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Pancake Knight! Defender of Pancakes! Upholder of Chivalry! Defender of Good! Destroyer of Evil! Ore wa Pancake Knighto, I died on Mar 28 by an Akechi, now I have 90 days to live. Waffles Advanced Stats: Low Strength Low Magic High Endurance Medium Agility High Luck Elemental Weakness/Resistance: Null Electricity Weak Nuclear Skills: Salvation Pancakes! (Regenerate 3) Heat Riser Tetrakarn Marakarn Samarecarm Maziodyne Thunder Reign

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UnAvailable Confidant Need Help
Googled it "Are you in the phase between sending the calling card and fighting the boss? (Top right under date, objective says "Send Calling Card" or something along those lines) during that phase, no party member confidants can be done." Might be what your looking for
This is awesome
Welcome to hell?
Comedy thread
I am only mildly disturbed
<quote user="WeebB0s5"><quote user="Sanscash"><quote user="H_K"><quote user="Sanscash"><quote user="Sanscash">https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b3/d1/e2/b3d1e211b61bd226a5e115c427fc4bb3.jpg</quote> https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b3/d1/e2/b3d1e211b61bd226a5e115c427fc4bb3.jpg </quote> https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b3/d1/e2/b3d1e211b61bd226a5e115c427fc4bb3.jpg keep it going gamers</quote> https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b3/d1/e2/b3d1e211b61bd226a5e115c427fc4bb3.jpg KEEP IT GOING</quote></quote>
Intermission One
<i>I fall through back to the velvet room and land on my face, slowly rolling out of the pile of people and taking a deep breath before watching the rotting Gin fly out.</i> Well, that's grim. Hopefully his resurrection is much less painful? Hard to say. <i>I then look to Kaz and sigh, at least he's being upfront and honest. Still don't like getting scolded like a toddler though.</i> Yeah yeah... My mind's fine. I'm just doing what needs to be done.
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
<i>I shake my head with a smile as I watch their antics, we really are a group of misfit revolutionaries. My smile is wiped away when the assassin shows up again, when did he get here?</i> Oh hey, didn't expect to see you again. What happened to ya? <i>As for what's the deal with us... I let the others explain and add on a little bit at the end.</i> Mmm, we seem to be the ones that have to break these stalemates. You'll more then likely need our help.

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I'm really in... A lot of pain, I just, can't anymore. Day in. Day out. I just can't do it. Everyday I have to go to work in the summer and... Sorry.. I know it looks bad but... Ugh.. I don't feel so good <spoiler> from this heat syncope</spoiler>
Praise God Lord Mishima
The site is back up bois
Star Signs
Yer boi is a big fan of horoscopes and wants to know a little more about the sites users so here we go https://strawpoll.com/xh1h6ds1 Survey with your sign and you can also post about it in this thread, talk about if you feel your sign is accurate or if its total bogus, personally I know it's all made up, but it sometimes hits the bulls eye and it's really hard to tell at times.
Beep Beep
Forgot it was my birthday today, one more year till I'm Legal bois.
Come back to me dad, I thought you were going out for just a soda
Random Thought with PK
Let's say you were stranded, and to survive you had to resort to cannibalism. In terms of humanity. Have you already died from survivng? You committed an inhumane act to save your human self, or are you more human then when you started? After all, is it not human to commit a sin?
Just a Test
Lets see here,
Are Humans Violent by Nature?
Hello everybody! PK here! I've just got a short question for you all. It's right up there in the title so let's just get to it! Are Humans violent by nature? Feel free to use sources, or have a short or long answer! Anything is helpful! I'd also like you to vote if all possible! I'll be using responses here in a report for school, of course your username will be kept anonymous! https://strawpoll.com/37hybfw2
"What music do you like?"
Person: I like vapour wave Me: You are like a little baby. Watch this. <spoiler>https://youtu.be/c1IbN68gPfQ</spoiler>
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