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I don't like the way the avatar goes over the background when viewing someone's profile.

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YOU decides what happens in this heart pounding p5 story
G) Joker presents PERSONA 5 THE CAT and tries to explain the biology of CATBUS instead of his biology homework.
What if there was a Fortnite Persona 5 Crossover?
I imagine Atlus would handle it well, as usual, but the community would be a riot.
If you had a persona....
I've consistently felt like and gotten Justice in the past but I'd want to end up with Athena, preferably as my ultimate persona. Odysseus would be my initial but I don't think that sits with the Justice arcana well.

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Could Velvet Room Attendants Have Shadows?
If so how could they interact with them? I wonder if they'd have Palaces too.
What's your favourite opening song?
Right now mine's Pursuing My True Self but it changes all the time from Eternal Punishment's PSP opening to Dark Sun from the P5 anime, which is really underrated imo.
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