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Hello there! I don't have many notable qualities, but I absolutely adore Lavenza and everything about her. It may sound silly, but the few moments spent with her made me truly wish to forever stay by her side. I love her dearly, and although we can never be together, just the thought of my darling Lavenza beside me is enough to make me happy. I like to lurk around the site a lot, so despite my lack of posting, I'm always here if you need me!

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I Created a Discord Bot for Persona Social Stats
No plans for a public release at the moment! The constant hands-on management it needs and the context it was created under wouldn't showcase its full potential very well in most other servers. Although I'd love to keep expanding its features so that it rivals even the most popular social bots out there!
I Created a Discord Bot for Persona Social Stats
(Just realized the right parenthesis was making the invite link faulty! Here's a new one that you're able to just click: https://discord.gg/RwZau2A ) <div class='edited'>(edited by Lavenza_Anon)</div>
3DS/Wii U (lol)/Switch friend code exchange thread!
<b><span class="underline">Nintendo Switch</span></b> Friend Code: SW-5188-3128-9407 Currently Owned Online Multiplayer Games: - ARMS - DOOM - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy - Rocket League - Splatoon 2 <b><span class="underline">Nintendo 3DS</span></b> Friend Code: 3480-2769-8166 Currently Owned Online Multiplayer Games: - Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. - Dead or Alive: Dimensions - Fire Emblem Fates - Kid Icarus: Uprising - Mario Kart 7 - Pokémon Moon - Pokémon X - Resident Evil: Revelations - Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson - Steel Diver: Sub Wars - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS - Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition <b><span class="underline">Wii U</span></b> Nintendo Network ID: Microjack5 Currently Owned Online Multiplayer Games: - Bayonetta 2 - Lost Reavers - Mario Kart 8 - Splatoon - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Xenoblade Chronicles X
3rd Dancing Moon & Star night Trailer
<quote user="Camziez">Can someone translate 0:19, 0:21, 0:23, 0:26, 0:30, 0:33, 0:34, 0:36, 0:39, 1:34, 1:36, and 1:37?</quote>I went ahead and translated the whole trailer since both P3D and P5D are featured. Caroline's first sentence in this first screenshot was skipped since the kanji was too blurry to read, but everything else should be covered: https://i.imgur.com/FNOqUwW.png Woman Dressed in Blue: &quot;I have been anticipating your arrival, everyone. Welcome to the Velvet Ro… wait, that's not right.&quot; Caroline: &quot;Your friends’ manners are absolutely unacceptable, Inmate.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/GnARNMZ.png Aigis: &quot;Me as well. When I had woken up, I was here with everyone else.&quot; Haru Okumura: &quot;I was supposed to be asleep in my room, but after I woke up, I ended up here...&quot; https://i.imgur.com/NSAdgQl.png Junpei Iori: &quot;Dammit, without us even knowing! Ah, but doesn't that mean they're the enemy?&quot; Ann Takamaki: &quot;Were you talking to the twins? Aren't they super cute!?&quot; https://i.imgur.com/EM2Gh7E.png Mitsuru Kirijo: &quot;It's unlikely it happened at the party, yes? In that case, what did you do to us?&quot; Justine: &quot;This is also part of the rehabilitation. Improve your power as much as you can and show us the results.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/yfW1C9j.png Woman Dressed in Blue: &quot;My name is Elizabeth, but please call me by my nickname 'Eli-P'.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/zOnu2my.png Justine: &quot;This place exists between mind and matter.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/Vg4rqtv.png Akihiko Sanada: &quot;A benefactor? In that case, there's no choice but to stay here as is, right?&quot; Makoto Niijima: &quot;A banquet... sort of like a party, right? If it's unanimous, then there's no need for concern.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/vHehNpb.png Elizabeth: &quot;First, about this room you all came to... this will become your personal VIP room.&quot; Justine: &quot;Let's begin with this blue floor. This is your personal VIP room.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/9jWRhUg.png Woman Dressed in Blue: &quot;As you all are my guests, I would like you to dance!&quot; Twin Wardens: &quot;It's dance!&quot; https://i.imgur.com/v0DuTy6.png Mitsuru Kirijo: &quot;That's good, isn't it? You're probably the most qualified, so can you do it yourself?&quot; - Understood. - Are you ready? - Whatever. Morgana: &quot;The rest is up to you. What should we do?&quot; - It's showtime! - If everyone says so... https://i.imgur.com/PlgOW7S.png Ryuji Sakamoto: &quot;We have all different kinds of fun adventures, and I'm thankful I met you guys.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/6xiB19A.png Caroline: &quot;Hey, don't laugh! You're laughing too much!&quot; https://i.imgur.com/4TWF7dn.png Futaba Sakura: &quot;Really!? If you can help me out, that'll be such a relief!&quot; https://i.imgur.com/la6MZNL.png Akihiko Sanada: &quot;With a gap?&quot; https://i.imgur.com/jspae5O.png Aigis: &quot;I realized it while watching everyone. It's not dance; you only need to accurately pinpoint the rhythm.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/ZuKeRWp.png Fuuka Yamagishi: &quot;You always seem to be doing different exercises everyday. You move so fast, too. I can never keep up.&quot; - Same here. - Yukari is pretty amazing. - I won't lose. https://i.imgur.com/5OFABzY.png Yukari Takeba: &quot;Haha, thanks! Now that you mention it, I've been feeling pretty good.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/L2qWLK3.png &gt; You called Mitsuru and came to her room...<div class='edited'>(edited by Lavenza_Anon)</div>
PERSONA 5 O.A.!!!!!!
I believe you're thinking of Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation. Persona O.A. is more along the lines of a series support app you can use to access news, giveaway events, conversations with characters through a Mementos exploration game, and other things like that.
Futaba and Fuuka Trailer
<quote user="Camziez">What does the Japanese text say at 0:23 ?</quote>That looks like a voiced sound effect. In this context, probably something similar to &quot;Boo!&quot;, or scaring someone from behind.
Akihiko and Morgana trailer
In the Morgana trailer? &quot;I'll stir up the place with a perfectly stylish dance.&quot;
Has anyone else downloaded the Persona 5 OA app?
Good thing I took some screenshots! This is the first screen you'll have to interact with: https://i.imgur.com/Ev4utpc.png 性別 is &quot;Gender&quot;. Choose 男 for male and 女 for female. 生年 is &quot;Birth Year&quot;. Fairly self-explanatory. 地域 is &quot;Region&quot;. All of them are areas in Japan, but it shouldn't really matter which one you choose. I personally picked 東京都 (Tokyo metropolitan area​). After you confirm and get through Sae's tutorial, you should see the main menu: https://i.imgur.com/BSjOfkC.png The three buttons on the top right are labeled &quot;Anime News&quot;, &quot;Official Twitter Account&quot;, and &quot;Schedule&quot; respectively. The drop down menu will give you this screen: https://i.imgur.com/nSHB4oK.png From the top and going left to right, the options here are: ペルソナポイント = Persona Points データ引継ぎ = Data Transfer ユーザ情報 = User Information ユーザーサポート = User Support ヘルプ = Help 利用規約 = User Agreement And as for general navigation, any button at the top left of the screen labeled 戻る is the &quot;Return&quot; button. Most of the main features they mentioned before the app released aren't available right now (Summoning Personas, exploration, etc.), but for now, most of your time will probably be spent on the &quot;Persona Points&quot; menu. https://i.imgur.com/1D0Tlmh.png The two main sections here are ポイントを貯める (Earn Points) and ポイントを使う (Use Points). You can earn points by scanning a QR code or entering a serial number, but I'm not sure how available those will be to western users. Otherwise, there's currently a promotion going on for logging in daily. As for using points, your two options are 壁紙と交換する! (Exchange for Wallpapers) and キャンペーンに応募する! (Promotion Registration), which the only event being held there is a raffle for tickets to the anime's advance screening. Anyway, I think that's everything! Let me know if you have any other questions.<div class='edited'>(edited by Lavenza_Anon)</div>
Does Anyone Know What These Mean?
It looks like those commas accidentally merged the four screenshots into a single link that only leads to the first image. But if it's translation work you need, I think I can help! Here's my best effort: https://i.imgur.com/KkzJIFH.png Top Text: Dance Madly to Your Heart's Content! Ann: &quot;Hehe, I'm already excited!&quot; https://i.imgur.com/hyOSd4m.png Top Text: Tonight's New Glamour! Dance Madly to Your Heart's Content! Caroline: &quot;It'll be trouble in the unlikely event you get defeated, too. We came to observe your situation.&quot; https://i.imgur.com/joFbR4b.png Top Text: New Stage! Tonight's New Glamour! Dance Madly to Your Heart's Content! Yusuke: &quot;Yes... my antenna is always hard!&quot; https://i.imgur.com/UTRkmti.png Futaba: &quot;Even the people are scary, so something like dancing at the front of a crowd... no, that's way too much. It'll already be endgame.&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Lavenza_Anon)</div>
Title screens.
Ocarina of Time's title screen is what first comes to mind. The calming melody by itself is fantastic, but that combined with the scenery of Link making his way across Hyrule really evokes a special feeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2wzMZzdNJA

Recent topics

I Created a Persona Scene Generator
This is a long overdue update to my previous forum topic, but in summary, I started creating a Persona-themed Discord bot over a year ago for my friend's server and have been building upon it since. At first, its only main features were Persona status screens where you can gain levels and social stats according to your activity. Now, I've developed a scene generator for it where you can create your own fake screenshots from the series! Nearly every single character sprite is here along with their own theme layouts (P1, P2, P3, P3P, P4, P4A, P4D, P5, BBTAG), and it's proven useful so far for meme making, roleplaying, story creation, etc. Here are some examples: https://i.imgur.com/YEieUUP.gif https://i.imgur.com/hp15VJU.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dxaxwuO.jpg https://i.imgur.com/QJ2xFx3.jpg I plan to make this bot public sometime in the coming future once everything is polished and ready, but if you're interested, take a look at the website below and consider joining the server to try it out! Since it is server-exclusive for now, some features like this one can be used via DMs in the meantime. Website: https://sites.google.com/view/prcsociallinker/ Server Link: https://discord.gg/RwZau2A
I Created a Discord Bot for Persona Social Stats
It's been quite a while since I've last made a post on the forums, so I thought I would do a little update on a big project I've been working on! Since the beginning of February, I've been programming a special Discord bot that's entirely Persona-focused and used to encourage social interactions. It's a bit difficult to explain using only words, so take a look at the images below! https://i.imgur.com/n3iAFTz.png https://i.imgur.com/v1YkaaJ.png https://i.imgur.com/U3gOttx.png This is the main feature of the bot. To put it simply, there's an account system that keeps track of three social stats (Charm, Diligence, and Expression) that gradually increase depending on certain actions and combines that with other information Discord provides to generate images that replicate the social stat screens from P3, P4, and P5. Nearly all of the art assets were remade from scratch to keep the social stats consistent when users swap between themes, and the images keep dynamically changing depending on what state the user's account is in at the time; the progress bars fill, the radar chart grows, etc. The stats themselves each have an individual purpose that correlate to server activity: Charm increases due to how users show appreciation to others (which there are special commands dedicated to doing just this), Diligence increases with consecutive days of server activity, and Expression increases by participating in server events. And of course, the leveling system is dependent on how many messages someone sends during their time on the server. The three social stats reset to their base values on the first of every month, so while they aren't persistent values like the leveling system, it creates friendly competition to see who can increase their stats the fastest and gain a reward if they manage to max out all three within a single month. Adding on to all of this, I've also recently started implementing other fun commands that some of the other well-known Discord bots use to make it a bit more diverse in function. This is by far the largest project I've ever worked on in my programming career, and I'm so glad it's turning out so wonderfully! (And since I'm here, I might as well share the server the bot is being used in! Camziez, Rom_Dolos, and I run a fairly large Persona server together where we hold both Persona-themed roleplays and use as a general community to discuss all things about the series. If you're feeling curious about the bot or even the server itself, please feel free to join us! https://discord.gg/MfZUKF5)
Estimating Lavenza's Height
Yes, I was absolutely bored when I decided to do this. But interestingly enough, I have some results. https://i.imgur.com/Pgp12m7.png First things first! Joker’s mug shot is what made me consider doing this in the first place, as the background is clearly marked to show increments in 5 centimeters. From this, we can tell his height is approximately 175 cm (about 5 ft. 9 in.). Notice where his elbow rests: nice and centered at the 115 cm mark. But because of the held sign, it’s crooked at an angle. https://i.imgur.com/DPuNOHO.png Marking the distance from the shoulder to his elbow (blue line) and setting his shoulder as the pivot point, we can see at what height his elbow would be when placed at a default resting position (red line). This would bring his elbow’s natural height to about 113 cm, shown by the yellow line. https://i.imgur.com/jvAfL53.png Next up: Lavenza appears! With her standing next to Joker, this is a great chance to compare their sizes. Using the distance between identical parts of the two guillotines as a point of reference, the thin red line shows how tall she is compared to Joker while taking the camera angle into consideration. In other words… <i>She’s right under his crooked elbow.</i> Now this is of course assuming the animated cutscene shows a 1:1 match with Joker’s in-game model, but if he were to “un-crook” his elbow, the distance doesn’t seem to be that far off from the estimated resting position, right? So with that in mind, Lavenza’s height should be around 113 centimeters, or about 3 feet and 8 inches. Almost the height of an average 6 year old girl.
Analyzing P5 as Hashino’s Last Persona Game
Looking back at Katsura Hashino’s past titles, it’s easy to see the evolution in gameplay. Persona 5's mechanics feel like a nearly perfected take on the formulas introduced in P3, P4, and even Catherine, combining them all into Hashino's big finale for his role in the series. Persona 3 carried over many of the vibes from P2, but Hashino took the series in a new direction with the introduction of the calendar system and Social Links. The battle system in particular received an overhaul with the 1 More system, taking Hashino’s Turn Press mechanic from Nocturne and somewhat reworking it. Persona 4 refined the systems introduced in P3, adding more activities to do during leisure time and tweaking Social Links. Moon phases were replaced with the weather system, which was not only relevant to the plot, but also put strategy into planning out the days ahead. Diversely themed dungeons were an especially welcomed return compared to Tartarus, each having their own gimmick to keep exploration fresh. But Hashino’s role in Persona 5 intrigues me the most, not only because it’s his last title in the series, but because he himself had a direct role in writing the script. Crafting both the story and gameplay gave him more control of how everything played out, and it worked to his benefit. Social Links evolved into the Confidant system, having a greater effect on gameplay both inside and outside of battle. Tartarus from Persona 3 mechanically returned as Mementos, but coexisted with the idea of multiple themed dungeons with uniquely crafted layouts. The entire concept of using a phone as a gameplay mechanic was clearly adapted from his previous title Catherine, and the online features from Persona 4 Golden were taken in as well. Even demon negotiation was brought back into the series, something Hashino hadn’t done since his Nocturne days. It’s clear that Hashino put all he had into Persona 5, and players who stuck with him and the series in general can see the reworking of old ideas with the combination of new ones. But now that he’s leaving the series for good, I just wonder what kind of changes we might be seeing from the next person in charge.
Benjamin Franklin Appreciation Thread
No, not the inventor. Ever since the release of P4G, I've noticed the English lyrics in Persona games started to make sense compared to the seemingly random ones from previous titles. I suppose Atlus hiring the lyricist Benjamin Franklin was likely a response to the series' increased popularity in the west. I personally enjoyed what Lotus Juice brought to the series, but the fact that he speaks English fluently surprisingly didn't show in his own work. So let's all thank Benjamin Franklin for writing lyrics we can listen to without trying to decode their cryptic meanings.
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