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Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>The classes in fact wouldn't be too hard to find. Even the doors to enter the classes would be color coded and it seemed as if the first floor was almost exclusively used for the rank 1 classrooms which would all be located down the left hall after entering the main building. The right hall seemed to lead towards a small cafeteria that seemed to be for rank 1 students, a strange unidentified room labeled &quot;card workshop&quot; and a set of bathrooms. After the rest of the time had passed the rooms would each seem to open on their own as if on some sort of automated system. Mr. Ken would seem to walk up to the door to see what students had showed up. He'd give a light smile at the doorway as he gestured to those outside that it was alright to enter now. Mr. Kogeki would be sitting on a desk at the front of the room with his eyes closed seeming to not react to anything. Ms. Ju was the only one of the teachers that I needed to describe that seemed absent from her room at the moment.</i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Umi would seem distraught at the turnout of events. For a moment she almost reached for another card from out of her pouch but she stopped herself halfway.</i> Umi: &quot;I...I get it. Even if I continue you'll be able to pull out your wildcard soon. I'm done with this practice for right now anyway.&quot; <i>The boy would look back somewhat disappointed. He'd convert his own weapon back into its card form and place back in a pouch of his own. The image of both the lab and the ocean would fade away, returning the courtyard to its normal state.</i> Older Boy: &quot;Well, you really shouldn't give up that easy. I'm not as hard to beat as I seem. Though I guess not many people have been able to figure out the trick behind my deck yet. Class is going to start soon anyway though, so it might be better to stop here anyway.&quot;
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Umi would land back on the ground seeming less confident by the moment, despite that though she'd breath deeply before murmuring something.</i> Umi: &quot;Fishing. Four.&quot; <i>The older boys eyes would light up in surprise as he pulled out his hand to examine it.</i> Older Boy: &quot;So, that's it. A rule that can interfere with my own. Not bad.&quot; <i>Suddenly, a new card appeared in her palm, a second trident would suddenly take form from the card. Along with it came a second sword fish as well.</i> Older Boy: &quot;So you can disable my card while multiplying your own. That's a useful rule. But all rules like that have a downside, right?&quot; <i>She seemed somewhat nervous at that comment but she seemed to try to brush her feelings to the side. She's swing both tridents at once sending both swordfish to the older boy's left and right. At first, it seems as if at least one swordfish might make it but the boy simply smiles as the blue hue on the liquid metal becomes red. A sheer display of force would explode from the liquid metal as it seemed to rapidly expand and crash into the sword fish knocking them away.</i> Older Boy: &quot;You disabled yellow. It seems that rule of your has a priority. Anyway, I think I've been on the defensive long enough. Sorry, Umi, but I'm going to end this quickly.&quot; <i>The liquid metal would condense once more, replacing it's red hue with green. The orb would split into much smaller individual versions of itself and two of those smaller orbs would dart forth like bullets. Those bullets would collide with Umi's tridents destroying them both in what seemed like an instant. Her hand would suddenly have increased to a total of 7 cards. Meanwhile both what was assumed to be his yellow card and his current weapon would disappear from his hand. He now only had 3 cards.</i> Older Boy: &quot;I see, so that's it, double the power but also double the risk. Considering how defensive yellow cards can be it seemed like a pretty worthwhile investment...Well, as long as you know you can beat your opponent.&quot;
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>The two Landou would stumble upon were an older looking boy with an odd uniform and a girl around the same age as Landou with a yellow uniform. The older boy's uniform was a mechanic looking gray with a large 4 printed across the surface. His hair was also an odd blend of a dyed silver with random strands of gold flowing through it. He seemed really confident as he carried a ball in his hand that seemed to consist of a liquid metal. It shined with a blue hue at the moment. The girl on the other handheld what seemed to be a trident in hand and was pointing it at him. She seemed a lot more serious about their match then he was.</i> Older Boy: &quot;C'mon, Umi. Just because you passed the theme deck verification doesn't mean you're ready to fight me yet. Though I appreciate your enthusiasm. You could easily become the rank 3 guardian at this rate.&quot; Umi: &quot;I...I know but this is just...preparation. I-I'll rank up to your level when I'm ready so please continue the match.&quot; <i>The older boy would sigh but he seemed to smile at the girl's request. His eyes would get serious as he seemed to murmur something.</i> Older boy: &quot;Themed Deck: Equivalent Exchange...&quot; <i>A strange air filled the area they were fighting in, the image of a strange lab surrounded the man but the girl didn't even seemed surprised by this. Instead she just said something similar in response.</i> Umi: &quot;Themed deck: Oceanic Circus...&quot; <i>Images of a colorful coral reef appeared around her deep under the sea. The arena they had set up was a clashing of the alchemist's lab and the deep blue sea. The girl would rush in with her trident, suddenly a swordfish seemed to swim through the air and circle around he. She'd lunge into the air and plunge the trident downard before even reaching the older boy. The swordfish would spring to action, rushing at him with deadly intend, however, he'd just sigh a the liquid metal in his hand quickly separated into several metal blades that would slice the fish to pieces.</i> Older Boy: 'You know, I'm not really in the mood for sashimi today. I haven't seem you use your special rule yet though. You already know mine, right? Plenty of people know.&quot;
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>the man known as Aka Kogeki would begin speaking just as the Mr. Ken seemed to start on something.</i> &quot;Since it seems your all so eager go... Dismissed. You all have an hour before your first class. Classes are in the main building on the first floor. Don't be late and stay out of trouble.&quot; <i>Mr. Ken would quickly try to at least answer Leonus before everyone begins leaving.</i> &quot;There is none. The one card is as bottom of the barrel as it gets. It would hardly be responsible to give a group has yet to even prove themselves anything too dangerous. These cards may be used for sport but they're still weapons. As Mr. Kogeki said, you're all dismissed now.&quot; <i>With that the only real place to go would be back to the courtyard. It seemed other students were on break now too as their was plenty of people wandering around. Of note was something happening around the edge of the school building. A group seemed to be surrounding another individual. The dorms that seemed to be directly across from the dormitory seemed to have a few students practicing. Of course, the option to have a mock battle in the open space of the courtyard was also an option. Of the one cards they possessed the standards would be: Red - Hammer, Mace, Gloves, Staff Blue - Sword, Sword Again, Whip, Dual Daggers Green - Hand Gun, Bow, Crossbow, SMG</i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Mr. Ken would continue after everyone had received their decks.</i> &quot;These rank 1 decks obviously won't really help you in a fight against anyone above your rank but they'll be ideal for practicing for when you rank up to 2. Of course, all you have to do to get to rank 2 is pass a simple exam after the first week. If you fail that exam though you won't have the chance to rank up until 2 more weeks have passed. We've had students in the past who've taken a full semester just to get to the second rank. Hopefully none of you will have that kind of issue. Otherwise, I'll explain the simple rules for those who may not be aware. The rules are simple, because you all have 1 cards you'll only be capable of summoning grade 1 sequences at first. These weapons are fairly weak and break easily. The goal of a uno battle is to break your opponents weapon before they break yours. If you can successfully manage this then you'll be able to discard your current weapon and pick another while your opponent will lose their weapon and be forced to draw more cards into their hand depending on their number. One cards have the advantage of only requiring one draw. The goal is to reduce your hand size to one so you may summon your wildcard. A unique sequence that should be very familiar to you all. If you manage to bring out such a weapon then winning should prove much easier unless your opponent happens to somehow summon their first. You hand will start at 5 cards including the wild card. Be warned, if your wildcard is broken you'll be forced to start back at your default hand. Your decks at the moment will also mostly only contain generic weapons, At grade 3 this can be remidied but you'll have to make due before that. Any questions?&quot;
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>The four teachers would all stand near the end of the auditorium. The group on new students was considerably smaller than the crowd from before. It only seemed like there were roughly 30 new students in attendance total. The teacher in blue would be the first to step up. A man with a slender figure, gray hair, and sharp eyes.</i> Blue Teacher: &quot;So, I suppose you all are our new students. You may have already been able to tell but most of the student body is divided into certain color categories. You may also be able to guess that each of us are the head of the departments for each respective color and we'll also be the instructors for all of you fresh rank oners. Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Aoi Ken. I'm in charge of all students who use blade sequences represented by the color blue.&quot; <i>Next the man in red would speak, he was much gruffer than the man before with something akin to fire in his eyes.</i> &quot;Aka Kogeki, leader of people who like getting close and personal in a fight. As you can tell I wear Red. If you get me as an instructor then you better prepare for hell. Not the type to go easy on anyone, remember that.&quot; <i>Next was a woman wearing yellow who would seem to have almost no expression whatsoever as she spoke.</i> &quot;You may call me Ki Tsukisasu. I am a master at attacks that involve precision. Yellow is the color of my students. I doubt most of you will end up in my class.&quot; <i>Finally, was a cheery woman in green casually holding and stroking a gun in her hands.</i> &quot;Is it my turn? Midori Ju! I'm very excited to welcome you all here! I hope a lot of you end up in my class this year. Oh, I'm an expert at ranged attacks by the way. I guess green is also my color but I'm more of a fan of red honestly!&quot; <i>With introductions done Mr. Ken would begin speaking again.</i> Aoi Ken: &quot;Well then, I suppose I should give you all your starting decks first. I'll be calling you all up one by one to receive both your deck pouch and uniforms, It should become quite clear what this information is based on what's you receive it.&quot; <i>Each of the students would slowly but surely receive their cards and uniform, each student would notice that most of their cards were 1's in their respective color aside from one card that seemed separated from the others in a separate pouch. A wild card that seemed to glimmer with a faint yet familiar light. Tatsuya - Red Gleamstar - Green Leonus - Blue Jessica - Green Itachi - Blue Ryou - Red</i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Once past the gates a large crowd of what seemed to be students could be seen gathering around what seemed to be the main building. A man seemed to stand on a stage sitting behind a podium. He didn't seem too old but he was clearly at least in his 30s. There were nines embroidered onto his suit as if to indicate something and he had a small deck pouch at his side. One thing that could be observed was all the students who already had their uniforms also carried decks while the one's who looked more or less new had yet to receive a pouch of their own. Another thing of note was that the students seemed to have different colored uniforms, split between red, blue, yellow, and green while the staff all seemed to simply wear black save for 4 teachers standing near the man at the podium who seemed to match the students color theme.</i> Man at the Podium: &quot;I'd like to welcome all students back for another grand semester of Uno battling. As for the students who have newly arrived I'm sure this is already a lot to take in. Don't worry, after this short welcome announcement the teachers next to me will guide you all to the auditorium for orientation as well as to receive you rank 1 deck. For clarification, I am the headmaster and top uno battler, Kyu King. My hope is that you will all become fine battlers here at our academy and climb the ranks all the way to 5 in order to graduate. I don't want to bore returning students with the ways of our school but to all you new students out there be sure to study your color well. It will be of vital importance to the unique role you'll play. Regardless, may your wildcard's all shine brightly.&quot; <i>With that speech done all the students would begin to scatter with most of them walking into the main building and others seeming to scatter towards what looked to be dorms. There'd be a few who just stuck around the courtyard but most of the students without uniforms would begin following the three teachers who stayed behind as they began all heading towards what seemed to be a large building separate from the main building.</i>
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I, the embodiment of the entire franchise, have spoken... Best boy is- *Gun shots*

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Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>In this world there are those who fight for power and those who simply submit to the fate of the cards. Large corporations now steer the future of the world itself with little to no hope for the common worker to rise above their role. However, opportunity has opened anew. Whoever you were before, you can leave it all behind as the academy excepts any with a clean record attached to their name. All it takes is giving up a treasured weapon and anyone could become what is know as a battler, the wielder of powerful artifacts called sequences. Of course, the details didn't matter, this was a chance to become someone, to become important. You'd find yourself standing outside an intimidating looking gate, before you was the campus for the academy responsible of training all future battler, the academy that you had just been accepted into. Which bring us to the question, who are you and what did you give up to come here? Name: Treasured Weapon: Misc:</i>
Chaos Studios
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... <i>After a moment of confusion the image of a farmhouse would come into view. A large countryside could be seen around it, almost seeming like a perfect image that someone might also see in an old movie. At first what was before you kight almost be a movie but as the world comes into focus you'd find yourself able to look around and examine your surroundings. You would be standing on a field full or freshly planted crops. Perhaps though, it was more accurate to say that you would be if you were still you. You have no role yet, you have no identity. Your previous role and identity has been removed. For the moment you are no one but that doesn't mean you will remain no one. What role will you play in this place? Decide quickly and appropriately or the decision will be made for you.</i>
Wings of Gold: Reflection's Meaning
<i>As was a custom, from time to time, a strange establishment sometimes appeared within the city of Tokyo. Nobody could exactly predict where it would next appear or for what reasons. As such, there were many rumors about such a place and what may happen to those who entered. Some say that those people would disappear only to come back after a while completely passed out. Other's say that what they saw inside was more beautiful than anything they had every seen. Only one fact was certain though...The establishment had excellent reviews on Yelp. Regardless, it has once again taken form within a random corner of a quiet street, this time in the form of a restaurant and Bar. &quot;Wings of Gold&quot; would be printed on a sign in golden text hanging over the establishment. Inside would be what one might expect from an establishment of its kind. Most of the furniture and decorations seemed to be a mix between golden and black. There were many empty tables within as well and a bar was also located near the back, being manned by an odd man with golden eyes and hair to match the building's interior decoration. Another man was sitting at the bar, simply drinking what seemed to be a colorless liquid he had been served. A sign at the front underneath a podium also would simply read &quot;Seat yourself.&quot; As if the staff just couldn't be troubled to guide people to their seats on such a calm night.</i>
Gobbles of the Dead
<i>In a small neighborhood there would rest an old, small church with a steady stone structure. Many rumors would've spread about such a place that had been long since abandoned by the locals. Some believed it to now be haunted, filled with the ghosts of some ancient faith that had long since been forgotten. It would be on a average fall day however, when the rumors finally reached their peak. People had stated that they had seen odd cloaked figures outside the church and that at times anyone who got too close could hear an odd sort of noise coming from within. There were even rumors about how the souls of the dead could take on a physical form whenever they entered the church grounds. The truth...was hard to discern for there was only one way to truly discover what lay within such an ancient place of worship.</i>
Wings of Gold: Soulful Bar
<i>The building would look somewhat ordinary from the outside. The walls were made of an amber colored wood and light would surround a sign that simply read &quot;Wing of Gold Bar&quot;. The front entrance would be a simple set of glass doors with images of butterflies painted in gold around it. The interior would be mostly the same although much cozier than simply staying outside. The tables and chairs seemed to able be made of a similar wood but were decorated with golden cushions and cloth. Over at the counter was an older seeming man with golden eyes and hair. He seemed to simply be cleaning a glass as he waited for his first customers of the night.</i> Golden Man: &quot;Slow so far tonight. Wonder if Tsukiya scared them away somehow. Well, nothing one can do but wait.&quot; <i>The man would just calmly smile as if undisturbed by their lack of business. Rustling can be heard from behind the bar for a moment but the man would just continue washing cups.</i>
The Incident at the Suraimu Mines
<i>The news channel would come on. Whatever you were watching before an emergency broadcast from the local news would begin playing.</i> Broadcaster: &quot;A special report just came in. All residents are advised to avoid any areas within 20 miles of the Suraimu mines. Evacuation is being recommended but not yet enforced. Reports suggest that a series of dangerous chemicals was released into the mines by a unnamed power company. There are also several reports of a group of teenagers entering the mines beforehand. The fate of the teenagers is as of yet unknown but what looks to be a group of armored special forces has been sighted outside the mines, presumably to try and rescue the group. More on this later on channe-&quot; <i>The report would be cut off, returning to whatever was on TV before. Whatever may have brought you there, regardless of seeing the broadcast or not, a strange group would be outside the Suraimu Mines. It would be an odd mix of professional looking soldiers in dark armor with a mix of blades and guns that almost looked mystic in nature and what seemed to be office clerks wearing colorful armor with weapons that simply looked like toys. Among them was an older looking man wearing a monocle. He was also holding a watch and seemed to be waiting for something.</i> <spoiler>OOC: This thread may involve characters dying if stupid decisions are made or if good decisions are made at the wrong time. Luckily, it's also non-canon to any other threads or anything so feel free to die to your heart's content.</spoiler>
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Losing Control - Corpse of Reality
<i>The cool evening air began to fill the city as day turned to night. The air was still...<span class="through">too still, it was maddening.</span> People would still be walking home from their respective jobs as the last few stores would begin closing. [s]Such mundane existences yet I still envy them.[s] It was no surprise that something would happen on such a calm day as fate couldn't help but schedule tragedy when all should be at peace. A figure stood on a beach by themselves. Their form was surrounded by obscurity as if their appearance was perpetually clouded by an unknown force. All that could be made out was a set of 5 wires that seemed to extend from each of their arms and two pale eyes that seemed to stare on forever. Today though, something seemed to light up in their eyes, a deep hunger that seemed to be almost bottomless. One wire would extend outward to the ocean and plug into the water despite its lack of a solid surface. It was almost as if rather than plugging into the water itself it was plugging into something surrounding it but it would be hard to determine what it was exactly. The ocean, starting from the beach, slowly began losing colour and form as it began hardening into a stone-like substance. It would be slow at first but it seemed as if this infection threatened to keep extending until it consumed the sea itself.</i>
A Persona 2 EP Fan Theory
EP stands for Eternal Pizza.
Gate to Another World: Eyes that Watch from Places Unseen
<i>Today a local convention center was holding an event promising exciting new technology and advancements beyond the imagination. The one behind these revelations was a rich scientist type by the name of Yutani Isa. She apparently already had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric but the event was being put on with free entry so many showed up regardless. The center would already be full of people as the room where the main presentation was being held had finally opened its doors. A large portion of the people began to fill the room but there was another door next to the main entrance that most of the normal citizens seemed to be avoiding. The other door was guarded by a rather odd looking man with cyan hair and yellow eyes. He didn't seem to move much, almost like a statue. There was a sign next to him that read: &quot;Supernatural Entrance, no civilians unless you're willing to put your life on the line.&quot;</i>
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