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so step on up to the plate
Brrrrr na nana na nanana nana buh duh duh Truth Is elusive
Sun Mall: Late Night Wanderers
<quote user="TakamakiJessica1">OOC: I am the Ultimate multi-tasker, since I am proficent in many, many, many different skill sets. I hope that answered your question Fayth.</quote> OOC: Ah, yes, and my persona is also God
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Korudo"><quote user="elmco">your existence</quote> Oh! It's delightful to know that I am the cause of your disappointment,although I am not quite fond with the idea that I cause anger to someone but fear not,for I shall cease to exist within this realm soon enough (or will visit the forum less often).</quote> Elm has no right to be angry or disappointed at someone so pitiful enough as to actually take his elm brain stances into account.
Gawr Gura Appreciation Thread
Oh-oh here she comes Watch out boy she'll chew you up
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
You said not to ask why
Gawr Gura Appreciation Thread
brb, gotta spend 5000 Argentine Pesos on superchat so I can post a
Please, and I say this completely out of character, leave for good.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
aight wise guy what else you wanna call fishing?

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Kirby Fighters 2, anyone?
Anyone playing? Cause i'm down to fight super epicly in this epic fighting game.
Gawr Gura Appreciation Thread
By clicking on this topic, you are now officially a chumbud for life. No reverse cards, no skips, no draw fours. You have no choice but to take the righteous path. Gura is literally the single greatest thing that has ever happened in the entire history of the universe. https://i.imgur.com/JCHOtcL.png We stan.
Prince Of Atrocity
<i>To the shock and terror of the good people of Tokyo, the entire normally crowded city of Shinjuku would be racked with diaster and tragedy. A series of meteors struck one after another, toppling buildings and crashing into the streets which were set ablaze by destructive fires as a result. Within minutes, the populace was sent into a state of panic, rushing to get out of the city. Just outside the city, a group equipped with advanced military equipment stood by a makeshift border of police tape and men. Citizens would be hurried out of the city by the dozens, escorted by the soldiers as well as mysterious stranger with messy hair and eccentric blue clothing. As for those escorted out of the city, they would gather just in front of the barricade, centering themselves around a woman with a holy air about her, seeming almost inhuman. She wore a white skintight suit with the arm sleeves folding up like an air vent or blinds on a window and a shape resembling a taco shell around her neck. Those watching the tragedy on the news may feel compelled to investigate or offer aid, possibly suspecting a supernatural threat due to the heavy armaments and technology of the militaristic group.</i>
Yaso Magatsuhi
I am a cat
Who are your Progressive Crosstag Battle mains?
I notice Progressive Crosstag Battle is rarely mentioned on this site, which is weird because it features popular sega star Sonic The Hedgehog therefore it is heavily related to the persona series and would have much to discuss regarding the plot. But, that's besides the point. Personally I think Doug and Pinocchio are a dream team, surprised I don't see many of them online honestly.
Hey, Paizono
You're finally awake. You found a secret warp zone while working on the drain, right? Walked right into that Koopa ambush. Same as me and that toad over there.
This really is the Ghost Of Mishima
Investigation Team, if you're reading this
I need your help getting to The End in Minecraft
As a girl, I feel the Persona series is severely lacking in diversity.
Seriously, there's not one character of african descent in the latest entry. The few gay characters they have are villified. The majority of the female characters are dumb and I hate them. The protagonist is a generic white guy who uses a sword. Personally, i'm appaled that no one is willing to call out how offensive and insensitive this game is, asking for it to be ported to the switch is just promoting bigotry. Besides, most female party members cutting board chests that I just don't care for at all.
Features you want removed
Personally, I don't want tags. They seem unnecessary to me. Also, i'd like it if I could join pms without anyone knowing i'm there. Lastly, I don't like quotes because they're ugly.
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