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Recruiting for a Persona fangame!
<quote user="MRWATERNOOSE">i would love to voice act but i don't have discord and my mic isn't the best.</quote> Unfortunately, we're not at the stage where we need voice actors. I'll be putting a casting call up on Casting Call Club when we are, though, so keep an eye on that if you're interested! <quote user="elmco">will it be some sort of space oddity</quote> It's an oddity for sure ;) <quote user="Cait_Sith">Mind throwing out more details? Engine it’s on, basic concept, what you’ve got so far, scope, et cetera? Just wanna get a handle on that first.</quote> Sure thing! Right now we have a a programmer building a custom Java engine (we only have two programmers so far, so we need as many as we can!) and we're looking to make a grab bag of Persona and SMT gameplay, with visual novel and Social Link goodness in style of P3P for the overworld and old-fashioned dungeon crawling in our other world. We're trying to keep it simple, since our team has never made a game before. We're looking to make a 35-40 hour game with ~150 Persona (old and new!), 9 party members, and 5 dungeons. We currently in the brainstorming phase, but after this week we'll be finalizing our writing and properly entering development. That being said, we have a basic idea for our plot, so I can give you the sales pitch: Set in modern-day America, our leading man is traveling across the country with his sister and adoptive father after both his parents are killed in a tragic accident. On a fishing trip, he falls into the lake and discovers he has the power enter an alternative world through reflective surfaces! All is not well in this dimension, though, as a shady government organization by the name of OWRE is draining the resources in hotspots correlating to populated cities. Once the hotspot is completely drained, both the area in the Mirror World and the real world collapse, killing anyone in the vicinity! After being recruited by a mysterious frog aptly named Frog and unlocking the power of Persona, our hero and his family set out to <span class="through">unabomb the local universities and airliners</span> stop OWRE in its tracks and save both worlds. Along the way, they'll abduct/recruit like minded minors/individuals, meet a diverse cast of Social Links, and answer that burning question: are you a bad enough dude to save the environment? I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have! (Minus that bad enough dude one. That's gonna depend on the player.)<div class='edited'>(edited by MajorTom125)</div>

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Recruiting for a Persona fangame!
Hello! I'm MajorTom125 and I'm looking for programmers, UI designers, audio engineers, sound designers, and more for a Persona fangame! We've already got a skeleton team together and I'm looking to fill the slots our team is missing. If this sounds interesting you can reach me on Discord at Bill#7840 for more info!
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