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I'm Maki Sonomura, A girl from Mikage-cho. Nice to meet you! <br> Likes: Hair Bows, Actual Bows, Her compact,"Naoya", <br> Dislikes: Pandora, Hospitals, <br> Melee Weapon?: Bow and Arrow <br> Ranged Weapon: Handgun <br> Arcana: The High Priestess <br> Persona: Maso, Drains ice and is vulnerable to fire <br> Alternate Persona: Tensen Nyannyan <br> Ultimate Persona: Verdandi , weak to death and dark. <br> Persona skills, Bufu, Dia, Posumudi, Myriad Arrows, Liftoma, Gentle Wave. <br> Alt skills: Myriad arrows, Mediarama, Paraladi, Myriad slashes ,Samarecarm, <br> Ultimate skills: Media, Recarm, Diarama, Azure Cessation, Eternal White, Mediaharan <br> Shadow self: Pandora, She takes many forms, A little girl in black, a hideous monster, and a gigantic green woman with butterfly wings. Highly dangerous. Also, anyone who's heard of Persona 1/2 has "big dick energy".

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I hate robots
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Set yourself on fire in a convenience store.
What kind of Protag would you be?
a mix of 2, 4, and 10.
Leblanc: C and S.
@Bgammax &quot;Okay.&quot;
Leblanc: C and S.
@Bgammax &quot;I'm fine. How are you?&quot;
Leblanc: C and S.
@Bgammax &quot;Okay, I just have... bad memories of my friends and I being jumped by nekomata....&quot; *Flashback* Maso:&quot;OH GOD WHY!?!!?&quot; Younger Maki: &quot;S-stay calm!&quot; Nanjo:&quot;I'm out.&quot; Naoto:&quot;Nanjo! Come back here!&quot; Elly:&quot;Hm... how strange indeed...&quot; Ayase:&quot;Ew!!!! I'm Alergic!&quot; Brown: &quot;Well hey ther- OH GOD OW WHY!&quot; Yukino:&quot;We need to leave!&quot; Reiji: &quot;Damn it!&quot; *End flashback* &quot;...very bad memories...&quot;
Leblanc: C and S.
@Mettataton &quot;I've heard that they apparently made the jump to 3d animation...&quot;
Leblanc: C and S.
&quot;I'm going to get beat up by nekomata...&quot;
Leblanc: C and S.
@Mettataton &quot;Wah! Demons everywhere!&quot;

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Revelations: Persona 5.
AKA: Persona 5, but by 4kids.
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