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Hello, everyone! My name is Nyx and I want to be your friend!

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gacha life role play
<i>the moon is now ded. the earth is now doomed do to the ocean being messed up</i>
gacha life role play
<i>nyx is now invinicble after being cut in half</i> &quot;i am death. come meet me inside of moon&quot; <i>nyx is now the moon</i>
gacha life role play
&quot;the arcnaa is the means by wich all is reveled&quot; <i>a large bird man would fly into the scene</i> &quot;i have com to end this poinless charde&quot;
The time has come...
&quot;Such a gift...would be costly...endure its curse for one day though and perhaps you'll find what you're looking for.&quot; <i>The being would reach back into its bag and pull out a feather that seemed to be glowing with a bright red light. He'd simply offer the feather to Kazuo but there'd be an obvious aura coming off it that seemed to indicate something bad would happen if he accepted.</i>
Persona 5 Royal Port
Tip for the future, maybe don't talk about pirating games on a public internet forum. Nobody here cares most likely but there's a fair few who would probably frown upon such behavior. One of which would be the FBI...
The time has come...
<i>First, they would look in response to Negi's request. They'd raise the large sword in their hand ever upward until it reached all the way above their head. With one swift swing downwards the massive blade would cut right into the ground a couple feet away from Negi, where it would stay for the moment as they retracted their hand from the blade.</i> &quot;Sometimes it can be hard to drop such a large weapon. Anyway, your request is acceptable...&quot; <i>They'd reach into the bag at their side and pull out a poster of sorts that they would hand over to Negi:</i> https://i.imgur.com/boiu9I6.png <i>The entity would next address the girl who was running at them. The entity of course could only smile due to the way their face was but would still attempt to smile in response anyway.</i> &quot;Of course, anything for a fan.&quot; <i>Two normal people who happened to be walking by when they noticed the figure would be frozen up in shock. The being would simply look at them and their bodies would begin to melt into dark colored climbs of sludge. The sludge puddles would float on the air before converging together into the shape of a deer of sorts. The odd deer creature would mostly be solid but bits and pieces of it were left exposed showing off a rather accurate skeleton of a reindeer underneath its shadowy flesh. Despite the beasts rough breathing and glowing red eyes though it would somehow remain passive...for the moment.</i> &quot;Almost forgot...the nose...&quot; <i>The figure would stretch down and place a glowing red rock where the creatures nose would be.</i> &quot;Perfect.&quot; <i>Finally, it would speak to Kazuo.</i> &quot;I am here to spread holiday cheer for if there is not enough holiday cheer then Nyx will seem this world as obsolete and destroy all life by crashing into your world.&quot;
Count down to christmas
Christmas? Don't you mean Nyxmas? Happy End of the World everybody!
What's YOUR Arcana?
<quote user="Joemomma40">it's not funny don't laugh</quote> People were just listening to your advice.
What's YOUR Arcana?
Mother fricker, you stealing my lines?
Underground city rp
&quot;Yes, death awaits all...awaits...&quot; <i>The winged figure would remain in the sky, still and unmoving despite everything.</i> &quot;Mom! How long am I awaiting for?&quot; <i>They'd recieve no reply except a light flicker of the moon.</i>

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The time has come...
<i>It would be an extra cold day as the moon seemed to once again grow ever closer to the earth. People might notice that the sky seemed to be developing a green tinted to it as a ominous red fog changed on the ground. It would begin at the well known Cafe of Leblanc. It would happen suddenly as if it was always meant to go this way. The cafe would be destroyed in an instant in a flash of almighty light leaving nothing behind, not even a brick. In the cafe's place a large figure would loom...large black feathers, empty seeming eyes, large wings, a massive sword, a...large bag, red and white clothing...and a Santa hat.</i> &quot;The time has come...for Nyxmas! Come forth now mortals if you dare to be judged on wether you are worthy of receiving a Nyxmas day gift. I shall judge...whether you've been naughty or nice...&quot;
Merry Nyxmas
Have a happy Nyxmas everyone... Before the moon collides with the earth and everyone dies that is! Such a wonderful time of the year!
Origins of Being: Part 2 - The Earth
<i>Lately the amount of odd earthquakes would become quite frequent. There was a time when people feared it had something to do with the emergence of more statues like before as many had heard of the horrors of the small city nearby where the residents were all reduced to nothing but stone and the city itself was reduced to nothing but a crater. However, after time had passed there had been no other statues rising out of the ground while the earthquakes had only increased in frequency. So far, they had caused no damage to Tokyo itself as if the earth had remained still in the places where the buildings were most vulnerable. Another odd factor to these earthquakes was that some people had begun spreading a rumor that they could hear crying whenever they occurred. The crying was quiet at first in these reports and not many people stated they could hear it but now almost everyone said they could hear it and it grew almost as loud as the earthquakes themselves. Today was the first day in a week that there had been no earthquake. Things as one might expect would be oddly quiet as if the absence of the earthquake was almost more troubling to people than their presence. However, something else quite odd would be occurring at the bottom of one of the subway stations. The station itself had to be closed off today as no other trains could make it inside. Even the staff themselves had trouble accessing their place of work as thick vines and plants both local and exotic had begun covering the entrance to the subway.</i>
Origins of Being: Part 1 - The Night
OOC: So, few rules or things to make clear about these threads. This is something new I'm trying and thus at a certain point might become completely uncanon for all characters involved. I will state when this is the case but until then it's safe to assume that this is an event happening within the same Nexus as other plots. Of course, I'll leave that up to other's discretion. <i>The giant statue like construct from the previous night would still be hanging in the air. The statue was the face of a man with wings instead of ears. The expression of the man seemed completely emotionless as the air around it would be cold and still. Suddenly, the ground of the city of Tokyo would all begin shaking at once. It was as if an earthquake had suddenly struck threatening to tear the city apart, yet despite all the shaking not a single building would so much as pull from its foundation. Instead, the shaking would suddenly stop as a giant heap of stone began lifting from the ground of a crowded intersection. It would rise from the ground tearing the street apart. People would run and scream as the stone revealed to be yet another statue. This time it would be the face of a woman with a blindfold. Her face too was expressionless and the air around the statue would be equally as cold as the other's. The two statue's would begin floating away. Slowly at first but they would soon begin picking up speed as they would eventually reach another town nearby. Any who noticed this odd event would be free to follow the statues to the adjacent town, wether it be out of interest or worry.</i>
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Fall
[[I]Upon the roof if Tartarus a might tree goes. In the many dead branches of the tree would be it's master and captive, Quintus Geminus. Trapped in such a state he could do little more than watch events unfold around his Persona. The top of these twisted and broken branches would be a stage of roots where the Avatar of Nyx Avatar stood alone. The moon drew close and closer as the Avatar seemed to perk up. It seemed that the time had finally come. Nyx would soon awaken and the world would soon end. Despite the Avatar's ever present smile a emptiness seemed to fill it's eyes.[/i]] &quot;Soon...the Fall shall eradicate all life. I truly did enjoy this world but the people's hatred and desire for destruction must be answered.&quot;
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Announcement
[<i>People would have seen the flyers all over. The pamphlets would've been dropped at every door in the Nexus. On all the flyers and pamphlets it would be the same. Cult propaganda that uses vague language to describe an event of sorts. The name of this event was simply known as &quot;The Fall&quot;. Besides the name of this event the only other information was that on December 21rst the harbinger of death would awaken to instruct the chosen on how to act. Today was that day and many people had gathered in the streets at a specified location. They were mainly cultists at first who had learned of the location of this harbinger of death and came in celebration. Others had begun to arrive as well though either out of interest of this event or curiosity. You all as well must've felt it either on the air or seen the flyers. The end is coming and all you can do is follow through until you reach it. So begins the celebration of Nyxmas </i>]
An important message by Nyx.
Door Thread
You know what you signed up for... http://buybrinkhomes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/gorgeous-cool-door-designs-best-25-cool-doors-ideas-on-pinterest.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1e/03/8d/1e038d847b0045a0f99a6ddb40591ab1--cool-doors-unique-doors.jpg http://cf.ltkcdn.net/interiordesign/images/slide/182966-533x800-Gaily-painted-door-from-Taroudant.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/08/f6/3d/08f63d0a09dbf09c047d7369ddc411f8.jpg
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Lot of cats...
Lot of cats on this site, what's up with that?
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