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Why has no-one sent the original... the classic... the crispy... https://i.imgur.com/vfVieUU.jpg <b>You'll never see it coming</b>

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Persona 5 - The Path That Never Should've Been (Chapter 1: Restart)
<i>12/13 TUESDAY After School</i> Joker: [As you have defeated Akechi... you feel as if there is something wrong...] ???: I'm tired of this... Ann: Huh?! W-Who's there! ???: I'm tired of having to watch someone be flooded with friendship right before they die... How about a restart? Phantom Thieves: ?! Joker: [You feel as if you are in an eternal void... what happened?] &lt; I can't recall anything... &gt; Meaning you know about it &lt; I... don't know... &gt; Meaning you have no memory &lt; Why am I in here? &gt; Meaning you have all memory FIRST CHOICE A1: Joker: [You wake up] ???: About time you woke up. &lt; Who are you? &gt; This will create a variety of chances &lt; Where am I? &gt; This will create no chances &lt; I've been asleep for that long? &gt; This creates suspense FIRST CHOICE B1: ???: Ha, don't make me laugh, you only blinked, and now it's like you forgot everything. Joker: (Everything is blurry...) ???: Well, I'm the one who will bring justice to your crimes. Joker: The police? Policeman: Correct, but don't be happy for too long. Joker: (All I know is what everyone calls me... Joker... But why that?) Policeman: Well, let me give you a sense, you are in this interrogation room for your crimes. Joker: (Crimes?) Policeman: If you're with me... Sign here. Joker: (Should I make up a name? Or do I go with it? I... really don't know anymore... I guess I'll go with it) Policeman: &quot;Joker&quot;? Ha! Don't be fooling me! *Hits you in the leg* Joker: But... it's all I know... Policeman: You must have had a memory loss, and you only remember yourself as what your friends call you... Joker: (A code name?) Policeman: Well... If that's the case, I'll have to bust in the truth serum. Joker: You'll get no answer. Policeman: Shut up! *punches you* Joker: (You have been injected...) Policeman: Now, tell me, what is your name? Joker: I... don't know... Policeman: What?! It didn't work... That must mean he somehow got a memory loss... How is that possible... Joker: (At that moment...) ???: I didn't expect you to go COMPLETELY to the start... I only wanted you to change your choice on being friends with Akechi... Joker &amp; Policeman: Who are you?! ???: Ha... I am the interference of your little game.... A trickster of tricksters... I am from the future, and my name is... Ha! Got you... Until you finish this &quot;game&quot; how I want you too, you'll never know anything about me... Now, shall we restart the game? Joker: *You feel like a headache...* ???: Hmm? Seems like we've been changed to the Metaverse... Joker: I have a glimpse... Of my power... That is called... PERSONA! ???: Argh! I don't necessarily want to kill you... It wouldn't be any fun, I'll let you go and be strong, then we will meet once again... END CHAPTER. Note: This is pretty long... I just wanna play... so, you continue I guess?
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