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They really need to learn to stop letting me open my mouth, the last time I said a slur was less than five seconds ago.

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P4 plot holes
not funny, the council rates it 1/10
P4 plot holes
P5 plot hole why didn't akechi just shoot joker in the real world
ok I have finished thinking, but please stay quiet so I can void my bowels in peace
Persona 5 Royal Port
honest opinions
fuck you no funny idiot
How lucky are you?
315th gang and it shows
Insert p3 memes here
What's YOUR Arcana?
I'm the magician cause I'll make your dick and balls disappear
Give Me Persona Memes
Persona 5 Spoiler zone
P5 is mediocre in every aspect save for design and OST

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i seek
the chinese whisperers, they tell me fo follew and I need answers
haha you are peon haha funny
please be quiet I'm thinking hmmm
Mmmmmm, I'm an original joke
guys laugh. why aren't u laughing I said Mmmmm and that's the pinnacle of comedy Laugh guys c'mon do I need to make another thread? it's the naked mitsuru joke guys laugh laugh
To the publicity of the not so secret yet not altogether unexclusive Phansite Kamen Rider Club, as it is formerly known. This whole server was made by Amaya at least a year ago, and now since it's dying-ish figured I'd let this bad boy out into the wild. Quite a few people on this site know of Kamen Rider, so might as well bundle them together. Even if you don't know, feel free to join, we're always down to indoctrinate more people to our cause of karate bugmen. https://discord.gg/EAxQQqv
Yolker for smash
not the p2 one, nor the gamer
all y'all hoes finna tryna gonna dick PK but I bet y'all can't even pass the PK Quiz
Ore wa 🅱️enkuji 🅱️akeru
I’m just waiting on the dying bit now
We are being watched
Stay quiet, they might hear us...
Stop telling me that you listen to the classics
Because that shit you listen to is new age trash hmu when you listen to real music https://youtu.be/28--5aEV1Z0
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