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Hello, Citizens of Phansite
The art is so... <i>pretteh</i>
Need help on girls (Spoiler Warning)
Same I can barely even talk to... Oh, you mean in the game? Then all the girls suck lmao.
I wanna make a better phan site
the mods here are tyrants
What happens when you enter Mementos?
Your dick shrinks 3 centimeters every time you enter unless you're me.<div class='edited'>(edited by Mona2)</div>
Live and learn Hanging on the edge of tommorrow Live and learn From the works of yesterday
Persona 4 Golden
Eat shit, shit ass P5 fans It will never be on switch
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
<quote user="Korudo">Kitty</quote> 0.1 <quote user="Bed-chan">Oof, you should all go to bed</quote> NullPointerException <quote user="Kitagawa"><quote user="Bed-chan">Oof, you should all go to bed</quote> <center>- - - Unfortunately, I am not capable of sleep. I am far too busy working on my artwork to be able to sleep at proper times. - - -</center></quote> Master Librarian <quote user="JustAMimikip">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-ZqSlrCVcE</quote> 0.2
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I hear FGO stunts penis growth
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
<quote user="elmco">https://i.imgur.com/M03brs5.png</quote> 0.2
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
<quote user="Police_Momkey">darkness imprisoning me</quote> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/489943015796899842/720441630464671784/funny.mp4 <quote user="BlueQuartzDragon">I have no clue who any of these people you are naming off are cause I'm too much of a weeb. Also, rocks are nice to lick.</quote> Boy Marth<div class='edited'>(edited by Mona2)</div>

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As a girl, I feel the Persona series is severely lacking in diversity.
Seriously, there's not one character of african descent in the latest entry. The few gay characters they have are villified. The majority of the female characters are dumb and I hate them. The protagonist is a generic white guy who uses a sword. Personally, i'm appaled that no one is willing to call out how offensive and insensitive this game is, asking for it to be ported to the switch is just promoting bigotry. Besides, most female party members cutting board chests that I just don't care for at all.
Features you want removed
Personally, I don't want tags. They seem unnecessary to me. Also, i'd like it if I could join pms without anyone knowing i'm there. Lastly, I don't like quotes because they're ugly.
In this thread I rate users on a scale of Richter
Make yourself present so I can rate you super accurately without any arbitrary factors.
Remember when we used to fill the forum up with parody threads?
Lately I've been seeing and growing more aware to how corrupt this world really is. I live in my mom's basement and if you do too or have been keeping up with the Nintendo Directs over here at least somewhat then you know shit has been going down for the past few months. Due to the sudden announcement of Paper Mario: The Origami King, a lot of shit in the company is being exposed and/or getting called out on. Shit like how pathetically designed and generic the npcs are, how indie devs and certain teams like AlphaDream suffer for giving fans what they want, how we have an up and coming Bob-omb as a partner (of which should never exist), some people acting like complete sheep for awful bosses like Bowser with a crown and going against bosses like Dimentio, how Nintendo and Miyamoto is reluctant on giving even half a shit about their fans in more ways than one, how truly stupid some people are (both people who grew up with Sticker Star and liked it, people who play the whole series and think SS is better than TTYD, or just people who don't care for the series) and just so much more. This company is rotten and I can't help but wonder everyday how good it could have been if so many people spent all their time complaining on the internet instead of actually enjoying themselves. If there was ever a time we needed a &quot;Super Mario in real life&quot; situation this would be the exact time we would need them. I know it's a bit childish and stupid to imagine fictional stuff like this but, again, I can't help but to wonder how it would turn out if Mario could cause severe brain damage to people's heads in real life. I am but a gamer who has just finished applying for an unemployment check but I would easily risk my life through shit like being stomped on if it meant that I could feel Mario's gentle feet embrace my head. I know that life isn't a video game and, if Mario was in fact real, they would probably be racist. It's probably a dumb idea to even be willing to risk my life through something like that and for a result like being graced by Mario's elegant body odor. I want The Great Gonzales. I want Mario. Note: I'm not suicidal or depressed if anyone was speculative btw lmao I mostly just wanted to vent and I'm mainly just speaking from strong emotions. I honestly doubt I would truly even have the balls to actually go through something like meeting Mario haha. It's a fun thought though wouldn't you say? But, yeah, just putting all this out here. It's kind of a stupid thought but hey, we're all human, we're allowed to be stupid like this every now and then.
fellas I am approaching the sad time
I don't have enough motivation to describe how low my motivation is.
Did you know?????
Did you know that Sojiro was friends with Futaba's mom?
Phantom Thief Applications
hello yes I recognize that as we increase in popularity that there may be a need to also increase in size to meet demands. For those that read this far, Obama's last name is a trick question that you have to leave blank. This will be a very discrete process so details will be limited to what is absolutely necessary. Please fill out the following form: Codename: Weapon of choice: Special Skills: Character in FRIENDS that you relate to the most: So there's a trolley that's going to run someone over. You're right by a sequence of levers that has no connection to the trolley but instead remotely operates a jukebox nearby. What song do you play?: Obama's last name: Reason for wanting to join: Where would you take me on our first date: Availability:
Persona 5 but awesome (AU)
Hmmm Persona 5. What minor adjustments or changes would you give to the story and writing to make them good? First of all I would just outright remove Makoto from the story. Her arc could be replaced with the Phantom Thieves battling against Gaben where they recruit Hifumi Togo as a party member and not Makoto due to her diligant aid in strategically figuring out the location of Gaben's hideout using the power of jap chess. The next part is spoilers. <spoiler> Secondly, I would remove all hints that Akechi is the traitor. In fact, I would remove any malevolent action on his part prior to his betrayel. I would simply make him a guy who openly disagrees with the Phantom Thieves and displays hints of an aggressive ego born from his desire to be acknowledged by and subsequently get revenge on his father. This way he's a normal guy like everyone else who you see throughout the story but don't get as a Party Member until Okumura(Who I would still have die anyway by Shido's hand and Haru (Who only learns about the metaverse after he dies now and is also no longer a party member) blames the PTs for his death and becomes a recurring enemy in the last few palaces before accepting the PTs' innocence)'s palace. So you go through Sae's palace as normal once she begins to suspect you and it doesn't have any unnecessary convolutioned plot points. So then instead of pretending to be dead you got Shido going after the protag and directly challenging him, boasting that he is confident that he cannot be beaten. So you go through Shido's palace as normal with Akechi until right before reaching the treasure Akechi has an outburst about how he is hesitant about simply letting Shido atone for his sins and reveals to the group that he was Shido's son. Jokeman then gets the ability to gain bad ending by agreeing to kill Shido. And when they get the treasure and take it out into the real world it suddenly dematerializes when all of Tokyo is transported inside a giant palace (Mementos doesn't exist cause it's fake and gay). It's revealed Shido has this power cause of his ego and research or whatever. They then take a journey to the heart of the palace which is a dark tower like you'd see at the end of a dragon quest game or something. So then they get to the end and Shido absorbs the holy grail which was the result of all the research and become yaldabaoth but for the final phase of his fight he just becomes a big Shido. Oh yeah and I guess you fight Akechi before this due to a clash of reasoning or whatever but either way the traitor shit is dumb. Fuck making a perfectly good character a shallow idiot for no reason other than to be a plot device. </spoiler>
post here once a day
for fun, post here at least once every day. Posts can be as quality as you want but I personally will be grading you on vibe alone.
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