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I like video games and memes along with drawing that’s basically it

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This thread just gave me a great idea
“I thought I heard something about delicious pancakes”
Any other fans?
My favorite character is Futaba because memes<div class='edited'>(edited by Narrator1021)</div>
Which Arcana are you?
Probably the judgement arcana
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
Human or not I will still call you a cat I take on this challenge to prove my justice and beliefs

Recent topics

The pancake church
Here is the pancake church of goro Akechi
What is you’re favorite persona
My favorite persona is Satanael
What’s your opinion of Akechi
Hello I’m new to the Phansite so I wondered what do most people think of Goro Akechi
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