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phansite go bye bye
When pms went away
oh shit lol
Ok Phoomer
I think I am screwed
1) Play the game by yourself instead of looking up a guide for Dora The Explora's Persona Adventure 2) Get a new username
Canon name..
Wasn't Ren Amamiya from the same source that the other protags' canon name were used?
I'm on drugs
<quote user="Moony">Wanna smoke some nic and suck done dic? ;)</quote> No, I wanna play Minecraft and explain the smt lore I learned from Kaz
I'm on drugs
So you're saying I can do whatever I want to you?
I'm on drugs
Hello I like lolis
Meme thread

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More like Shitendo, am I right? Seriously, their practices are hella scummy. Seems like all they're concerned about is making sure people have as little fun as possible playing their games as they can while still being able to actively make money off them. Personally, I think computer gaming is the only way to not get fucked over by the corporate elite, but as long-time fan of classic Nintendo series, it sucks that they can continue to operate in this manner.
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
Meme thread
Post the spiciest of memes in this thread Here i'll start https://i.imgur.com/2Gllie9.jpg
Mona fans born after 2017 can't eat fatty tuna
All they know is Lady Ann, be a dumbass, royalty, insult skull, go to sleep and meow
You have 2 hours and 25 minutes to say happy birthday to me
Or else you will be cursed until my next birthday
Kirby Fighters 2, anyone?
Anyone playing? Cause i'm down to fight super epicly in this epic fighting game.
Gawr Gura Appreciation Thread
By clicking on this topic, you are now officially a chumbud for life. No reverse cards, no skips, no draw fours. You have no choice but to take the righteous path. Gura is literally the single greatest thing that has ever happened in the entire history of the universe. https://i.imgur.com/JCHOtcL.png We stan.
Prince Of Atrocity
<i>To the shock and terror of the good people of Tokyo, the entire normally crowded city of Shinjuku would be racked with diaster and tragedy. A series of meteors struck one after another, toppling buildings and crashing into the streets which were set ablaze by destructive fires as a result. Within minutes, the populace was sent into a state of panic, rushing to get out of the city. Just outside the city, a group equipped with advanced military equipment stood by a makeshift border of police tape and men. Citizens would be hurried out of the city by the dozens, escorted by the soldiers as well as mysterious stranger with messy hair and eccentric blue clothing. As for those escorted out of the city, they would gather just in front of the barricade, centering themselves around a woman with a holy air about her, seeming almost inhuman. She wore a white skintight suit with the arm sleeves folding up like an air vent or blinds on a window and a shape resembling a taco shell around her neck. Those watching the tragedy on the news may feel compelled to investigate or offer aid, possibly suspecting a supernatural threat due to the heavy armaments and technology of the militaristic group.</i>
Yaso Magatsuhi
I am a cat
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