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What are your Persona 6 ideas?
Ok so here is my idea, so I agree with like the green and garden. But you have to kill targets [sort of like Akechi’s thing.] Or spread a virus like with the green colour. It will be like persona 5 with the palaces. But after each boss you spill a liquid so the target can spread the virus in real life.
p5r free themes
I am Canada
cursed thread v69
Nah afk arena for me https://i.imgur.com/qMuOSNc.jpg
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition

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Oxygen thief
INstEaD Of SeaLInG Ur HaRTs, Im GoniNg to Stelt UR OXYGEN!,,1
Cursed images
I’m in class and I’m not happy.
When can ryuji say the F word?
Let our boye say the word
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