we all know joker is best boi </quote> Naturally. Everyone knows joker is hot. The question is why are people not saying koromaru as often as they should because he is a good boy who deserves head pats. Head pats and belly rubs.
Waiting for p5s
Sorry but I don't think it's going to come any time soon. COVID 19 and such
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
The human race exists to turn the earth into energy and entropy and possibly even the universe
I'm scared of what this might be
I Created a Persona Scene Generator
Wow you did this? Good job
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I hydrate with a viscus form of plasma
What do you do in Quarantine?
Comedy is good and funny stuff is funny

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How do you think...
How do you think social distancing is affecting the metaverce?
I finally get it
The reason why we won't get p5 arena is because dogs don't live that long and seeing adult Ken and adult you means that dogo probably won't be alive. He was really old for a dog in p4 arena and I wouldn't be surprised if atlas went for the realistic opinion as sad as it is.
What game are they apart of?
So my account is baced of the character Labrys who first appears in Persona 4 arena but she also appears in Persona 3 dancing moon night. So is she a Persona 3 or Persona 4 character?
How have you been spending your free time in quarinten?
I seriously want to know but personally I have been playing older games I own.
I love this animation
https://youtu.be/g-ZjknpZihM don't ask me why. I didn't make this
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