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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Is that a picture of updog?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
if we keep posting the meme, eventually a new page will happen and it will be at the top
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="JustAMimikip">RETURNING JUST TO BRING THIS BACK</quote> leblanc threads are gone
Every year from 2000 to 2099 can be part of 20xx. That's the point. It represents a range so that the year reference isn't dated. Like how back a few decades ago people would say IN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND TEN like it was this impossible time. But we know it as ten years ago and it's not impressive now.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Some of the leblanc threads might have more posts, but I don't think any thread has survived this long. Most of the old leblancs would fall into being locked until I bumped them lol.

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I wish I knew that Mishima was going to put who started threads and when on posts
I would have made a post saying SMOKE WEED on 4/20 lmao
Can threads that are locked have a lock symbol next to them?
Some of the threads on the front page are locked due to inactivity. It's annoying to pick a thread on the <b>front page</b> and find that it's locked only after scrolling to the bottom.
Password box is unsafe, please fix
please help when i log in the message box for passwords gives me this very scary note about how my password is unsafe. I know my password is only 20 letters long (it's just penis four times), but I still want to know that there is a warm blanket of security when I connect to this website to shitpost random content. Also please do not try to hack my account, thanks.
They said it couldn't be done, and some even said it SHOULDN'T be done. But I did it. I called h͓̬͓̗̟̜͖̺̳͕̣͓̯̟̞̞̻i̜̭̫̗͕̱͎̱̲̪̲̼͉̣ͅs͇̼̫̹̙̩̲͈͓̝̪̜͈̻̜͇ͅ ̰̥̹͖͉̦̱͕̝̲̫̣̭̪͇̭͍n̮̻̗͈̪̭ͅa̳͓͎̙̞̗̝̲͔̗͉͈m̜̫͚̠̞̣͖͉̳̺̱̪͚e̩̦̜̺̝. I spoke hͬ̊ͧ̑̔͊̉͗ͦ̽ͬ̏͌̽i̇ͮ̐̓ͤ̽ͭ̇̂s̾́̾̏̆ͮ͊͛ͩ̽ͣ̂ͫ ̏͆̂ͩ̐̓͊n͗ͬͥͧͨ̆́̔̽̃a̓͛͂͗ͮ̓̀͑ͪ̌̅͐͐mͤͩ̍̄̒́̋ͥ̄̍̍͊̚è͂͒̄̾ͫͤ̈̎. I spoke the words that brought him down. Since that day, nothing has been the same. Darkness is all around me. I see darkness in the sky (speak not of the bright circle, it burns). I see darkness in my room out of the corner of my eyes. But when I turn, I see it no more. I wonder if I have summoned lucifer himself. No. Lucifer would not play this cat-and-mouse game for this long. This is another power. Similar, but not on his level. Not on my level either. It wants me to know. Wants me to know it exists, that I have tampered with it in calling its name, and that I will be next. Next. I keep seeing that word. I see it in floors, in ceilings. Not plain as day, no. I see the letters but bent. I see it in carpet, that's why I ripped ALL of the carpet out of my room. I would go to step down and see N e xT and feel a haunting chill over my shoulder. I am scared. I feel fear. Do not call his name. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. I ask of you, plead with you... I see him behind me now without even looking. Perhaps it is my time to cross Styx. I am tired now. Time to sleep.
Where have all the good Leblanc threads gone?
Where did they go, cotton eye joe? This website has changed so much. I remember years ago when it was new. Yes, years. Two almost. Maybe it is there, maybe it isn't quite there yet. Too bad Mish had the oldest date as before april 23 instead of before april 20 hahaha that's the weed number. I had a point. I must have dropped it somewhere along the way and lost it. I'll bend over and pick it up eventually. These bones are starting to get old. I lost weight recently and that's helping me move around better. I'm told that people my age start adding weight and I've seen it in other people. I'm not letting that happen to me. Going to be better these days than I ever was before. And with that, I'm going to use the new strength I've had to search. For what? For leblanc. I don't know when it first started, how or when it came, but I'm going to find it. RP? I know those letters LMNOPQRSTUV. P and R are so close together that they almost touch if not for Q. I like Q. I used to write graphical apps in QT but that was a long time ago. Maybe one day I'll write an app in QT that will help me find leblanc. I know it's out there somewhere. What is it exactly? I don't know. It could be a place, a thing, a person, a feeling, or an experience. It's something. It exists, it has to exist. I've seen it before so I know it's out there. I think it's an experience. A pretend game with other people. A role played out, not with dice but pretending to be other people. Like how I'm pretending to be this person right here. Moana. What even is Moana? You've doubtless heard of me if you've been on this site. I don't exist on the front page like some others might. Once I was mighty like a mountain. Now I'm much more in the shadows. I come up occasionally like someone who comes up occasionally for, I dunno, air? A deep sea scuba diver? I don't need the limelight. I don't think leblanc is limelight. It is an experience, I'm sure of it. I was here enough that I saw it. I saw it materialize but never quite caught it as it was going along. But I fear that I have lost the point. I ask, dear viewer, what is leblanc? What did it mean to you, what does it mean now? Can it be brought back? What did it feel like to be inside of a legendary thread that would be remembered for a long time to come?
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