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I didn't even think that someone would do this and only looked it up out of sheer curiosity aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd well look what I found I'm just happy that someone is this dedicated and I'm so happy that I can find fellow fans of Persona 5.

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Arsene izanagi or orpheus
Then what about arsene vs raoul
In light of the Phansite shut down
So it's kind of like a second phansite or an extension of it. That's actually pretty cool. Its nice seeing people want to continue its legacy
How did you make this
Phansite will shut down on December 1
I love persona 5 and I mean I really REALLY LOVE it. I got into it mainly because of Akira(I call him Akira instead of joker most of the time) being in smash bros and i love that i had this site to share my thoughts feelings and just find people who also like it and I am really grateful to mishima for just making this site in general. I cant wait for scrambled and I'm so happy that persona 5 just exists in general( call me a simp I'll allow it ) mishima your amazing and I'm so glad to have been a part of this fandom and thanks for everything you've done. Rest in piece phansite we'll all miss you but we'll hold you in our hearts forever because you've stolen them. Thanks mishima for everything and for this amazing site Also Ann is best girl
Are they related
I didn't know mishima dad was a demon lord then that only makes it weirder he doesnt have a persona
What do you call the p5 protagonist
I was sure one person was gonna name him criminal jojo
Do you like... Minecraft?
I'm speechless confused and all around just Wow
To anyone who's played devil survivor
I can imagine kazuya meeting this guy and rhem just staring at each other trying to figure out who cloned them
What do you call the p5 protagonist
Yeah apparently the name akira means killer that's something I didn't expect to find when looking up the protagonist
What do you call the p5 protagonist
I dont think either names are official I just think that ren is the name they used for dancing and the anime and akira is the one they use in the manga I'm not sure that confirms either of them are official

Recent topics

Arsene izanagi or orpheus
No reason just wanted to see what people would choose if they had to choose between what persona to start out with personally I would want arsene because hes cool
How I found the phansite
It was weird but ya know I think it's pretty cool. So I was bored one day doing nothing. I was a big persona 5 fan and was thinking to myself &quot;what if someone made an actual version of the phansite.&quot; I didnt think it was real and I didnt think anything would turn up so imagine my surprise and happiness knowing that it was real. It was amazing to me knowing it was real and that I could discuss things with other persona fans. I started using it more and more and I loved it and it was so much fun. After a while i stopped using it because i was going through some stuff and my passion for everything was starting to fade a bit not just persona just everything. Now that its shutting down I'm just a little shook especially since I used to always visit it. After school when I walked home when I was at home.everything was just so cool and fun to see. I stopped after a while for some personal stuff but now that its shutting down I think I'm gonna visit it more often. Anyway that's my story of how I met th he phansite and this is basically my way of saying thank you to mishima for making it. I'm glad to have found it and am sad to see it go but the least I could do is just say thank you so. <b>THANK YOU</b>
Are they related
I have a question to everyone who's played persona 3 and devil survivor. Kazuya and minato look really similar right it's not just me. Seriously put the two together after you take the headphones away and it's hard to spot the difference. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this right
To anyone who's played devil survivor
I havent personally played devil survivor but I have watched some people play it and I wanted to ask. Does the protaganist's headphones look like cat ears to anyone else
What do you call the p5 protagonist
I know a lot of people say his name is ren because p5 dancing but I'm not really sure if that's official so I was curious what other people call him because I call him akira kurusu and wanted to know what other people call him
What smt game should I play before 5
I've seen videos of it but I just wanted to get info from the phan base yes I do say it like that
Whyyyyyyyyy does atlus torture me
I'm bored I'm in wait and I'm becoming impatient when please tell me when p5s is coming out I want to die
Dont question it I'm just bored and memes won't cut it so now I'm drowning in persona 5 puns
Waiting for p5s
I dont know about all y'all but I'm eyeing that shotgun barrel with the wait Pleeeeeease it hurts
What do you look for in a favorite persona
I like all the main ones because as use to me they're more friends than weapons also they're awsome
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