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I Will Not Say the N-Word
Best boy discussion
Yousuke and Ryoji for P4 and P3
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
The site will probably be dead by then
Sarin Gets The Gold
*distant claps*
Best boy discussion
I’d have to agree with Mono on this one
Today, we rest. Tomorrow, we stalk Atlus, and wait for Persona 5 R.
<quote user="Sarinman">Persona 5 is irrelevant. We need persona 16, where we play as hitler and have to beat the Persona 2 gang.</quote> Get this man working for atlus right now

Recent topics

Best girl discussion
Haru, Naoto, and Mitsuru
I’m going to the anon chat
Wish me luck since I probably won’t make it out alive
I’m scared send help
So it’s a funko pop figure It’s all might But he’s in his stickman form And it’s got the all might eyes™️ <b><i>Its scaring me</i></b>
Valentine’s Day PSA
You may only watch romance, gay, and harem <span class="through">and hentai</span> anime
Ship wars
Parody of wiafu wars. “How it works: Give 2 of your waifus, and then the next person will say who wins and why. Then that person (the judge of the previous match) gives 2 of their own waifus, and the next person judges, and so on and so forth. Feel free to include whoever you want to classify as a waifu.” -Elmco Basically that. But with ships. Minato x Ryoji (P3) Don x Gilda (The Promised Neverland)
Not Cursed
In order to combat the &quot;Cursed&quot; thread, I have made this. Post not cursed stuff.
An apology
I regret everything I posted in the last hour. I am sorry about the bad grammar. Just had to get that out since it’s been bothering me.
Phansite tag urself 2
Kazami- draws soulless beings, actually pretty nice to talk to Inari- sophisticated memer NotIgor- i cannot understand their speech, and thus I don’t know what they are like Gor_Akech- give slap, pro phantom theif hunter Lavenza_anon- never speaks, on pm 25/7 Mono- a smart person on phansite???? wow. Mira- cool avatar, created cornwiggle got banned day
Phansite tag yourself kinda thing
Elmco- probably satan, really wants to win the last post wins thing Mishima- admin so basically Phansite god Sarinman- memes. Pineapple- likes the worst pizza topping ever, has no shame Pancake_knight- akechi in disguise, Phansite enigma, pancakes Queef- will adopt every being in existence This is the first batch.
I just realized
It’s my 1 month anniversary on the phansite. Yay?
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