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Trying to be more social
Heyo, it's nice to meet you too ^^
Extra Epic Eeveelutions
<i>Dresses up as Jolteon</i> Hello my friends, i'm honored to be here. When does the party start pik--- i mean <i>Fake Jolteon noises</i>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
No way i'll let this one go, pika pi ;)
Pikapool does not approve <i>Pikachanga</i>
Hot take: Pokemon Let's Go appeals to filthy casuals
If you're like me and you shiny hunt ever for 2 pokemon, you can easily get OP. My team is around LVL 55 and i only have 2 badges. I feel sorry for everyone in the game that will have to fight me
The toxic anon comments.
Nah always been like this and no one will most likely do anything about it

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Okay, so...
Pokemon let's go releases tomorrow, have any thoughts about the game or the series in general? Reviews seem to hint at a good experience so i'm grateful for that. Even if this is a way to attract casuals into it, seeying as how attached i am to Kanto i can't wait to see it again with a new light. Well then i leave the rest to you... Piiika pika
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