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Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[The screen showed up, and every video showed up in sequence.] Hana: <spoiler>&quot;Ahahahah...This world is already filled with despair, you see? What's is the point of anything anymore? Where is the fun, the hope, the heart? That's right, it is gone. Just give up. There is nothing more to see in this world. We have seen it all. Now, shall we all just drop dead? ...How was that, Bram?-&quot;</spoiler> Leo: <spoiler>&quot;A killing game... Yes! I would absolutely love that! There'd be so much despair... So much inspiration! I'm already thinking of a dozen possible scenarios!&quot;</spoiler> Elm: <spoiler>&quot;Seriously? I mean, at first I thought you were joking about this 'killing game' shit, but clearly you're serious. You really wanna see all your friends kill each other? Alright Bram, I'm down. Ah, but don't wipe my memory. I don't wanna forget about everyone.&quot;</spoiler> Jack: <spoiler>&quot;Normal gamblin is such a chore nowadays. A killin game with my life as an ante sounds right up my ally.&quot;</spoiler> Geoff: <spoiler>&quot;Nothing is interesting anymore. But I think I can make something interesting. I want to see how far I can push people without breaking them. I want to see just how far people can go...And I want to be the one to nudge them just past that point, so I can watch as they spiral down and down until there's nothing left of them at all, and then...I want to feel what it's like to crush that hollow shell of what was once a human under my boot.&quot;</spoiler> Shoji: <spoiler>&quot;Normal video games have gotten so boring for me. I wanna play a game that’s a bit more interesting. A game where I can spread as much despair as I want.&quot;</spoiler> Gazette: <spoiler>&quot;A-a killing game? Of course i want to be in it! I could find my one true love.... then slowly slide a knife across his neck... or tie him to the bed and set it on fire... or maybe hanging him will look pretty...oh? Don't worry.... they can be a g~&quot;</spoiler> Jin: <spoiler>&quot;If I want to be in this killing game? Damn fuckin' right I want to! And I'll send all of them down into the deepest fuckin' despair!&quot;</spoiler> [The strange part, however, is that Mitsuko, Oliver, Nobidy and Setsuna... Did not appear at all.]
today is an important phansite anniversary
KQ? I think you mean Togo's husbando
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[As the crew arrived at the Trial Grounds, Monokuma greeted them.] &quot;This trial is going to be... Special. You see, I didn't want to make you guys feel like you were summoned for no reason... So I cooked up this little thing with that guy's corpse! Well, you won't be looking to solve his murder- He comitted suicide! No, what you'll be looking for is to solve the mysteries on your hands! And to make sure you get how important this trial is going to be...&quot; [Monokuma blew up, and was replaced by the Mastermind.]
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
OOC- The only thing broken here is my will to live
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[Geoff found that he dead person's face... had been ripped off along side the mask.]
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[A screen appeared in front of the machine gun and the mastermind was on it.] &quot;No need for that; please, the trial is about to begin. Head to the trial grounds asap.&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[<i>Revving up machine gun intensifies</i> All the slabs containing dead people have been examined.]<div class='edited'>(edited by MonoShadow)</div>
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[As Geoff approached the masked body, the machine gun began revving up. Mitsuko found the body of Leo, which was still in the state it was when he comitted suicide. Alma found Setsuna's body, next to which was a dead potted plant- presumeably the one that served as the murder weapon.]
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[The next one had Gazette's remaines.]

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Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
[Well, this is the 5th chapter of Phanganronpa 2.] --- [After the last, very confusing trial, the last 4 students had returned to their rooms. The keys they had been given prior were taken back, making the deceased's rooms innaccessible. Geoff, Shoji, Mitsuko and Alma. Those were the survivors... For now.] &quot;It is now 8 AM! A new area has been opened on the 3rd floor!&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Fatal Frame
[THIS THREAD IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PHANGANRONPA THREADS] --- [Only half of the member of the Killing Game were still alive. One new person had joined, but will they be reliable? Only time will tell.] &quot;It is now 8 AM! A new area has been opened on the 2nd floor! I feel like this is obvious, but the previous motive is now moot, and killing the Transfer Student will no longer be an easy way out.&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Meet & Grief
[THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS THREAD, &quot;LOVE AFFAIR, LOVE DESPAIR&quot;, WHICH WAS A CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST THREAD.] --- [Nobidy, Elm, Setsuna and Hana. All four of them were dead. There were only 8 remaining. Monokuma's morning announcement was heard once more.] &quot;It's 8 AM, and I have the pleasure to announce you that you can now access a new floor! Many fun things await you there!&quot;
Phanganronpa 2: Love Affair, Love Despair
[THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS THREAD] --- [It was the morning right after Elm's execution. Monokuma's announcement echoed through the school, and everyone woke up.] &quot;Oh, and go to the meeting room! I've got a surprise for everyone!&quot; [And so, everyone went to the Meeting Room.]
Phanganronpa 2: Back To (get) School(ed)
[All participants have signed up. If you are not registered, just read along. Thank you.] <i>It takes a while for you to open your heavy eyes. You're not sure where you are, and you don't remember coming here. All you know is, you're sitting at one of the six tables in this room, long enough for two people, facing a podium. It's some kind of... meeting room. But who are these people with you?</i>
Super Phanganrompus 2: Signups
Sign up by saying you do, also come on the Discord: https://discord.gg/NfQSEv6 12 participants max so we don't just get stuck with people that are never around; game ends either at Trial 6 or when there's only two students remaining. With that out of the way, get to killing!
The Executions I had planned
As some of you may know, I made a Dangaronpa-style Killing Game around October. <span class="through">Actually I'm not sure</span> And I planned some executions, because, y'know, Danganronpa. Gin: Being a cryo- ... Ice Resercher, Gin was going to be frozen, dunked into a pool, and then an anvil would get dropped in the pool at the spot where he was. Corbin: Since he was the Ultimate Gamer, Corbin would have been strapped to a big thing that looked like a game controller, with his head where a button should be. Then, his head would be closed in an &quot;A&quot; button looking thing, and robotic arm would press the button faster and faster, eventually poking through the button and crushing Corbin's head. That's it. That's all I thought of. I didn't even plan the second case, Corbin's death just seemed logical that way.
THE GAME! Class Trial #1
Well, Well, Well! First day and someone dies! I've never seen a class so good at this before! In any case, thsi is the trial for the case of &quot;Who killed Korekyio&quot;. The killer will have to find a way to accuse someone else and get away with it... Or Die! Off you guys go!
Welcome to our new students! I'm MonoShadow, and I'm here to ki- To make sure you turn into good little adults!... Aside from those of you that already are adults. You're just here for shits and giggles. ROUND UP, THOSE WHOSE NAMES I CALL! -Corbin, the Ultimate Gamer -Soupicide, the Ultimate Cryptologist -Cait, the Ultimate Artist -Korekyio, the Ultimate Anthropologist -Pancake Knight, the Ultimate Pastry Knight -Bona Jamane, the Ultimate Psychic -Gin Bara, the Ultimate Cryogenicist -Pikadaboi, the Ultimate Crafter -Kenny McCormick, the Ultimate Vigilante -Blu, the Ultimate Problem Solver -Asta, the Ultimate <span class="through">Loudmouth</span>Swordfighter -Van Helsing, the Ultimate Slayer -Goro Akechi, the Ultimate Gourmet -Lanna, the Ultimate Surgeon -Shadowgear, the Ultimate Fate-Breaker Take time to meet each other! Here's a map of the school so you don't get lost: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/372868087487397889/372875461849645076/Map_of_Phantom_High.png
THE GAME: Signups!
Hi everyone! I'm Mono-Shadow! And welcome to our brand new, all shiny... KILLING GAME! Have you ever played Danganronpa? Noooo? TOO BAD! Want to participate? Very simple, send me this in PM: -Name -Age &amp; Gender -What you're the &quot;Ultimate&quot; at, we don't accept stupid fools that can't do nothin' in Phantom Accademy! And that's it! 16 people will be accepted, so get to it! Random Numbers will choose who kills whoever! I'll tell each relevent player if they killed or have been killed in PM! As for the class trials? I'll let everyone who ISN'T the killer a real clue... And the killer gets a false clue! You guys get to debate who did what when I give the signal! Ya Git?!
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