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As this world grows more corrupt I only grow stronger. A simple means to a not so simple end but what end that is, is up to the minds of the masses.

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Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>Wether they wanted to or not, Nanaka's mind would suddenly flow towards the most beautiful person they could think of that they had met in their life, regardless of who that may be. They'd feel some compulsion to talk about it but if it wasn't something comfortable to talk about outloud simply thinking about it would be enough. Marcus would now hold the mirror close to him not seeming nervous about it anymore and almost smiling with a sense of pride.</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
&quot;Thanks though I really just need someone to open this mirror for me. Bit of a heavy task to do on my own.&quot; <i>He'd show off the button on the side of the pocket mirror at an angle that would show as well that it still remained closed. His fingers occasionally hovered over the button to open it but it was obvious that he was shaking at the mere thought of it.</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>For the most part Marcus just brushed off what Kazuo had replied with. It wasn't very beautiful in his own mind to continue such a petty argument even if he felt that Kazuo had missed the point. Considering the change in scenery he felt he had little choice now.</i> &quot;Anyone want to come see what this mirror is about? I could use a bit of a hand here.&quot;
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>Marcus would address Kazuo without hesitation. There was no anger in his reaction, more disappointment.</i> &quot;And you my friends, are boring. Adding a little flair is what spices things up, even if it may seem a bit over dramatic. What's the point if you don't go all in?&quot;
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
&quot;I can't really do that whole fighting well thing on my own but saying no after coming this far, it'd leave a pretty bitter image right. Besides, I won't die. I have a goal that I'll stake everything on. I'll just think of this as another stepping stone against fate, until I'm able to accomplish that goal.&quot; <i>Marcus would seem oddly relaxed. He'd hold his pocket mirror up, almost ready to open it yet there was a hint of hesitation still contained within the man's fingers that seemed to pressed against a button on the side of the mirror.</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>The man would look back to Nanaka, a slight smile forming along his mouth.</i> &quot;Seems you have a good head on those shoulders, yet despite that fact mankind will always strive for more. Maybe one day we'll be able to capture natural beauty in a not so natural way. Maybe that day will even be soon. Marcus, by the way. It's just a nickname but I get tired of saying my full name over and over again. Not that I grew up in Japan so Japanese manners are a little foreign to me anyway.&quot; <i>Marcus would once more toy with the mirror at his side. Flipping it around in his hand, the cover still in place over where the reflective side of the mirror could be assumed to be.</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>The green haired man wouldn't have done much to resist the pull. He wasn't typically the type to defy fate without purpose. He knew all to well how hard it was to resist what had already been set in course. Regardless, the church suited his tastes anyway. The stained glass seemed to entertain him all on its own.</i> &quot;Such a wonderful place this is. Truly we are blessed to be able to create such beauty in our world.&quot;
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>A certain man with long dark green hair and red eyes would find himself waking up as normal within his hotel room he had rented the previous night. As usual, he'd find his closed pocket mirror on the nightstand next to him. Something was different today for him however, a strange memory of words that had been spoken to him in a dream. Those words for whatever reason had stayed with him. 'A prophet who exists beyond time?' it was a strange thought to him but he had witnessed many strange things in his travel and new better than to believe Japan would be an exception. He would get dressed as usual and bind the closed mirror to his waste via a metal chain as usual. His usual attire consisted of a coat that could be worn in most weather conditions and a normal pair of slacks of a matching brown color to his coat. He'd pack what little he brought around with him and exit the hotel building but for once he felt truly aimless, a feeling he was used to but for once it seemed as if he had somewhere he should be but wasn't sure how to get there.</i>
Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>At first, it seemed as if the sunflower was the only one present but as another sip was taken Cyrus would notice that another sunflower had sprouted on the seat next to his. The floor as well was beginning to look more like a carpet as bits and pieces of it began to stand up like blades of grass. The woman would be somewhat confused for a moment. She was wondering exactly what Kazuo was referring to when she suddenly remembered.</i> Strange Woman: &quot;Oh, you mean Tsukiya. They're the one with the weird solid stuff. They should be in the back right now. Just take a right after you walk through the doors and you should be able to find them in the kitchen.&quot;
Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>Nica would immediately taste...fire...but it wasn't hot? It was the flavor one might expect of fire but without the burning aspect. However, there was another flavor beginning to creep up but it was slow, as if the fire was actually keeping it at bay. However...soon Nica would understand exactly what the reaper aspect of the reaper pepper was that laced the outside of the dumpling. The odd seafood that adorned the pasta would taste like...chicken...huh, go figure. The bartender remained calm despite everything, simply stating his name and nothing else.</i> Bartender: &quot;Kouki.&quot; <i>Marcus would ponder the question for a moment. It almost seemed like that became his main focus for a moment before he came back to the mirror for a moment once more.</i> Marcus: &quot;Actually, I'm not sure how many stores might sell antiques. This mirror is somewhat of a project I've been working on itself. I've mostly been refurbishing it to restore a very unique use it once had. I suppose that doesn't answer your question though. Japan isn't exactly the best place to find that kind of thing I guess. If I had to guess you'd either need to try and find one of the internet or simply in another country.&quot; Kouki: &quot;Or...Well, I'm not sure exactly how likely it'd be but I could try asking one of our employees. They're a bit moody but they could probably make a makeshift scabbard for a unique weapon like that.&quot; Crucis would find that what he had drank tasted like...blueberries...so many blueberries. They'd begin to inch closer and closer. The blueberries would be all over the place moving in and trying to take control. Suddenly, a blueberry would grab him from behind as well and he'd find that the color blue began to spread across his body, beginning to try and take hold of him. Cyrus would find no response, in fact, in a mere moment he would see that everyone within the building was gone...except for a lone sunflower that had suddenly appeared growing out of the chair across from him.[/i]

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Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>As was a custom, from time to time, a strange establishment sometimes appeared within the city of Tokyo. Nobody could exactly predict where it would next appear or for what reasons. As such, there were many rumors about such a place and what may happen to those who entered. Some say that those people would disappear only to come back after a while completely passed out. Other's say that what they saw inside was more beautiful than anything they had every seen. Only one fact was certain though...The establishment had excellent reviews on Yelp. Regardless, it has once again taken form within a random corner of a quiet street, this time in the form of a restaurant and Bar. &quot;Wings of Gold&quot; would be printed on a sign in golden text hanging over the establishment. Inside would be what one might expect from an establishment of its kind. Most of the furniture and decorations seemed to be a mix between golden and black. There were many empty tables within as well and a bar was also located near the back, being manned by an odd man with golden eyes and hair to match the building's interior decoration. Another man was sitting at the bar, simply drinking what seemed to be a colorless liquid he had been served. A sign at the front underneath a podium also would simply read &quot;Seat yourself.&quot; As if the staff just couldn't be troubled to guide people to their seats on such a calm night.</i>
Gobbles of the Dead
<i>In a small neighborhood there would rest an old, small church with a steady stone structure. Many rumors would've spread about such a place that had been long since abandoned by the locals. Some believed it to now be haunted, filled with the ghosts of some ancient faith that had long since been forgotten. It would be on a average fall day however, when the rumors finally reached their peak. People had stated that they had seen odd cloaked figures outside the church and that at times anyone who got too close could hear an odd sort of noise coming from within. There were even rumors about how the souls of the dead could take on a physical form whenever they entered the church grounds. The truth...was hard to discern for there was only one way to truly discover what lay within such an ancient place of worship.</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The building would look somewhat ordinary from the outside. The walls were made of an amber colored wood and light would surround a sign that simply read &quot;Wing of Gold Bar&quot;. The front entrance would be a simple set of glass doors with images of butterflies painted in gold around it. The interior would be mostly the same although much cozier than simply staying outside. The tables and chairs seemed to able be made of a similar wood but were decorated with golden cushions and cloth. Over at the counter was an older seeming man with golden eyes and hair. He seemed to simply be cleaning a glass as he waited for his first customers of the night.</i> Golden Man: &quot;Slow so far tonight. Wonder if Tsukiya scared them away somehow. Well, nothing one can do but wait.&quot; <i>The man would just calmly smile as if undisturbed by their lack of business. Rustling can be heard from behind the bar for a moment but the man would just continue washing cups.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing.</i> Broadcaster: &quot;A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-&quot; <i>The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something.</i> <spoiler>OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.</spoiler>
I've dicovered you imposter! There's only room for one Persona around here!
Losing Control - Corpse of Reality
<i>The cool evening air began to fill the city as day turned to night. The air was still...<span class="through">too still, it was maddening.</span> People would still be walking home from their respective jobs as the last few stores would begin closing. [s]Such mundane existences yet I still envy them.[s] It was no surprise that something would happen on such a calm day as fate couldn't help but schedule tragedy when all should be at peace. A figure stood on a beach by themselves. Their form was surrounded by obscurity as if their appearance was perpetually clouded by an unknown force. All that could be made out was a set of 5 wires that seemed to extend from each of their arms and two pale eyes that seemed to stare on forever. Today though, something seemed to light up in their eyes, a deep hunger that seemed to be almost bottomless. One wire would extend outward to the ocean and plug into the water despite its lack of a solid surface. It was almost as if rather than plugging into the water itself it was plugging into something surrounding it but it would be hard to determine what it was exactly. The ocean, starting from the beach, slowly began losing colour and form as it began hardening into a stone-like substance. It would be slow at first but it seemed as if this infection threatened to keep extending until it consumed the sea itself.</i>
A Persona 2 EP Fan Theory
EP stands for Eternal Pizza.
Gate to Another World: Eyes that Watch from Places Unseen
<i>Today a local convention center was holding an event promising exciting new technology and advancements beyond the imagination. The one behind these revelations was a rich scientist type by the name of Yutani Isa. She apparently already had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric but the event was being put on with free entry so many showed up regardless. The center would already be full of people as the room where the main presentation was being held had finally opened its doors. A large portion of the people began to fill the room but there was another door next to the main entrance that most of the normal citizens seemed to be avoiding. The other door was guarded by a rather odd looking man with cyan hair and yellow eyes. He didn't seem to move much, almost like a statue. There was a sign next to him that read: &quot;Supernatural Entrance, no civilians unless you're willing to put your life on the line.&quot;</i>
Calm...I am [Error] calm...
<i>It would be an oddly stormy night with rainfall that seemed to calm out of nowhere. Around the residential district of the city would be a large mansion in a considerable state of disrepair. Lately, the nearby residents of the neighbourhood had reported hearing strange noises from within the mansion and even as having seen odd shapes rush past the windows at night. Because of these reports rumour soon spread of the mansion being haunted. Eventually, these rumours of something residing within the mansion would lure people to investigate and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Those who have returned from the mansion have either been in too much of a state of shock to speak. One incident though even reported that someone who came back from the mansion refused outright to speak on what truly resides inside. Several have also gone missing within the walls of the mansion, all with unknown fates. On this stormy night noises could be heard from within the mansion once more as well as what seemed to be...classical music? Regardless, the mansion would be unlocked and sitting there waiting for more souls to entrap once more.</i>
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>It would be an especially comfortable night with the weather being almost completely clear and the stars shining vibrantly despite the light pollution that living in the city often brought with it. <span class="through">Someone</span>, no, that's not right... <span class="through">Something</span>, no, why is this hap- <b>[Error: Variable not Found.]</b> would be walking along the streets. A dark veil over them making their exact form hard to distinguish. They seemed to take the form of a person but something else was coming out of their arms. The moving strands coming from their arms were wires dripping with an odd dark substance and with long needles at the end.</i> &quot;It's too hot... No, it's too cold? No, it hurts...It hurts more today than usual. Am I bleeding? Is this my blood?&quot; <i>The substance would drip onto the ground causing smoke to rise as it burned a hole in the concrete.</i> &quot;I feel sick. Everything feels off...I need to change it. I need to make it normal.&quot; <i>Pale eyes drained of any life they once had but at the same time full of more of anything than one could imagine would begin focusing on their surroundings. They'd see a simple mailbox and before they could react the wires would move to stab into the simple mailbox. The mailbox would begin to...shift. It was like everything that made it a mailbox was being stripped and replaced with...something else.</i>
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