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Art request :0
Can you get me a Fuyuhiko from Danganrompa 2, please?
New Game + 2 or wait for P5R?
Inject new game ++ into your veins
If you had to save one game for the sake of posterity, what would it be?
Oh, uh. I need a game that’s fun with good music that I won’t get tired of, speaking of have you heard of Persona 5? Game’s really fun and a great source of music with tons of characters, twist and turns and you can get yelled at by a cat to go to sleep. Yeah P5 sticking with me<div class='edited'>(edited by Mona9)</div>
I start Exams today
No prob, just visit goth chick from P5. What, you thought you’re gonna get any actual advice on this site?
home depot
Game Awards
Better fucking see an actual smash trailer
May your heart be the guiding key
My brother wants Phoenix Wright. Doubt.
Best Persona 5 Palaces?
-Shido palace shit -Okumura’s -Futaba’s -Madarame’s -Kamoshida’s -Kaneshiro’s -Sae -Depths of Mementos
That’s a birthday present for me

Recent topics

No Nut November
How’s no nut November goin’?
Favorite lines in P5
“For real?” “You guys are the stupidest, best group I could as for”~Mona “Goemon, strike!”~Yusuke “Case closed. This is where your justice ends”~Akechi “That bastard turned himself psychotic!”~Ryuji
Ann romancers only
Ann’s fucking sick, we can agree right? This threads only for the ones who liked Ann, and didn’t fuck the teacher.
uno arguement
Hey you wanna play UNO for a bit and that can be my upload for the night.
Best girl
Leave here about who you think is the best girl in P5, I honestly think it’s Ann, best confidant story in my opinion.
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