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Ranma 1/2 in 42 hours
Ranma ranka tank found septic in a black skeptic but name was lost pay last found in suction lab on 42 1 1 3 and see the shiny stars on body and found off key to last finding dream on seventeen street eating pillows and corpses with jelly so jellyfish and jelly men find jelly with her and him and them and lool at the size of that martial artist doing a backflip are there seeds fpr tea??
Memes electric sheep?
Does glass break when shattered? When is it time to cry out to the sun for rejuvenation in the twilight? Arent we all simply shreds? In moonlight you must, sunlight you fall, dreams you once seen to have faded away into oceans of glass shards and try as you must thr light is distant but wishes make for good company. To you I wish greater summers in which lights surrounds from city tops. There is no help to find from where shines cometh. I dream of wistful winter blessings.
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