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Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many...

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Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Mukuro...that's the name of the one from before. It seems Byakuran keeps him on hand, probably has them hidden somewhere. For a moment I'd look around to see if I could spot them among our current surroundings but even I knew that, that might be a pointless effort. Right now, I needed to focus on Kaz and his competitor anyway. I hoped Kaz wasn't underestimating them because they were a child. Byakuran didn't seem like the type to simply flaunt his or other people's power.</i> &quot;All we can do then is wait and see if Kaz can pull it off. I'm a bit worried about how Tatsuya and Liam are doing as well but whatever they're facing probably won't be as bad as what we've agreed to here.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would stop short of the area where the emperor resided, along with the others who seemed to come from thin air. He obviously recognized him and was almost surprised that one of them would be taking rash action before he could even think about it.</i> &quot;Well...Hee-Ho, do you think we should stand by and watch for a moment? Seems like the Emperor has some other guests to attend to. Seems more convenient to let them tests the waters first for us. Though I will admit to feeling bad for the passive seeming one I think it would be wise to let them whittle the emperor down a bit first. You're the one calling the shots though so I'll let you make the decision.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Byakuran's reaction was a bit more than I anticipated but it seemed as though this was a sutable option for now. As for Kaz's concerns, yeah, I had a backup plan in the case that we were losing but it wasn't exactly something I wanted to resort to.</i> &quot;For now we'll stick to the original plan, I'd like to win if possible too but I'm not sure how easy that'll be. Regardless...I won't allow any of us to be taken. I'll make sure of it.&quot; <i>I'd look towards Byakuran once more. I had an idea in mind but I wasn't sure how well Kaz would be able to pull it off.</i> &quot;My idea for the first arena is simple. A maze made of mirrors with capture the flag rules. Each person starting at once side with a flag. Two win conditions, either reaching the opposing side's flag or incapacitating the opponent. That's the arena and rule I'm placing forward. How's that?&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would try to filter out the voice of the emperor, they had to at least make sure their other companion was alright first but he could feel himself growing more resentful with each word.</i> &quot;It's your desires that are pitiful. I've seen what you consider to be desire and it's rather disappointing. If you're all about the same things then I'd hardly even call you an emperor at all, at least not one anyone's gonna bother remembering.&quot; <i>The roof, that's where they were waiting. Quintus didn't want to wait and let this guy talk anymore.</i> &quot;Penny was it? Go find that other girl. I believe you're the key to breaking us out of whatever this is anyway. Hee-Ho, what do you say we teach this Emperor who's really in charge and who's really the minion around here?&quot; <i>Quintus would wait for a response from the Jack Frost before heading to the nearest staircase leading up to the roof. Even if they got cold feet now that wasn't gonna stop him. In some ways he was more curious than anything. He wanted to see first hand what someone who simply followed their desires to gain power looked like.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Seems I got his attention. Hopefully Gamma's prodding didn't get him too annoyed. Now, it was time to see exactly what kind of entertainment Byakuran would care for.</i> &quot;Well, it's exactly as I've said. A 1 v 1 elimination type tournament except that would be boring on its own too. So I believe some special rules might make it more interesting. Like both sides presenting a unique rule for each match as well as an arena. The arenas get combined where as the rules would have to be applied to both participants in each fight. Doesn't that sounds interesting? Of course, we'd only be using as many participants as are available. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...The thing we'd be betting on. One person from the other side. The winner would be allowed to freely choose someone from the other side to take, either as a servant or just to take them hostage.&quot; <i>I was wondering exactly how Byakuran might take my suggestion. Even I had to admit this was a long shot but our only chance was to try and play by his rules, quite literally in this sense.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>This was one possibility I expected. It seems now I have confirmation on Byakuran's abilities, at least for now. Given the situation we're in it seems I'll have to think of something on the spot.</i> &quot;I should thank you for this chance and also for answering something I was wondering about. That's not important anyway though. Guess telling the others to stay back wasn't really all that meaningful. I'm sure that being direct with this wouldn't get us anywhere either so I just had a different idea instead. Why don't we make a game out of this? My friends vs yours, that might be more interesting than just brute forcing things, right?&quot; <i>I didn't know how everyone else would react to this idea of mine but it seemed like it might be a good idea to try and play this the way Byakuran might prefer. It might be our only chance to get somewhere or to get something out of this.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would look around, the pieces of the puzzle were beginning to come together. It seemed to him that their memories were being manipulated and used against them. Though, there was the question of why Penny could break out so easily. Perhaps her age had something to do with it? That actually made sense based on the things the voice mentioned. A child wouldn't have much interest in such things. Regardless, he'd turn to Penny before continuing on.</i> &quot;I guess I should say thanks...though I'm not exactly sure what you did. Now's not the time though. Do you know where that other girl went? She might still be under the effects of whatever this is. Probably for the best we try to snap her out of it before finding this Emperor.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>There was no time to hesitate, I'd move towards the balcony where Byakuran was. I had no idea yet how he would react. It seemed his conversation with the girl had ended so I'd speak up as I approached.</i> &quot;Byakuran...Do you have time to speak with an old friend? Or perhaps you could call us new friends given what's happened.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>For a moment, Quintus had wondered what just happened. His reflexes weren't so slow as to be hit so easily yet that attack had sent him onto the ground. For a moment he saw something, another area, devoid of anything. Before, he thought he saw a figure that looked like Tatsuya, now it was becoming clear. Of course, how could the Lilim have survived?</i> &quot;Is this some kind of twisted joke? How pointless...&quot; <i>He chose to just ignore the Lilim for now, he needed to calm down above all else.</i> &quot;Sorry, but I'll turn down your offer, this isn't where I'm suppose to be...I'm not just a memory yet...&quot; <i>He'd get back up and look directly ahead. One thing was clear, he needed to escape from whatever this is. Fighting back might prove too dangerous considering his lack of insight into this situation. He just needed an escape, he'd look around seeing if there was any openings in the crowd from before.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Normally, I feel as though I'd hesitate at this moment. I was about to face someone terrifying for the second time now. There was no doubt in my mind that Byakuran already knew we were coming. Yet, something already was bugging me...who was the girl with him. She wasn't there before. Things were already different, that much was unavoidable but was this because Byakuran was already adapting to us. There was no point contemplating it, I didn't have the time or desire to keep contemplating.</i> &quot;Keep some distance. I don't want Byakuran to feel like we're getting ready to attack. Try to watch through the crowds until things look like they're getting dicey.&quot; <i>I'd approach Byakuran's location. If I was able to simply reach him I'd wait for him to take notice. It might be a bad idea to interrupt his conversation with the girl directly.</i>

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Persona Awakening Service: Misophobia
<spoiler>OOC: Setting this up now, be back in 30 minutes. </spoiler> <i>The TV that resides within an abandoned lot stays stuck to the ground. The screen is black and it appears as if the TV is inactive. Suddenly, a figure cloaked in black would approach the TV and stare intently at it. As they got closer the screen would flicker on with static. They would pause at this for a moment before without a second thought jumping into the TV. The TV is now on, a dark hue covers it's screen as the static rages on. It almost seems silent with how loud it is like a quiet rage slowly building up.</i>
To Return to One’s Roots
<i>Quintus would be sitting at a campfire in front of a familiar forest. The day was bright and still seemingly young as he fiddled with a strange object in his hands. The object in question was a curious looking doorknob that he looked at with curiosity and aprehension. He would sigh as he looks back into the forest as if greeting an old friend.</i> “Why is that masked guy always so focused on me...can’t he give other people things like this?”
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Return of Tartarus
<spoiler>OOC: I was asked to make this thread and GM it as Nyx_avatar is busy today. I'll really start it when enough people joined as this is more a side thread to establish a few things. That being said I'll try to have at least one fight in it and if needed or if there is additional time maybe a second fight as well. </spoiler> <i>Its a silent night. One full of stilleness. Not a creature is stirring yet something is turning. Out from the found the tower will rise. The halls of Tatarus will give you a fright. <span class="through">Ok, no more trying to rhyme, sorry. </span> The earth would shake as the tower once again rises from the ground. The many meshes of wall and building sticking together unnatural as a ominous aura pours out of it all. Above the tower a moon can be seen in full light almost as if it acts as the eyes of the tower staring down on anyone below. The young man known as Quintus would be observing nearby as if he knew the tower would arrive in location. He would step into the tower as it forms dragging him high up near the halfway point of the construct. There was no fear in his eye's. The only thing he seemed to have left was absolution as his skin almost shined from how pale it had gotten and his usual emotion was replaced with absolute apathy. The tower would finish rising as the entrance would once again open for all to enter. </i>
Flow Like A River
<i>The rivers waters rush down a ever flowing stream as the sound of a few people talking to one another can be heard. Next to the river it would seem a small fair has started. There aren't many people attending as it seems to be a smaller event. A young man would be walking around in a thick gray coat as the sun begins to set. His clothes underneath the overcoat would be completely monotone and it seems as though the affect is finally started to phase the coat as well. He would look down at the coat with a sign as he walks around the fair grounds. He almost seemed to be reflecting on something as he absent mindedly walks around. </i> &quot;Seems it's finally about that time...I can already feel it happening. I wonder if I was warned about this. Not like I could remember anyway though.&quot;
If you were a...
...tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Return to the TV World: The Eternal Sin
<i>A lone giant TV sits fixed on the ground just outside the city limits. Strange shadowy cables grow out of the TV as they dig into the ground like a plant of some kind. The TV displays nothing but static and seems to operate despite the lack of power being supplied to it. This TV has sat here for many days displaying nothing but static. It never turns off and hasn't shown anything but static since Yu Narukami used to bring people into the TV world to help them awaken to their inner power. Today though, something has changed. Coming into focus very slowly is a humanoid image.</i>
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