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As this world grows more corrupt I only grow stronger. A simple means to a not so simple end but what end that is, is up to the minds of the masses.

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Gobbles of the Dead
<i>Those who saw the book would notice that it seemed to have begun eminating a certain noise from it. It almost sounded like a light whisper but the voice would seem somewhat distorted, like it was struggling to speak. The words on the page also seemed to begin popping off for anyone who gazed at them directly. As for the trapped door...the area beneath seemed to actually be relatively well lit. There seemed to be a set of stairs that let into some ancient stone corridor. The underground area seemed to have torches mounted to the wall down below.</i>
Gobbles of the Dead
<i>The figure was already gone. Only the darkness that almost seemed to leak from the church's doors remained. Darkness that two would enter without much hesitation. The church was cramped on the inside. The air would be musty and it would be hard to see anything. Within the church there was only one source of light that seemed to be position over a podium over at the back. There was no source for the light to be coming from yet it seemed to exist regardless, being used to shine over an odd looking old book. The words the book displayed would be almost incomprehensible, as if they hadn't been written by something completely human and yet the power the book exuded could be felt growing stronger and stronger the closer one got to it. Any who entered the church as well would see something similar...all except those who didn't belong here... As they entered the church they'd see no podium or book but rather they'd see a trap door in its place instead.</i>
Gobbles of the Dead
<i>Regardless of their reasons for coming here, whether it was by their own will or the will of something else, everyone near the church all at once would feel a sudden discomfort as the doors seemed to open for a moment and close. Some might've seen what appeared to be a shadowy figure quickly appear and then enter into the church in the time the door was open. The discomfort would be odd to say the least. It would feel forced, like a feeling that shouldn't have been present at the moment. It was similar to the feeling of taking a shower and then trying to put on one's socks immediately after only to have to walk outside on an earl morning while their hair is still wet. The church doors would slowly seem to open once more as they appeared to be unlocked.</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The girl would look back opening her eyes a little to reveal their blue glow. She'd seem to take a moment thinking of how to explain. Kouki would just sigh before continuing to wash glasses, as if he anticipated hearing something he'd heard before several times.</i> Mimi: &quot;Weeelll, it's like if you took all the world's good and evil in the world and threw it all into a bottle. To hold that much the bottle itself would need to be pretty strong. Then, even if you remove the good and evil itself that still leaves something else behind. It's like...a soul. You can strip a soul of everything that makes it individual or unique but one thing that has to be left behind is the will that makes it up. Just multiply that will by a billion or so and that should be around where I am. Fun? I used to have a hobby collecting flowers but that's kinda difficult with how much we move around now. The old days were simpler in some regards but I'm glad things are a lot less hectic. What about you? You mentioned you had some power? What kind of power exactly, I'm curious.&quot;
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>Amaya would immediately feel an almighty power coarse through her veins. As if she could enter Divine fury at any moment without even expending any inner power. Her whole body would feel heavy as the drink took effect. No doubt even she would begin to feel dizzy as Mimi just stared at her with a smile.</i> Mimi: &quot;Maybe I should have been more clear before you downed that all at once. There's a reason I'm not usually allowed to serve drinks. Kouki's just right for the job, afterall. It'd be too addictive with Tsukiya and with me it's full of too much...excess...ingredients. I'm not very good at turning my power into anything but raw power.&quot;
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The girl wound just continue smiling as if that was all she knew how to do. Her voice seemed gentle but there was also a certain coldness to it that was hard to pinpoint.</i> Mimi: &quot;The name I was given was Mimi. I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention if you felt anything from either of us. It could be trouble if our existence was too widely known. There are many who'd want to use our power for their own benefit.&quot; Kouki: &quot;Nevermind, all that. My given name is Kouki. I'm the one who normally serves drinks while Mimi here is the manager. We have another sibling too but they're more on the shy side. Anyway, Mimi, would you mind pouring the next drink for our customer here.&quot; <i>The blue haired girl would nod before going over and grabbing another of the same type of bottle as before. The bottle seemed to change in her hand, going from a golden liquor to a clear liquid with a blue label. The label itself would now be blank. She'd pour it into a cup but take the bottle away.</i> Mimi: &quot;Only one glass.&quot; <i>The liquid itself would be almost completely odorless and only taste vaguely of...Amrita...</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>Kouki seemed surprised that she could handle it in general...not to mention multiple glasses. Most would already be unable to speak after that but she almost seemed little more than tipsy.</i> &quot;Well...didn't expect you to do that well. Most who come in here and ask for the strongest usually leave in a daze right away. Weird, huh? I suppose that's accurate though even by this places standards nothing too big has happened recently. I've heard of a few odd cases around town but nothing like how it's been before. There was a time when it felt as though an apocalypse arrived on our doorstep every other day. I should be relived all things considered but it also makes me anxious in some ways. Oh, right. Another drink? I'll need some help actually for that.&quot; <i>Kouki would turn back and hit an odd blue bell that seemed to be hidden amongst the bottles. The sound of the bell seemed to resonate throughout the building as a girl who seemed to be in her late teens came out from a door behind the bar. Her eyes were oddly shut but she seemed to have no problem seeing. She'd immediately walk up to the older man with a smile. Even just from her appearance something immense could be felt. Her aura was nothing like the man's as although it was clearly larger there wasn't any emotion behind it, just pure power.</i> Blue Girl: &quot;Kouki, what are you calling me for? And who's this customer here? Huh, did she actually drink that without getting sick? Wow, I think she might be the first one.&quot;
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The man would smile upon the arrival of his first customer of the night. There was something oddly calming about his presence but it wouldn't be easy to put in words what.</i> &quot;Tonight seems to be a silent one. Not unusual lately but perhaps...That's just the quiet before the storm. Seems to be something in the air, probably just a virus spreading around though.&quot; <i>He'd pull out a glass and a bottle and begin pouring from the bottle what seemed to be a golden colored liquor. He'd place the bottle on the table. The bottle would seem to be decorated with the same design as the door at the entrance and the label on it would be the same as the name of the bar.</i> &quot;This one would be the strongest thing we have. Unless you wanted me to make something new out of thin air...which I wouldn't be opposed to.&quot;
We are gathered here today
<i>A man would step up to the podium and begin speaking in a somber tone.</i> &quot;What can I say that hasn't already been said about our dear friend, Nyatherlothetep. I like many other knew Nyarlothetothetep on a very personal level. You could almost say that Nyarlothenartolothetep and I were like brothers or even the same person. Yes, Nyarlothetotenarthotethotep and I were just that close to one another.&quot; <i>The man seemed to be holding back tears as he stepped down from the podium.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The eye of the Queen Bee would continue to fixate on Alice, still expecting something from her. It would reply in a desperate tone.</i> Queen Bee: &quot;Meat...any meat will do. I must feed...before I perish.&quot; <i>Its wings seemed to helplessly flutter but to no real avail as they were far too small to lift her massive form. However, another reaction was starting to occur within the odd bloody combs on the Queen Bee's body. A yellowish powder was starting to swell from within her body. One of the bees would be torn to pieces by Kohaku's magic. It's body would fall to the ground as almost human-like blood began to pour out of it. The other however would somehow dodge the lasers as it flew towards Peter...who'd quickly be webed before being thrown at the heart. Upon making impact with the heart above Toki's head the heart would once again explode into a mass amount of pink slime that flew across the area, threatening to hit both Peter and Kohoku if they didn't do something about it. The bee of course would be covered in the slime before landing behind Toki and the child. Oddly enough, the slime covering the bee would be gone as it landed and got back up. The one difference that could be determined with it was the slime seemed to be dripping from its maw and it no longer seemed hostile as it just began staring at the slime girl. The heart above Toki would return to normal.</i>

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Gobbles of the Dead
<i>In a small neighborhood there would rest an old, small church with a steady stone structure. Many rumors would've spread about such a place that had been long since abandoned by the locals. Some believed it to now be haunted, filled with the ghosts of some ancient faith that had long since been forgotten. It would be on a average fall day however, when the rumors finally reached their peak. People had stated that they had seen odd cloaked figures outside the church and that at times anyone who got too close could hear an odd sort of noise coming from within. There were even rumors about how the souls of the dead could take on a physical form whenever they entered the church grounds. The truth...was hard to discern for there was only one way to truly discover what lay within such an ancient place of worship.</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The building would look somewhat ordinary from the outside. The walls were made of an amber colored wood and light would surround a sign that simply read &quot;Wing of Gold Bar&quot;. The front entrance would be a simple set of glass doors with images of butterflies painted in gold around it. The interior would be mostly the same although much cozier than simply staying outside. The tables and chairs seemed to able be made of a similar wood but were decorated with golden cushions and cloth. Over at the counter was an older seeming man with golden eyes and hair. He seemed to simply be cleaning a glass as he waited for his first customers of the night.</i> Golden Man: &quot;Slow so far tonight. Wonder if Tsukiya scared them away somehow. Well, nothing one can do but wait.&quot; <i>The man would just calmly smile as if undisturbed by their lack of business. Rustling can be heard from behind the bar for a moment but the man would just continue washing cups.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing.</i> Broadcaster: &quot;A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-&quot; <i>The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something.</i> <spoiler>OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.</spoiler>
I've dicovered you imposter! There's only room for one Persona around here!
Losing Control - Corpse of Reality
<i>The cool evening air began to fill the city as day turned to night. The air was still...<span class="through">too still, it was maddening.</span> People would still be walking home from their respective jobs as the last few stores would begin closing. [s]Such mundane existences yet I still envy them.[s] It was no surprise that something would happen on such a calm day as fate couldn't help but schedule tragedy when all should be at peace. A figure stood on a beach by themselves. Their form was surrounded by obscurity as if their appearance was perpetually clouded by an unknown force. All that could be made out was a set of 5 wires that seemed to extend from each of their arms and two pale eyes that seemed to stare on forever. Today though, something seemed to light up in their eyes, a deep hunger that seemed to be almost bottomless. One wire would extend outward to the ocean and plug into the water despite its lack of a solid surface. It was almost as if rather than plugging into the water itself it was plugging into something surrounding it but it would be hard to determine what it was exactly. The ocean, starting from the beach, slowly began losing colour and form as it began hardening into a stone-like substance. It would be slow at first but it seemed as if this infection threatened to keep extending until it consumed the sea itself.</i>
A Persona 2 EP Fan Theory
EP stands for Eternal Pizza.
Gate to Another World: Eyes that Watch from Places Unseen
<i>Today a local convention center was holding an event promising exciting new technology and advancements beyond the imagination. The one behind these revelations was a rich scientist type by the name of Yutani Isa. She apparently already had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric but the event was being put on with free entry so many showed up regardless. The center would already be full of people as the room where the main presentation was being held had finally opened its doors. A large portion of the people began to fill the room but there was another door next to the main entrance that most of the normal citizens seemed to be avoiding. The other door was guarded by a rather odd looking man with cyan hair and yellow eyes. He didn't seem to move much, almost like a statue. There was a sign next to him that read: &quot;Supernatural Entrance, no civilians unless you're willing to put your life on the line.&quot;</i>
Calm...I am [Error] calm...
<i>It would be an oddly stormy night with rainfall that seemed to calm out of nowhere. Around the residential district of the city would be a large mansion in a considerable state of disrepair. Lately, the nearby residents of the neighbourhood had reported hearing strange noises from within the mansion and even as having seen odd shapes rush past the windows at night. Because of these reports rumour soon spread of the mansion being haunted. Eventually, these rumours of something residing within the mansion would lure people to investigate and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Those who have returned from the mansion have either been in too much of a state of shock to speak. One incident though even reported that someone who came back from the mansion refused outright to speak on what truly resides inside. Several have also gone missing within the walls of the mansion, all with unknown fates. On this stormy night noises could be heard from within the mansion once more as well as what seemed to be...classical music? Regardless, the mansion would be unlocked and sitting there waiting for more souls to entrap once more.</i>
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>It would be an especially comfortable night with the weather being almost completely clear and the stars shining vibrantly despite the light pollution that living in the city often brought with it. <span class="through">Someone</span>, no, that's not right... <span class="through">Something</span>, no, why is this hap- <b>[Error: Variable not Found.]</b> would be walking along the streets. A dark veil over them making their exact form hard to distinguish. They seemed to take the form of a person but something else was coming out of their arms. The moving strands coming from their arms were wires dripping with an odd dark substance and with long needles at the end.</i> &quot;It's too hot... No, it's too cold? No, it hurts...It hurts more today than usual. Am I bleeding? Is this my blood?&quot; <i>The substance would drip onto the ground causing smoke to rise as it burned a hole in the concrete.</i> &quot;I feel sick. Everything feels off...I need to change it. I need to make it normal.&quot; <i>Pale eyes drained of any life they once had but at the same time full of more of anything than one could imagine would begin focusing on their surroundings. They'd see a simple mailbox and before they could react the wires would move to stab into the simple mailbox. The mailbox would begin to...shift. It was like everything that made it a mailbox was being stripped and replaced with...something else.</i>
The Crimson God
<i>Even across the town the light could be seen. Red like blood and full of a twisted glee but yet still it shined throughout the city. It would shine from its spot at the top of a newly built temple that honored the vampiric crimson god. Any who saw the light could immediately feel it's ill intent for even basking in it boiled the blood and gave rose to nausea. Many individual who wore all red would be standing outside the temple waiting for its doors to open. They waited to honor their new deity.</i>
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