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Broken wings (roleplay)
<i>Lvl 1 Golden Izanagi would nod as their eyes lot up.</i> &quot;Yes, I shall purge this 'Leblanc' in the name of the Yuniverse! Behold, ArmYugeddon!&quot; <i>The persona would float upward, right through the roof of the building. A golden light would surround them until it formed a solid ord or energy. The golden light would then begin pouring down onto the building like a rain storm, tearing it apart piece by peace until the energy burned it away completely.</i>
Broken wings (roleplay)
<i>The persona would appear in a glorious burst of golden light.</i> &quot;It is I! The most powerful Persona in existence has arrived! Who is it that I must slay in the name of divine justice and lvl 1 might!&quot;
What is the most powerful Persona?
I hath been summoned! It is I, the most powerful Persona in existence! Behold the power of truth and Lvl 1! With these two things my power knows no limits! The world shall tremble at my presence! For I am Izanagi!
Loving You is Complicated
I, Lvl 1 Izanagi, accept this reschedule! I shall sit on your face as none have sat on your face before!
The Shadow Thieves of Phantom Thieves
Super Shadow Tatsuya... It seems I finally found a worthy adversary! Super Shadow Tatsuya! Your nightmare will soon be ended by the righteous light of my dream like presence! I am Lvl 1 Izanagi! The most powerful persona and you shall feel my just wrath!!!
The Shadow Thieves of Phantom Thieves
Hmmm, I see your point! Very well! I, Lvl 1 Izangi, shall become your best dream then! Come and I shall love you into oblivion!!!
The Shadow Thieves of Phantom Thieves
I will steal all your bad dreams... By becoming your worst nightmare!!!
Come Join The Shadow Thieves
I, Izanagi, will join the shadow thieves!
Yes...I'll give you the Dia to catch the fantomheves.
A Phansite Fan Theory
Hello, yes. I am God.

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Not Rep’s Deli but the Deli that Belongs to Lvl 1 Izanagi
<i>Out in an abandoned corner of Shibuya sits a deli with a large sign in the front. It reads: “<span class="through">Zane’s</span>Lvl 1 Izanagi’s Deli!!!” . Inside the building a giant of a man covered in metal stands behind a counter. Many diffren meets are held in a container on the counter, some of which are unrecognizable. The being holds a giant knife and stares at the door night and day.</i>
The strongest Persona
Brhold, it is I. The strongest Persona in existence...
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