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Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many...

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Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
&quot;Whatever we do we should do it soon. Maybe it's just paranoia but I feel like the longer we wait the more complicated things might get. I'll try to follow regardless of if you use the COMP or not. Not sure if I'd even be able to go that way with you but it'd probably be more convenient than walking in a morphed Tokyo.&quot; <i>With that said he'd simply just ready himself, waiting to follow Yoshiko when they made their decision.</i>
Intermission Two
<i>I'd finally have reached the door handle. I'd have to spend my time standing up straight but one I did, it was easy to use my weight to open the door. I wasn't sure what to expect on the other side. Maybe the others had left already. That was fine, the less people to notice my condition the better. I probably looked tired and worse off it might be obvious that my balance wasn't exactly good right now. That stuff didn't matter though, as long as I can stand I would.</i>
Intermission Two
<i>How long has it been since it ended? How long have been sitting in this empty white room. Can I stand yet? A knock at the door would bring me back to reality. I guess it was time to try at very least. My legs were still shaky but it had been long enough for them to at least hold me up for the moment. I'd make a slow disorganized shuffle towards the door finally. I wasn't sure what would happen upon opening it but...Perhaps it was time to leave. I'd try to open the door but with that attempt I'd find myself losing my balance once more. The palms of my hands would smash against the door as I tried to hold myself up. I still need a moment longer...</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
&quot;Walking might be good. You just got the comp, right? Then we'll need to fill it up with powerful demons. I can always help you talk to them. I've pretty good at talking to some demons from what I can tell. Not sure why but I guess different people react in different ways.&quot; <i>His mind was already set on going together. Fighting by himself was already tiring from what he witnessed before and actually having someone he could count on would be a nice break. Whenever Yoshiko was ready he'd follow along. She seemed to have a better idea of where they were going then he did.</i>
(: Normal Academy Life :)
<i>Quintus looks back at Fushi. Did this one seem insane? It was hard for him to tell just from the get go but assuming he was telling the truth then it just meant there'd be another odd thing to watch out for.</i> &quot;No, not even a little bit. I'm not even sure what you're trying to point out. Though, if I were to guess if only you can see it and your sure you're not hallucinating or something I'd assume it's just another rule of this place. That is to say, if you say you can see it it's probably there. Nobody else can tell though. Anyway, you have a map right? I'm wondering if this school has any especially unusual locations. If there was any place that would have a hint as to why we're here it'd probably be somewhere like that.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
<i>Quintus wasn't sure how long the explanation would be but he'd sit regardless. He was a bit reluctant on the drink but it was being offered to him by a friend so it probably wasn't dangerous. He'd pour himself some though only a small amount. He'd drink a bit as he listened to Louis speak. It was a bit to take in but weirder things had happened as of late as well.</i> &quot;30 years...I suppose it's more than convenient timing that we arrive here on the brink of all out conflict. Still, it's hard to accept how easily people kill and give their own lives for the sake of the ideology of a cruel tyrant. So loyal to their cause they'd even kill children I guess. Though, I suppose 'he' has no actual love for humans.&quot; <i>When Yoshiko finally got back he'd start to get up.</i> &quot;Those that don't work don't eat or something like that. Looks like I already to leave you again, Louis. Hopefully I'll see you soon again.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
<i>Quintus was surprised at the courteous nature of his friend. Friend, not a word he could use often...It almost seemed strange to think of someone as one for him. Regardless, it was time to get to the point of why he had approached them in the first place.</i> &quot;I vastly prefer this place to whatever I imagine the other capital is like but...despite appearances I'd imagine it's still not as free as it could be. I've heard about the Messians and it seems the Cult of Gaea is at war with them. Meaning humanity is still being forced against itself by...&quot;him&quot;. Speaking of which, would you be able to tell me how things got to this point exactly? Last I remember of this place the bombs went off while I was brought to another...dimension? How long exactly has passed since then?&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
&quot;Macca...? That's what seems to be the currency here. Not sure if Yen is completely useless but I think it's safe to say it probably won't get us very far in terms of buying supplies.&quot; <i>That being said he'd recognize the familiar face immediately. Should he approach them? Would they even speak to him with others present? He had to take a chance even if it didn't help him in the lest bit.</i> &quot;You can pick what we do. I've never been good with decisions like that anyway. I see someone I recognize so I want to see what they might have to offer.&quot; <i>With that he'd walk over towards the blonde man, wondering what he should even say.</i> &quot;Loius, right? Do you remember me? I'm not sure how much time has passed here but you helped me out of an...odd situation a while ago.&quot;
Intermission Two
<i>How long have I been here? Has it been over an hour yet? Everything is so loud. The sounds of my heart pumping back and forth, the sound of blood flowing through my veins, my bones grate against each other, my intestines shuffle occasionally. I even feel like I'll start hearing something as silent as the electric pulses of my brain cells any moment now. Why am I doing this? What's the purpose of this insanity? Is this a punishment or am I really looking for something. There it is again, that feeling. Someone or something is trying to speak to me... For a moment silence as my head starting to hurt. Something in my forehead felt like it was starting to leak out as a burning pain emerged. Was it time already? Is this what death felt like? Then it would appear before me, forming from some black sludge I had finally noticed was dripping from my forehead. The dripping, it seemed to bring some end to the maddening quiet of the room but it didn't feel all that pleasant to look at. The thing before me, it appeared as an endless whirlpool floating in mid-air. From it a voice began to speak, a voice like my own but deeper and distorted.</i> ???: &quot;You who holds a wound upon thy soul. You are not my master but another. The one before could keep the infection at bay but you do not posses such a trait. That is why I have come, to deepen the wound that will eventually bleed you dry.&quot; <i>What is this, some kind of game? To think this would actually happen to me. So, what was my role in this game? Was I just a side character who would die alone in this quiet madness?</i> ???: &quot;You are not blind. You know what I am. The plague of doubt born from your own indecision. Do you believe I have come to consume you? it is not yet time...you have yet to fully bleed out and at this rate your soul will simply erode away before it is time. What is it that you seek? Do you wish to expand the lives of others since you know your fate is sealed? Will you deepen those cracks so that you may perish faster? It is preferable if you would allow me to consume you rather than eroding away, for that is my purpose.&quot; <i>I would look upwards to the whirlpool like formation. It was clear, all my bad decisions, all the doubts I had, they'd all be circling around and around in that place. I had nothing left to offer everyone. I was too weak to actually do anything on my own, even now. Using my voice was hard, even forming words almost seemed impossible but I'd try and let out a whisper anyway.</i> &quot;Did my...decision ever...matter?&quot; <i>It was all I could think to say. The whirlpool would seem to begin dripping more black sludge on the ground beneath it as it shrank. I could feel the pain in my head fading as the sounds returned but not before it left me with a parting message.</i> ???: &quot;Then our contract is sealed as is your fate.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Red Stained Land
&quot;Not a thing. If I had to guess I'd say they summon demons too. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say they summon angels. Though also possible that they just have angels as allies... Guess speculating on that won't help much. I'd like to get my hands on a comp to. I wonder if they're expensive given everyone seems to have one.&quot; <i>This place really was different. Everyone here had the means to protect themselves. Perhaps that meant people need not randomly die due to the influence of God. Of course, that probably was just a dream. Fact of the matter was that regardless of how he felt God was still pitting humans against one another. They looked free but did they have true freedom yet?</i>

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Persona Awakening Service: Misophobia
<spoiler>OOC: Setting this up now, be back in 30 minutes. </spoiler> <i>The TV that resides within an abandoned lot stays stuck to the ground. The screen is black and it appears as if the TV is inactive. Suddenly, a figure cloaked in black would approach the TV and stare intently at it. As they got closer the screen would flicker on with static. They would pause at this for a moment before without a second thought jumping into the TV. The TV is now on, a dark hue covers it's screen as the static rages on. It almost seems silent with how loud it is like a quiet rage slowly building up.</i>
To Return to One’s Roots
<i>Quintus would be sitting at a campfire in front of a familiar forest. The day was bright and still seemingly young as he fiddled with a strange object in his hands. The object in question was a curious looking doorknob that he looked at with curiosity and aprehension. He would sigh as he looks back into the forest as if greeting an old friend.</i> “Why is that masked guy always so focused on me...can’t he give other people things like this?”
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Return of Tartarus
<spoiler>OOC: I was asked to make this thread and GM it as Nyx_avatar is busy today. I'll really start it when enough people joined as this is more a side thread to establish a few things. That being said I'll try to have at least one fight in it and if needed or if there is additional time maybe a second fight as well. </spoiler> <i>Its a silent night. One full of stilleness. Not a creature is stirring yet something is turning. Out from the found the tower will rise. The halls of Tatarus will give you a fright. <span class="through">Ok, no more trying to rhyme, sorry. </span> The earth would shake as the tower once again rises from the ground. The many meshes of wall and building sticking together unnatural as a ominous aura pours out of it all. Above the tower a moon can be seen in full light almost as if it acts as the eyes of the tower staring down on anyone below. The young man known as Quintus would be observing nearby as if he knew the tower would arrive in location. He would step into the tower as it forms dragging him high up near the halfway point of the construct. There was no fear in his eye's. The only thing he seemed to have left was absolution as his skin almost shined from how pale it had gotten and his usual emotion was replaced with absolute apathy. The tower would finish rising as the entrance would once again open for all to enter. </i>
Flow Like A River
<i>The rivers waters rush down a ever flowing stream as the sound of a few people talking to one another can be heard. Next to the river it would seem a small fair has started. There aren't many people attending as it seems to be a smaller event. A young man would be walking around in a thick gray coat as the sun begins to set. His clothes underneath the overcoat would be completely monotone and it seems as though the affect is finally started to phase the coat as well. He would look down at the coat with a sign as he walks around the fair grounds. He almost seemed to be reflecting on something as he absent mindedly walks around. </i> &quot;Seems it's finally about that time...I can already feel it happening. I wonder if I was warned about this. Not like I could remember anyway though.&quot;
If you were a...
...tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Return to the TV World: The Eternal Sin
<i>A lone giant TV sits fixed on the ground just outside the city limits. Strange shadowy cables grow out of the TV as they dig into the ground like a plant of some kind. The TV displays nothing but static and seems to operate despite the lack of power being supplied to it. This TV has sat here for many days displaying nothing but static. It never turns off and hasn't shown anything but static since Yu Narukami used to bring people into the TV world to help them awaken to their inner power. Today though, something has changed. Coming into focus very slowly is a humanoid image.</i>
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