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A City Between
OOC: Gee I sure do love a string of out of canon comments cluttering up a thread for a conversation that could've been settled in minutes using a live chat such as Discord
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
You may do that once after at least 2 chars die
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Note: This will now serve as a thread for potential drop-ins
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Ight i'll start when we have at least five registrants.
Phansite Poke-teams.
<quote user="Reperzel"><quote user="Mona2">oh i wasn't actually suggesting Byleth I was just saying the word</quote> Ah. Apologies, but does the team I made fit? The ''intelligent physic'' theme team I made for you?</quote> Yeah
Phansite Poke-teams.
oh i wasn't actually suggesting Byleth I was just saying the word
Phansite Poke-teams.
<quote user="InterNiko">-victini -zeraora -zeraora -zeraora -cinderace -zeraora and uhhh -stunfisk -zeraora</quote> zorua?

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Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
<i>Due to a mysterious phenomenon, your experiences became distorted and dreamlike yet not altogether unreal. Possessing no immediate memories yet being unaware of this fact altogether, you walk into a nearby cafe. The barista, being the being you fear most yet not welling up any feelings of discomfort or horror, issues you to come forth. Through no command of your own, your body moves towards the figure. He speaks, possessing the voice that is regular of that which you fear. </i> &quot;You are to be prisoner and have no choice but to heed my command. You have been sentenced to life in prison for your sins, and there is but one way to escape, by emerging victorious in combat against my other prisoners. Only once they are all defeated will I release you and those who have been assigned as your allies. Good luck.&quot; <i>He then hands you a cup of coffee or other similar beverage which you don't remember ordering, but nonetheless would be the kind you would plan on ordering. The walls of the café suddenly started crumbling down, revealing the outside being nothing but an icy surface which slowly spreads to the floor of the café of which the walls had turned to dust, the feared being gone and in its place a being resembling the late persona-user known as Gamma. Notably, the Gamma lookalike's eyes shone an opaque white icelike color with his skin partly blue from seemingly being frozen over. He turns to you and pouts, stomping on the ice repeatedly, growing in intensity each time as the ground begins to crack more and more. It would seem as the cracks would spread solely in one direction towards you, with the ground behind the being unscathed. Unable to move, you would eventually find yourself collapsing into a body of water. As you slowly sank into the depth, you begin to lose the last shred of awareness you felt, your eyes closing and your mind going blank. … … … You wake up in a beaten down gladiatorial cell, being drenched in water. You would first notice your full consciousness slowly returning, as well as control over your body. Immediately afterwards, you notice other such individuals dripping as well. A few seconds would pass before the gate at the front of the room rose, leading to a large currently vacant arena</i>
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
This'll be a veterans-only (as in, long-lasting members of the rp community) series of fights pitting allied forces against powerful foes of my choosing. Pre-registration is not necessary but recommended so I know who to expect. <b>Synopsis</b> Everyone is trapped in an eternal sleep more powerful than death (in a way, making the dead even more unconscious) and the only way to return to the world of the conscious (or for the wandering souls who have been imprisoned to rest peacefully) is to engage in gruesome combat. <b>Forces</b> Players will all be on one side but they won't all fight at once. Only once a fighter has sustained severe injuries may others fight in their stead. After they have defeated an opponent, the victor may also opt to retire and allow another to take up the reins. <b>Pair-Up</b> You may not all be able to fight at once but you don't have to go it alone. As long as a mutual partnership exists, you can have up to two allies fight alongside you. These teams are not immutable, so when one ally falls another can be invited to join your ranks. Synergy is key, however, so it wouldn't be a good idea to just replace your fallen comrades with whoever may be available. <b>Rules</b> -The focus of this will be action. As such, don't put too much emphasis on the specific effects of attacks. Try and simplify your writing when the battle begins. To fit with this, I would like to minimize reply time to keep excitement going as long as possible. When matches bleed into the following day you're going to have to tell me when you're going to be able to post next if you can. -Matches will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. You'll be served as soon as you come, so if you want to fight with allies you'll all need to make a match-starting post at around the same time. Don't try to start a match without making sure i'm ready for one at the moment. <b>Now that that's out of the way, let's see who's interested</b> My name is: And the character i'll be using is: Their initial partner(s) will be (discuss on discord or put n/a):
Aren't you tired?
Tired of too many swordsmen, are you?
I hate when
When people
The Mona Manifesto
Fellas, let me make something clear which may concern the very future of this community. First, let me start off at the very beginning. Persona 5, some may know it as the classic that started it all. And yet, where would Persona 5 be were it not for the preceeding Personas 4, 3 or even SMT IF. But there are those who would claim that this latest entry trumps all else in the wide open multiverse of MegaTen, spitting in the face of its history and praising this one game as a godsend. You even see it here on this very site, with newly-made, unenlightened accounts who have the adacity to have not even touched one other piece of MegaTen-related media and yet still give only the highest of praise to what is hands-down the single most overrated game in the entire series. Worse yet, they would spit in the face of all our customs and make no attempt to expend even the slightest amount of effort into forming even the most basic understanding of any facet of the community or its members. They, subconsciously, are trying to take us over and make their own place in this community. We have been too lenient in letting these trendchasers leak into our site and if we continue giving them inches then their kind will spread and infest everywhere, leading to the death of innovation. This is why I propose we take action by reinvigorating every aspect of our community with the most original, hysterical and nonsensical shitposts we can think of. Through this course of action, it is my hope that the normies will have greater exposure to the bizzare nature of our traditions and thus will be more smoothly assimilated into our community. The PMs are where they are most concentrated to my knowledge, therefore it is a key strategic location to my mission. I have been scouting it out for some time now and come morrow I will attempt to bring upon them the freshest memes in my arsenal. I beseech thee, mine brothers, to join me for the future of the Phansite. <spoiler>Note: Don't take this seriously</spoiler>
Shill Characters: Joker, Mona, Akechi, Ann, Futaba, Kasumi, Makoto and all confidants
If your account is named after or based on any of these characters (except Akechi-kun he cool) you are a complete shill and a zoomer.
MorganaFan4Ever's palace
<i>We, the phantom thieves, are in the palace. MorganaFan4Ever's shadow form is the ceo of racism. Their palace is racism. We need to steal their treasure. The guards are taken out and I, Mona, do the stealth.</i>
https://i.imgur.com/RARu0TA.png Fuck
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