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Don't die that's all I can think to say
Kidz Bop Kids are here again!
I'm glad we can agree on that
Change my bully's heart
Thank you all. That actually does make me feel a little better it's actually nice to know that people do care
<quote user="Mona9">Jojo’s bizzare Persona</quote> Someone suggest that to them we might be able to inspire a crossover
We are stand users
Yare yare daze
Creative Persona
Mine would dance with his swords to curse his foes like a fire dance or an ice dance or a lightning dance.
Creative Persona
I would have a humongous warrior with two legs and six arms with red skin and super muscular. It would have super long hair that it would control at will and would carry six swords with its hair. Think of six arms except they're made of hair and that's how it would carry its swords and if I had to name it its name would be Oku no Ken meaning many swords because p4 had a lot of japanese names for the main personas and its arcana would be either fool or chariot.<div class='edited'>(edited by Ren_bestrickster)</div>
Change my bully's heart
You wanna go you judgmental self absorbed F**CKS
Another random persona question
Hermit, how is this a question futaba, in my opinion not best girl but definitely would be best little sister material.
I have something CrAzY to say
You think you're 80% of my son because I AM GOD!

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Change my bully's heart
My bully is a jerk and makes fun of me for liking persona 5 and he's a huge a***hole so please change his heart or kill him either way I don't care.
Haters of the persona series say that the persona series is copying the jojo series but as always if they'd do a quick google search this could've been avoided. They had mocked me for liking the persona series, saying it's a, &quot;rip off of jojo&quot; BUT the jojo series was made in 2012 October 5th, while the persona series started in 1996. I know I'm not the only one who'd been attacked by these people on a certain level which is why I'm happy to finally prove them wrong. It's either 1. The jojo series is ripping off the persona series Or. 2. They have nothing to do with each other. Believe what you want, but it's undeniable that the persona series came first.
Persona 5 scramble is gonna be AWSOME
They've realeased info on it, it's gonna be awsome. The personas are gonna be quite similar to the original. It's gonna have a few elements from the original and is gonna have a few stealth elements to surprisingly. I dont know about all out attacks or other stuff but in my opinion it's gonna be amazing. 2020 is gonna be awsome for fans of persona and us nintendo switch users. I hope you're all ready because soon, IT'S SHOWTIME. Let's be honest we all have the irresistible urge to say it once in a while.
Ann is bestgirl. It's an unpopular opinion that I know not a lot of people will disagree with but I really feel like and I know people will laugh at me for looking at it like in this way but I feel like her an the protagonist aka Akira would be a great couple I'm a shipper sue me think they'd be good together
Who is the best Persona protag and their main persona
Mine personally is akira kurusu the persina 5 protagonist and his persona arsene they just have so much coolness and personality
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