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Heya, I run the site. Feel free to message me on Discord and/or Phansite PM

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Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
Stands are boring and it only goes downhill after Battle Tendency Dio was better in part one Half of the OPs kinda suck Stardust Crusaders should've been one season instead of two I enjoyed the whole series, but yeah
Is (mainline) Persona on Switch possible?
After P4G on PC everything's pretty much possible tbh
Some suggestions
<quote user="MaskedTwilight">You should add an ability to search for certain people</quote> https://i.imgur.com/aXK9XPa.jpg Well that's possible already, I'll consider the rest<div class='edited'>(edited by Mishima)</div>
What are your Persona 6 ideas?
I just hope that Persona 6 will not be a carbon copy of Persona 4 like Persona 5 was in many aspects And I feel like Social Links need an overhaul
play persona 5 in psp
There's no Persona 5 on PSP, and it's illegal to distribute ISO files, thus prohibited here<div class='edited'>(edited by Mishima)</div>
P4G Pc
It will not run on OS X, and you can't run it with Wine since Catalina doesn't support 32 bit apps
Daily Haru
I support this thread
If anything, this is more of a GameFAQs clone We don't even have Reddit-like replies (those suck btw)
If mementos is cognitive...?
If everyone forgets you are you really alive? https://i.imgur.com/s1zjz5S.jpg

Recent topics

Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
Playing through Royal just reminded me how much of a narcissist he is, although I haven't gotten to all the new content with Mona yet The fact that he doesn't force you to go to sleep every night anymore doesn't fix his crappy personality Also, hello, long time no see
You can upload images directly from the site now
So today I decided to stop being unproductive as fuk and coded this You can upload images in threads (will soon be possible also while making a thread) The way it works is it sends your image to imgur servers and gives you back a link, which will render your image Everything is as automated as I could make it
Fixed the email bug
There was a bug preventing users from changing/adding their email address in the settings, it's fixed Also, I just wanna remind that it's useful to have an email address linked to your account - you can generate a new password if you ever forget it. Phansite NEVER sends any emails outside of password reminders, and your data is never shared with anyone
The site is back, what happened, what's new
A little explanation as to what happened recently: The site was attacked and blocked for that reason. I moved it to a new, faster, and more secure server today. I'm still adjusting stuff here and there so expect little bugs. I'll try to bring PMs back asap
Phansite's second anniversary!!
Kind of hard to believe for me, but I made this site exactly two years ago.. It still amazes and at the same time makes me happy to see Phansite, after all this time, still active. I've never thought it's gonna live for a year, let alone two Thank you to everyone who's been sticking with the site for so long, all the wonderful people I've met, for all the support I've gotten It's not as active as it used to be, but I'll be maintaining the site as long as there're people to enjoy it
Persona 5 came out exactly two years ago in the west
Has your opinion about the game changed in any way? <spoiler>PS Phansite's second anniversary soon</spoiler>
Introducing Phansite Nitro
Long time coming, it's finally here! I'm happy to announce Phansite's new monthly subscription - Phansite Nitro! Starting at <span class="underline">$4,99</span> with the following perks: - Animated avatars! You'll be able to use GIFs as avatars, say goodbye to the pesky APNGs! - Change your nickname! Ever wished you could put a space instead of that &quot;-&quot; or &quot;_&quot; in your nickname? Well now you can! - Vote twice! Your vote on the main page will count as two. - Delete your own threads! Posted a thread with the wrong tag? No need to worry now Ramp it up to <span class="underline">$9,99</span> to obtain: - The ability to post in locked threads! You'll be able to finally voice your thoughts on the forum rules, and much muuch more. - Your own nickname on the anon chat! No longer anonymous! That's not all! For just <span class="underline">$19,99</span> you'll be able to: - Delete other user's threads! Don't like that RP thread you just saw? Tired of seeing the same meme over and over again? Nothing's stopping you from deleting it. - Ban other users! Now you don't have to look at <i>their</i> posts ever again. For the real Phansite fans, I prepared the <span class="underline">$99,99</span> tier which lets you: - Become an admin! You'll be able to work on the site alongside me. Includes everything above + virtually everything you'd ever want to do with the site. Make it your own! And more to come, tiers will be updated as the time goes - stay tuned!
We've reached a new milestone
I just checked and wow, over 500,000 posts have been posted (something around 501,000 to be more precise) on Phansite. Absolutely insane
*raises from the dead*
So like wow, the last thread I made was 6 months ago. Guess I should say something? I still check the site (with the exception of the anon chat, even I don't dare to go there). I've noticed there's been a small improvement in the site's activity (still really slow lately), maybe it's because of the dancing games, or Persona Q2 being out in Japan and probably (hopefully) soon in the west? I dunno. I haven't been able to work on the site because I'm busy with work and university lately, and to be honest I'm struggling to find any motivation to do anything more than I need to, so there's that, not fun times. Seeing how there are still people around I still want to be a part of this community. I dunno where I'm going with this honestly. Do you guys want any features, bug fixes, what do you think about the site right now (do people still remember me?)?
The day has come.
Changing avatar in the settings updates it on the forum <i><b>immediately</b></i>. No more waiting, refreshing the page, or clearing cache.
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