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Meeting of E.V.I.L.
<i>A girl walks in, or rather, seems to sneak into the door. Head to toe in a black dress, with long black hair and red eyes, carrying nothing on her person except for a katana and a mirror.</i> Hello? Am I late? Ah! <i>Upon Seeing the fighting, she steps back against the door and mutters outloud to herself.</i> Oh geez.. they're fighting.. should I join? Should I stay out of their way? They all look so strong.. maybe I shouldn't be here? Maybe this isn't the place for me... <i>She'd shake her head and slap herself in the face with both hands.</i> No! You gotta do this! I know you've been thrown out of every meeting you've gone to, and the last villain who you apprenticed under left you for dead. But you can do this! You HAVE to do this! You are a villain!.. in training! You'll find a nice villain who'll teach you how to be a good bad person, and you'll strike terror into people's hearts! After all.. they can't ALL be mean. Right? <i>You wouldn't be blamed for not noticing the girl, who looks like a cosplayer, rallying herself, by herself, in front of the door in the commotion.</i>

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