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Shitty super powers
<quote user="Teddie-Anon">You can morph into a midget version of Adam Sandler at will.</quote> How is that a bad thing
Hi I'm not dead
Nah I want to live
Hi I'm not dead
No I want to die
Hi I'm not dead
Well I want to die
I'm Back
Welcome back
Chair chair chair

Recent topics

Shitty super powers
Just wanna see what you guys can come up with
Am I annoying?
Just be honest ok
The cult of the rock
Worship the rock love the rock People who hate the rock shall be stoned
The cave of desire
OOC you go through the cave and your desires become real but your true fears come alive would enter?
Underground city rp
A underground city The mayor can make any law but can't destroy the city I will chose the first mayor
The life of Morgana
This is the activities Morgana does everyday
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