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Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
In general, most of the series isn't very interesting. The plot isn't good, the characters are mostly mediocre, and the battles just aren't fun. Part 5 is by far the worst part as none of the characters are compelling. Part 7 is only worshiped because it's in the manga, and in reality is only as good as part 2. Part 3 has decent fights, but the rate at which anything of note happens is boring at best. Coming from someone who used to be obsessed with it, rewatching made me realize the flaws.
what is time
its when you do a thing and then a thing happens i think
Forums are like 10x better than reddit

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What are your Persona 6 ideas?
I can start, I suppose. I'd imagine something more akin to Persona 3 Let's get the simple out of the way. Colour is green. Velvet Room is a garden. Velvet Attendant is a gardener named Henry (a guy?!). Main themes being nature and finding a reason to live. It would be quite similar to the original idea of Persona 5, with backpacking and taking place in a lot of different cities and towns. I want to bring back Philemon, because he just wasn't mentioned for a bit. Philemon would likely arrange this trip in the first place to fight off shadows caused by some god (Chaos probably). As you backpack through the country, around 7 people will show up and want to come along with you on your adventure. They only show up in the first half of the game, because they deserve time to develop as characters.
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