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Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many...

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Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Black flames? No, no, no, this can't be happening...Did this freak get access to them too somehow? What's worse is they seemed to actually know how to use them. I'm not even sure if I can use them right now. I at least feel their effect on my mind but otherwise all I had were these bombs.</i> &quot;No point in talking. These are the same flames I was given. If they're anything like I am now...No the effects are probably even more extreme for them. They're a single minded machine right now.&quot; <i>Of course at the moment I didn't have any sort of defense really. I'd allow the chain to knock me into the side of the cart but I would move with it in an attempt to mitigate any impact it might have. I had to light a bomb now right? Don't overthink it. Just do it. Like lighting smoke bombs as a kid. I'd pull one out and flick on the lighter from before. No time to fear the flame as I might normally. Even if my fingers end up a little hot I had to do this now. I'd light the fuse of a bomb before throwing it. I'd aim the bomb behind the vindice though, I didn't want to accidentally hit Kaz. I might even be able to use the impact to throw the Vindice into his fists. I'd take a moment after this to glare at Mal though.</i> &quot;Now's not the time to get into character! What makes you think any of us have any real capabilities right now? You can at least try to use one of those grenades from before!&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Ugh, nausea of course. Luckily I'm actually used to this feeling...and this body felt oddly accustomed to it as well? This guy seemed to be in better shape then me yet there seemed to be some odd familiarity with stomach pain...Well, whatever. It didn't matter anyway. Focusing on what was causing this feeling was more important.</i> &quot;Tsuna is someone important, right? You referred to him as the boss earlier and I guess that's what I'm supposed to call him too. Just how big of a target would he actually be even on a normal day?&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;They're dangerous...Might be related to Byakuran. We should keep an eyes on them anyway. more importantly though we should just focus on getting to Byakuran. I don't care how we deal with this situation honestly, just as long as we come to some conclusion here. At this point we're too invested to choose some other path.&quot; <i>What worried me most was that, that man might for some reason be here for us specifically. They were obviously bad news and might even be here for them somehow. Maybe Byakuran can still sense parallel worlds even in this time and already found out what we might do.</i> &quot;Let's sneak on the train if we can. Maybe we can hide among the people in the crowd.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Familiar yet different. Was that how to describe that feeling?</i> &quot;Not just powerful but there's a hint of malice too. If I had to guess this power has something to do with the powers people have been throwing around as well. Not sure why I can feel it too but might be worth checking out...Cautiously that is, as I said, it doesn't feel friendly.&quot; <i>That being said, I'd try to get a look at what it was we were feeling as well. Of course, that came with the risk of getting closer. I just needed to get close enough to get a look though so maybe it wouldn't turn out too badly.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Just be a jerk to everyone but Kaz? I guess I could do that but I have mixed feeling over being an asshole to Tatsuya. Also bombs...I played with smoke bombs a bit as a kid. Guess the diffrence here is these ones are actually dangerous. Can't say I'm too thrilled about the idea of tossing them around but it might be better than nothing.</i> &quot;Well, we're not going to figure things out just by staying here. This will definetly be quite a change of pace. Let's just hope we don't run into anyone on the way. ... Though, if you take your role too far I might start with that threatening thing on you, Mal.&quot; <i>With that quiet threat I'd follow Murkuro. As he said before, the less people to deal with the better.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>Really? We have to play these roles already even with not even understanding the first thing about these people. I'd be sure to give Murkuro an annoyed glare this time.</i> &quot;Still doing the whole vague and mysterious thing? Aren't we past that yet? Whatever, let's just get to somewhere where talking will be easier than. Not understanding the rules of the situation is started to get old.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>It took me a second to understand that this was all real. For a moment the feeling of unfamiliarity would strike as I looked around the room. There was also the confused looking girl in the corner but there wasn't a lot of time for that now.</i> &quot;We should start by making sure we understand who's who. I'm guessing Mukuro hasn't changed too much. If you could then maybe you'd help us understand who these people are and what they can do exactly.&quot; <i> It seemed the flames of night were still affecting me in some way as I could still only focus on what was ahead. First I had to see wether or not my current body had anything else on it. Maybe a weapon or something of that nature.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;Hey, Tatsuya. This blue ring has something to do with more water based abilities if Bluebell is anything to go by. Would you want to switch just I'm case? Might be better if you stay in familiar territory but the choice is yours. Just want to make sure we have the best chance possible if we're gonna end up in diffrent bodies again.&quot; <i>I'd hold the ring out to Tatsuya. Not sure if this was even how it worked but it seemed more logical than anything else.</i> &quot;Otherwise I'm ready for this plan I guess. Though it'll probably take a lot of getting done.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>For now I'd take the blue colored ring from Kaz. I don't know how well it suited me but it seemed better than nothing.</i> &quot;Mukuro wouldn't be easy to fight. Neither do I think we have the time. Gamma's plan sounds risky but also more...doable since we probably won't have the same time limit. Overall, I'm not really sure what to think here but I think even Mukuro will agree to a plan that allows him to travel back in time.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>For a moment I was a little taken back. Murkuro certainly wanted a lot of things he couldn't have...all because it was apparently too late. Did that mean all those people were dead? More importantly it seemed we might have an answer for how things got that bad in this world in the first place.</i> &quot;Focus on Kaz's question by all means but...too late means they were killed by Byakuran, right? So then...one of those people you were talking about wouldn't happen to be some guy with spiky hair and bright colored flames, would they? Maybe more specifically they would be found with a small person in a generic mafia attire?&quot; <i>That was the extent of what I knew but perhaps it would be enough to determine a few things. For whatever reason Murkuro didn't seem too fond of Byakuran so maybe if he disliked the main villain then he knew the hero of the story too.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Quintus_Geminus)</div>

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Persona Awakening Service: Misophobia
<spoiler>OOC: Setting this up now, be back in 30 minutes. </spoiler> <i>The TV that resides within an abandoned lot stays stuck to the ground. The screen is black and it appears as if the TV is inactive. Suddenly, a figure cloaked in black would approach the TV and stare intently at it. As they got closer the screen would flicker on with static. They would pause at this for a moment before without a second thought jumping into the TV. The TV is now on, a dark hue covers it's screen as the static rages on. It almost seems silent with how loud it is like a quiet rage slowly building up.</i>
To Return to One’s Roots
<i>Quintus would be sitting at a campfire in front of a familiar forest. The day was bright and still seemingly young as he fiddled with a strange object in his hands. The object in question was a curious looking doorknob that he looked at with curiosity and aprehension. He would sigh as he looks back into the forest as if greeting an old friend.</i> “Why is that masked guy always so focused on me...can’t he give other people things like this?”
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Return of Tartarus
<spoiler>OOC: I was asked to make this thread and GM it as Nyx_avatar is busy today. I'll really start it when enough people joined as this is more a side thread to establish a few things. That being said I'll try to have at least one fight in it and if needed or if there is additional time maybe a second fight as well. </spoiler> <i>Its a silent night. One full of stilleness. Not a creature is stirring yet something is turning. Out from the found the tower will rise. The halls of Tatarus will give you a fright. <span class="through">Ok, no more trying to rhyme, sorry. </span> The earth would shake as the tower once again rises from the ground. The many meshes of wall and building sticking together unnatural as a ominous aura pours out of it all. Above the tower a moon can be seen in full light almost as if it acts as the eyes of the tower staring down on anyone below. The young man known as Quintus would be observing nearby as if he knew the tower would arrive in location. He would step into the tower as it forms dragging him high up near the halfway point of the construct. There was no fear in his eye's. The only thing he seemed to have left was absolution as his skin almost shined from how pale it had gotten and his usual emotion was replaced with absolute apathy. The tower would finish rising as the entrance would once again open for all to enter. </i>
Flow Like A River
<i>The rivers waters rush down a ever flowing stream as the sound of a few people talking to one another can be heard. Next to the river it would seem a small fair has started. There aren't many people attending as it seems to be a smaller event. A young man would be walking around in a thick gray coat as the sun begins to set. His clothes underneath the overcoat would be completely monotone and it seems as though the affect is finally started to phase the coat as well. He would look down at the coat with a sign as he walks around the fair grounds. He almost seemed to be reflecting on something as he absent mindedly walks around. </i> &quot;Seems it's finally about that time...I can already feel it happening. I wonder if I was warned about this. Not like I could remember anyway though.&quot;
If you were a...
...tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Return to the TV World: The Eternal Sin
<i>A lone giant TV sits fixed on the ground just outside the city limits. Strange shadowy cables grow out of the TV as they dig into the ground like a plant of some kind. The TV displays nothing but static and seems to operate despite the lack of power being supplied to it. This TV has sat here for many days displaying nothing but static. It never turns off and hasn't shown anything but static since Yu Narukami used to bring people into the TV world to help them awaken to their inner power. Today though, something has changed. Coming into focus very slowly is a humanoid image.</i>
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