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I really shouldn't be here... But regardless, i like this game, so yeah. I like pokemon too dont get me wrong... I just kinda wish riley was here. I honestly feel for joker, I've been through same stuff he did (well, except the metaverse or nearly getting killed i guess). Alright then, gotta go immerse myself in the phorum, bye!

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
well i sure am late :/
What's your favorite Persona 5 Character??
Good ol' Futaba Chan. Rlly ship her with Kurusu san
any into futaba?
<quote user="Mona2">Yes, I am quite a fan of Futanari (Futaba x Inari)</quote> Yeah, i guess a Kurusu cult will begin starting soon
Velvet Room
I'd like to ask, whats the best persona in the tower arcana? how much do i have to pay you to fuse it? (include price of required persona for fusing at level 75) <i>~interested~</i>
What’s your opinion of Akechi
I just like him because he's pancake man tbh
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
I have a multi repel persona. come at me (i know your ways, morgana, no need hiding it now).<div class='edited'>(edited by Lucar10)</div>

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