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What is you’re favorite persona
Johanna it's a fucking bike dude come on.
any into futaba?
hey we're famous now
Church of Futaba
The Churh of Futaba is alive and well and we're here to steal each and every one of your hearts!
Persona 5 Weather App
The church of futaba will overpower him<div class='edited'>(edited by Poptart)</div>
Persona 5 Weather App
You're really not a fan of P5 are you
Phan-Site Party
Is there cake?
<quote user="Reperzel">More like: Futa.</quote> My friends call her futa and this is pain
The church of futaba
This is heresy
The Phantom Thieves
Is there any other right answer besides Futaba? Is has become clear that Futaba is the only true Religion.

Recent topics

Boss fight Level Recommendations
What level is the recommended level to fight each boss of the Palace of the Original Persona 5?
What's your favorite Persona 5 Character??
Yes I know this has probably been done to death, but i'm still curious. It could be any character, Phantom Thief or even just an NPC that you interact once with.
Which Phantom Thief resonated with you the most?
Which member of the Phantom Thieves did you feel a connection towards/did you relate to the most?
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