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Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou leaned against the wall, keeping quiet as Nakajima and Quintus discussed. Truthfully, he didn't quite know what to say to the guy. He certainly seemed to be a pragmatic one, incredibly dedicated to his own research as well. All that said, he found the story being told by the others to be pretty interesting. So, he resigns himself to simply listening for now. Their talk of the school brought Rowan to mind, but Raidou did his best to shake that thought out of his mind.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou nodded, and followed behind Nakajima and the others.</i> &quot;That's the second time we've heard something like that. Don't let it get to your head, Raidou.&quot; <i>Gouto pawed his student's face as he said that, while the student in question merely shrugged the remark off.</i> &quot;Your reaction earlier leads me to believe you've been in need protective measures like that before, what exactly is going on here? Why are you holed up in this building alone, protecting yourself with demons? It seems like you've been set up here for a while.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou's eyes lit up, and the summoner practically looked like an excited child for a moment before composing himself. He returned Nakajima's bow, and relaxed himself as Gouto began to speak.</i> &quot;Ah, just the man we were looking for. We have a lot to discuss, you're quite the popular man. Still, you know us? I don't believe we've met, but I suppose that does make things a little easier.&quot; <i>The cat's eyes drifted to the strangely familiar Cerberus that had nearly made him and the other two jump out of their skins but a few minutes ago. Raidou cast an apologetic look towards Quintus, before nudging Gouto to continue.</i> &quot;If you don't mind answering a few questions, what have you been doing here? Your communication with a man named Stephen should clue us in, but it never hurts to be thorough. From the top, if you don't mind.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Seeing the coming commotion as well, Raidou rotated and leaned out into the room ahead. He would rather not get into a fight, so for the time being he merely raised his hands in surrender. Gouto, of course spoke.</i> &quot;Hey, hey. We aren't the violent type. We're investigators, Devil Summoners as well. The full explanation might take some time, rather not be giving it at gunpoint. Either way, we ain't here to stir up any trouble. Calm down a little, pal. We can talk this out rationally, nobody has to get hurt and we get out of your hair. Deal?&quot; <i>Raidou squinted in the dim lighting to attempt and get a better look at the man. He didn't appear to be very similar to their guy, but it eas too difficult to tell 100%.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou winced at the gross sight, before shaking it off. He shrugged, and stepped towards Yoshiko.</i> &quot;Maybe so. I don't quite enjoy the idea of stumbling around in the dark, though. If you'd like to take another jab at that computer you're more than welcome to, we'll watch your back. I for one think leaving might be a better call, though. Either way, we'll get that exit door open and try to give ourselves a bit of breathing room. Some extra light wouldn't hurt either.&quot; <i>The summoner nodded, and stumbled towards the door Quintus and Punk left through hoping to get it open and prop it there with his foot. He recalled the lights being rather dim in the waiting room area, but it was better than nothing.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou's composure broke as the fleshy sound echoed throughout the room. He tried to remain calm as he began to approach the figure, but Gouto interrupted, calling out for him to stop.</i> &quot;Hold it Raidou! Above you, something's coming up behind her!&quot; <i>Raidou would examine the area above Yoshiko's head in his peripheral vision, squinting as he tried to notice even the smallest movement. He could swear he saw something creeping, just behind the girl. As-if a lightbulb went off in the detective's head, he drew and activated one of his summoning tubes in his off hand while drawing his revolver with the other. The eerie green glow of the device was dim at best, but something was better than nothing. Hoping that would be enough, he squinted and leveled his trusted gun at the site he was... mostly sure there was movement and fired, the firearm roaring and breaking the stiffening silence of the room previously.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou blinked in surprise as the room became encompassed by darkness. He squinted as his eyes adapted to the sudden change, and nodded in response to Yoshiko. Gouto, meanwhile seemed to be on higher alert. He scanned the room as the atmosphere changed, and picked up on something distinctly... wrong.</i> &quot;You two, on your toes! Something ain't right here, a cat knows these things. Now, before we have any more chatter, we should back outta here. Carefully, watch your step, but don't waste anytime. I'll do my best to guide you out.&quot; <i>Raidou took the warning pretty seriously, and would move towards the door towards the lit waiting room, following the guidance of Gouto as he did so. He was hopeful Yoshiko would do the same, and if worst came to worst he was prepared for some kind of fight in this dark room.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Raidou examined the email, trying to piece a little bit together about this Nakajima fellow. Akemi Nakajima, assumedly, though it was entirely possible that this rig belonged to someone other than him, it seemed unlikely.</i> &quot;Quite a workaholic, still, interesting as that may be, I don't see much else for us to get from reading through his emails for the time being.&quot; <i>Raidou nodded, and watched as the Punk made his exit, offering a slight wave as he leaned away from the computer. He'd turn to Yoshiko, and nod as she offered him her warning while Gouto continued.</i> &quot;Seems we've combed through everything we could from our end, so go for it. No login information or anything like that to be found, so it's all on you now.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;I knew it.&quot; <i>Gouto murtered, as he and Raidou read the email. The summoner glanced at the date once again, April 6th. For the sake of being thorough, he checked the date attached to the email from Stephen, perhaps if they found the owner of the computer, assumedly Nakajima himself, they could intercept Stephen while he was here. He was always a figure worth meeting with, in Raidou's experience.</i> Mm. <i>Hearing his companion's call, he'd check around his immediate vicinity and anywhere on the computer itself for anything about login information. After doing so for a few minutes, he would then tirn his attention to the next suspicious email, from one &quot;NAMI&quot;.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Gouto's eyes widened as the name &quot;STEVEN&quot; came up, and he hurried Raidou over, away from the seemingly indecipherable screen to take a look.</i> &quot;Yeah, I think we know him, somewhat. The name of the guy we know is spelled differently, but it seems too convenient for the name to come up here of all places. He's a programmer, for lack of a better term. Out information has some missing pieces, but we know he had something to do with the Demon Summoning Program's creation, somehow. He's also... well, something a little more than human now. Think something similar to Melbourne, but less of an ass.&quot; <i>Raidou attempted to scroll through the emails as Quintus made his exit. The summoner glanced away from the screen as the door closed, somewhat worried at him going off alone. Still, Quintus was no idiot, and was certainly more than capable, so he had Raidou's trust to not get himself in too deep.</i> &quot;There's no certainty that this &quot;STEVEN&quot; fellow is at all related to the Stephen we know, but again, it seems too convenient. We'll just take a quick peek through these emails and then try to catch up to the broody one.&quot;

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Picking up where we left off
<i>Last time we were here, our players pursued a lead Raidou had found during his ongoing investigation of a string of information theft. The group cornered the suspect, and inadvertently triggered the device he held that transported them to none other than the Amala Network. While the group battled against the fiendish Hell Biker, Raidou was dealing with an old rival who wanted nothing more than a fight. In his exhausted state, the summoner stood no chance, and said rival; The Demi-Fiend has issued a challenge to the group with both Raidou's freedom and their own on the line.</i> OOC: For the sake of simplicity, if you weren't in the previous thread then stay out of this one. There will be other chances to join this little plot later on.
Yet another information theft
*It's been a while since Raidou requested assistance in the case he's been stuck on for several weeks. Since the meeting he held in his world, several more incidents have cropped up, each with the same outcome as the last. With no real leads, the detective was left with no options other than just do what he has been. Yet another incident has occurred today, however it was just a bit different. The information that was stolen actually belonged to Raidou himself. The boy had sent out his poltergeist trio to get help in chasing this bastard down, and the demons alerted anyone and everyone they could to follow them to Raidou's current location. Which just so happened to be outside of a run-down looking building, by all accounts it doesn't look like it should still be standing, and surely not the hideout of an information thief. As much as Raidou would have liked to just rush in after following the thief here, he wanted backup for this specific occurrence. Not only would taking this guy in take a bit of effort given his alarming ability to outrun Raidou, but he figures everyone deserves a status update on how things have been going. So, he stands leaning against the decrepit wall, waiting for backup to arrive.
Capable help required at the Narumi Detective Agency!
*No matter where one went in the Nexus, be it one of the many oddly specific cafes, the ever-popular GYM, and even in some places seemingly random, there were flyers. Flyers that asked for anyone capable to meet at the Narumi Detective Agency in the same world that the soda joint from not long ago was. Whoever put these up seemed desperate, and at this point the ads were hard to ignore. So, all who are willing are gathered outside the building, perhaps hoping to learn just what the hell is going on.*
Shin-Sekai Soda Joint
[The Heisei Era, a time of technological and societal advancement for the island nation of Japan. During this time, the fourteenth Devil Summoner in the long line of Raidou Kuzunohas made his name known as one of the strongest and most capable of the bunch. With his appearance in the Nexus, his time period is successfully connected, allowing anyone to enter this timeline as they see fit. This has caused quite a lot of trouble for Raidou. Time travelers and futuristic demons are running amok like they own the place, which has made a lot of work for the Narumi Detective Agency the fourteenth worked at. The boy and his feline partner Gouto-Douji are currently relaxing in the supernatural bar Shin-Sekai, located in the Ginza district. They find themselves here quite often, either to turn in stray demons to the mysterious barista in return for Magnetite, to order one of the many magic sodas to enhance his the abilities of Raidou himself, or to speak with any of the patrons who all seem to know more about the supernatural aspects of the world then they really should. Raidou is flipping through a case file he seemed to be building, something about a teenage girl who got herself possessed and went about acting like someone right out of a slasher film. He seemed to be at a dead-end though, as evidenced by him sighing deeply before leaning back in his chair to take a sip of the drink he had ordered not long beforehand. Gouto wags his tail, before turning to his partner with a tilted head.] &quot;Maybe we should call it a day Raidou, maybe take some time to just relax here. We gotta learn to pace ourselves.&quot; [The boy seemed to agree, and closed the file folder he was slaving over before deciding to just have a look around the building.] OOC: This is open to anyone, feel free to join in!
P5's Midgame
Okay, real talk. Does anyone else hate the timespan between mid-July and early November? Dungeons 4 and 5 are a pain in the ass, and the bosses in both of those are complete jokes. 6 is okay, but the boss is still a bit of a let-down. Plus, the story takes a bit of a nosedive with Morgana's character arc, it just felt so forced y'know? Honestly, the midgame is the only thing keeping me from calling P5 a 10/10. The only good parts of it are Futaba and Haru. Otherwise I really like P5, but does anyone else feel the same way?
A request
Help, this fat NIGGER I know is trying to cheat on virtual women! We can't hsve that. Change his heart Phantom Thieves.
Devil Survivor or Persona?
The main chat is too cancer, as expected. Let's have an actual chat as to which series is actually better.
Why Akira?
So is that Joker's canon name in the manga or something? Personally, I think Joker sounds a lot cooler, but I'm usually against MCs having canon names anyways.
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