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Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
I often feel that way about myself too but in real life
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
ok, do you care about the method?
post here once a day
<quote user="Liam">what will you do if we post more than once? </quote> I will not care
post here once a day
<quote user="Pika-Kura">do we have too</quote> I would rather you specifically don't.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I was just thinking about how much I wanted this to die. I think I jinxed it.
Forum rules.
<quote user="Sarinman">I'd like to think</quote> No you wouldn't
A quick word about scramble
I prefer to organize them by dick size
Please help me

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post here once a day
for fun, post here at least once every day. Posts can be as quality as you want but I personally will be grading you on vibe alone.
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
Just a fair warning, I am superior to every average human in most aspects.
PMD Megathread
It is I, epic rescue team leader Mona who is responsible for many epic rescues and have committed several different accounts of die. Post all your epic rescue requests here (for any game, probably) and i'll rescue you epicly or someone else can. Very epic thing to do as community because yes.
The great thing about Goro Akechi is he cannot be sexualized
He's a male detective with a relatable personality and those rarely get sexualized
NOT Hideout 5: The secret hideout of the real NOT Phantom Thieves
(Anyone else claiming to be the real NOT Phantom Thieves are actually just impersonators as this is the sole thread for the real NOT Phantom Thieves.) Man, I sure hope i'll be able to get the old gang back together. All those highly classified off-screen solo missions really have taken a toll. *Tidies up the hideout.*
Ask Me Anything
I'll pretend to flip a coin and if I say it lands on heads i'll answer your question
The World, Sibuya, Tokyo, Japan
<i>In the middle of familiar streets, one would notice a peculiar sight: A globe, suspended about 5 ft in the air and slowly rotating, with full biological detail as if it was our own world viewed from space.</i>
Perform a fusion with the above user's demon
You can choose 1 demon to fuse with the demon listed above your post. You must then name the resulting demon for the next user to perform a fusion. Slime
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