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Hello, just your average kei nanjo fangirl

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Any advice for making a PT mask design?
Think I just added it to the wrong category
Can phatom thiefs relly chang harts?
<quote user="Walter_Clements">Walter</quote> Jonathan
School’s gonna be out soon
<quote user="TheRemitron">What? What does that have to do with school ending?</quote> I dunno man, I just thought &quot;hey what if something in persona happened on summer break&quot;
School’s gonna be out soon
I know, right, maybe we will all get sent to a parallel universe... Maybe where already in one and someone on this forum is unable to forget why we're all in this universe and we end up having to fight nyarlathotep. We could even discover a spoopy 25th hour, or we could form investigation team to stop a murderer, who knows? We might even find a new world where our clothing changes. If so, I'm ready to awaken my persona

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How do you delete/edit threads?
I just realized I tagged a post wrong and I need to do something about it
Any advice for making a PT mask design?
I trying to make a mask design for an AU where the SMT protags get personas. Nanashi gets a phantom thief outfit. I don't know how to really make a mask though. Have advice? His persona is the Celtic God, Dagda if that helps
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