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Fatty fish for life!! Also, aren't you tired right now? How about we go to sleep a little early today?? Meeoooww~

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akechi and pancakes
You go Yusuke! Tell em', and definitely don't let them take it! We all worry over your health after all.
I met the phantom thieves!
Go away sketchy pancake boy.
Koro is You - An interactive text adventure
Tell everyone to go to sleep already
Are The Phantom Thieves Just?
Of course they are. I am a part of them after all~
Make sure to get a lot of rest, (I'm serious here!), and try to listen to music as much as possible when studying. If you no longer require study, then relax, because I always find stressing over an exam, whether prepared or not, always makes things worse. Good luck!
Lnari’s Thoughts on Anime
Any anime about tuna?? ... Genuinely curious.
Persona 5 for switch
Of course switch can potentially handle it, and well. Just that the main titles seem to be centered on the PlayStation, with the spinoffs on other platforms such as the Nintendo with the 3ds Q2 and the Switch's Persona Scramble. But hopefully we do get a Persona title on switch sometime soon!
Still, you must be tired after all that work. How about some sleep while you consider the options?

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Morgana Appreciation Post
Because why not? Also, it's almost scary how wonderful I am~
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