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He wields a GUN For his side special, he invokes the phansite

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Whitch phantom thief is gay?
OP is. (Yusuke said that he is not interested in the opposite gender)
Best Persona 5 Palaces?
oh crap i had a typo.
Kidz Bop Kids are here again!
K-pop Kids Bop crossover make it happen cowards
Who is your best girl?
Futaba best girl! You cant hurt her!

Recent topics

Best Persona 5 Palaces?
<center>SPOULERS INBOUND! IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED PERSONA 5 YET GO TO A MEME POST OR WHATEVER!</center> So, what would your ranking for palaces be? From Worst to Best. Ready? GO!
harenf**cker69 × joe mama. whos with?
*discussion oriented to persona 5 memeverse watchers*
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