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Photoshop Challenge!
You can post them all at once, if you keep this up it might be considered spam.
We already had stuff like this before, i would suggest to research before making this same thread again. https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16779 https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16809 https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16932
is it possible to emulate or play persona 5 directly to pc?
They're joking. There is an entire mods community around p5, just look for them on youtube. Emulating is kinda illegal so y'know i'm not going to link anything here.
watch my podcast
The only thing i would suggest if you want to do more of this is to actually invest in better mics, talking statistically some people are driven off by stuff like that. Overall good vid tho
Oi. First of all this is tagged as meme so don't take it seriously, second don't spam on other people's threads. Third don't advertise your own topic in here.
Please do not double post, there is a window of time you can use to edit posts and adding unnecessary info just for the sake of it is worthless.
https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16779 https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=16809 Also i'm almost sure the meme is dead at this point.
GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>After waiting for a while he decides to check the storage room, after remembering something from his last visit. The 3D manouver gear was sitting there, all rusty and full of dust. Levi picked it up and quickly cleaned it, he would then put it on and approach Eito holding the blades backwards.</i> Hey you, why was this equipment this messed up? I thought you'd try to practise atleast. Are you even able to use it still, or sre you going to be eaten by a titan? If not i'm taking this back.
GYM Deluxe: Summer Heat Rush
<i>Being distraught at the recent events that transpired in <spoiler>Shinganshima</spoiler>, Levi felt even more tired than ever. Even so, he wanted to keep training so he approached the GYM, with the same, cold and bitter expression as always.</i> Ack. I see this place is the same dirty mess as always. Today i'm here to train so even if it's bothering me i'll save cleaning for later. Any of you wants to be put to the test? <i>He'd then look around to see if anyone would come forward.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Levi)</div>
The Black Blood runs
No i don't think i'll join you, i tried way too much already. Sorry but at this point it's just not worth any more of my time.

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The new Levi squad
<i>As you might or not know the old elite team that Levi handpicked to fight the titans perished by the hands of the female titan. Now that some time passed and humanity grows closer to extinction the only hope it has is to find a new elite team. That's why today Levi is in the training facility, to test the power of the cadets there by submitting them to 3 trials. Only 4 will be chosen, or less if they die in the process.</i> If you want to partecipate, walk infront of me and yell &quot;i will give my body and heart to the battlefield Captain Levi.&quot; <i>he now stands <b>tall</b>, waiting for people to join.</i>
New Levi Squad: A.O.T. RP signs ups
I got this idea rather recently and i can't wait to actually do it. The setting/story: The old elite squad of Levi perished, 4 positions are now available and you can get one of them, by joining a special course and by partaking into 3 trials which will end with killing some titans. The trials will be done in the training facility, then the last mission will begin once we move outside the walls. I wanted to do this today but since i'm out of my country and i can barely access internet i'll postpone it to next week, either friday or sathurday. It's going to have a closed number of 12 and the minimun to get it started will be 6. There is also a special role that will be GMing the titans, if you want to do it say so below. If you have any questions just ask.
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