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list of good things phasnite has done NON NEGOTIABLE
Change that bastards heart!
Joker2802 is probably my favorite republican user. He almost never talks about politics and instead just pokes fun at the Democratic Party by just saying jokes like "Democrap" which is why he's my favorite phansite forum poser and yes you can get I'm "right winged" doesn't mean I
give me the energy
I fished. Bonar is lie. all I need to say
What will you do now?
jack off a LOT more, also GAME a LOT harder
Stop making feels threads, part 1
burger king whopper with cheese no tomato no onion chicken fries with dr. pepper and bbq sauce
Thank you Hazamod
He was the gay friend I could use in an argument to prove I wasn't homophobic.
Phansite will shut down on December 1
<quote user="Pancake_Knight">As it was prophesied, good bye old friend. </quote> and you shall pull the trigger

Recent topics

list of good things phasnite has done NON NEGOTIABLE
1. Mods gay: again non-negotiable 2. You're gay: see above 3. met bona: we fish now 4. met yu: we admire rats now 5. met the rest of you: 6. became a reckoner: this has nothing to do with phansite but it happened during the lifespan so I'm putting it on the list 7. bullied a large portion of people of the site with my creativity: to be fair I checked the logs and they had it coming 8. bought a lots of belts: I am now in financial ruin 9. deleted RP Hub: I didn't do it but I'm still proud 10. watched as pms fell from grace: it became a cesspit of whiners only for it to be abandoned for shou to leave his legacy of existence 11. solved racism: only the anons are racist and we don't like them much 12. found out what it feels like to be a boomer: I hate everyone who joined over two months after I did and frankly I want some social security 13. rubiks cube: solved 14. ice cream: paid for 15. Bowel movement: if you know you know 16. europeans: can't live with 'em can't live with 'em 17. except eastern europeans: they're decent enough folk 18. Canadians: found out that canada is not lawful good, but neutral evil 19. italicized the site: I have the link, no you can't have it 20. mario: swing your arms from side to side 21. code: singlehandedly found most of the bugs on the site with the exception of those who hacked the site 22. lore: don't read old threads don't read old threads don't read old threads don't read old threads don't read old threads 23. farting: I did it just now 24. Rat King's Crew: if you know you know That's it, that's all the good things. Period. everything else associated with this site is a TRAVESTY.
give me the energy
I crave upvotes and Bona wishes to dethrone me from having many upvotes and also not being a terrible human being which is to say anyone who has more upvotes than me, and bona will not be terrible once he passes me so it'll count this time so please do not let him pass me or you like girls
if this post gets 25 upvotes
I will literally join the phansite discord and post a single image
P5R is the greatest game of all time and here's why
it isn't, it's nowhere close even. Play the better sandbox by SEGA, Yakuza. You all are clowns for even thinking I'd promote persona
earlier yesterday I saw the words fucking test. what the fuck mishima what did you do this time, who broke it. test.
baka mitai
kodomo na no ne
calling all destiny 2 gamers
we are nted yuo for the sp of car and join epic whip nae nae ca to of getin eng of uyes
i seek
the chinese whisperers, they tell me fo follew and I need answers
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