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Aren't you tired?
Yes very tired but I'm not tired of the swordsmen I'm just regular tired.
An Unassuming Library
Just wanna know something...
I love an anime called Fairy tail. It has a great story and really cool and quirky characters. It's really cool seriously. Have you ever heard about it.<div class='edited'>(edited by Ren_bestrickster)</div>
are own phantom thiefs
Dose that mean I can be leader.
An Unassuming Library
[At that moment Ren continued looking throughout the mystery shelves and kept looking for the book he found he then saw something... strange and out of order.] That's odd. I've never seen this book before. &quot;Hunt for the eye of void.&quot; I feel like I should show this to Novella. [Ren goes back to the group and didn't know what to think about this strange book.] Hey Novella can I ask you about this book. It was on a shelf that didn't have a genre. Can you tell me about it.
are own phantom thiefs
The police will be guided by those rotten people I say we leave their approval aside. I have been waiting for this moment and I'm ready to fight back
An Unassuming Library
Ooc:no he didn't if you guys don't want me hear then say something. Also brinkada is renamed ren from now on. <b>Ren</b> Hey guys I think we got a visitor
An Unassuming Library
Ooc: no problem guys Brinkada decides to put the book down after the first chapter and come back for it soon. He sees something in the hands of kazuo, it was the hazbin hotel book. Oh hey that's actually something I know about. <b>Kazuo</b> You know this book. <b>Brinkada</b> No it's- Brinkada continues to talk about the hazbin hotel thing although Kazuo stops him after the part with the princess of hell's rehabilitation center. <b>Kazuo</b> I don't think I can take much more of this. He wonders off and continues to look a book's before picking up the book of baphomet again and can't get the image out of his head of baphomet being given a pat on the head for good behavior by Charlie the princess of hell. <b>Brinkada</b> Uhhhhh hey Niko I think I broke him. <b>Niko</b> Eh just let him be he'll snap out of it. <b>Brinkada</b> Okay. Hey Novella do you know about the book called soul thief think it was in the accult section. <b>Novella</b> No I think it's in the adventure. Do you know where it is. <b>Brinkada</b> No not really but I'll go look for it. He goes of into the seemingly endless shelves of books. He keeps going till he reaches the fantasy which he passes as well as the accult and then adventure but he dosen't stop there. He sees a bookshelf that seems a little old and has no genre to it. Well that's odd. He picks up one of the and he can't figure out why it looks so timeless to him. Well past the point of no return he continues to read the story of a man looking for something(never specified), well this looks interesting I'll come back for it later. He sets the book down and continues to look for the other one he can't find it so he continues back to the group. Hey novella I didn't think you had something so timeless. Like the books back there like spiraling fear. <b>Niko</b> What's that is it some kind of accult thing or something. <b>Brinkada</b> No it wasn't in any genre it was weird.
An Unassuming Library
Well wandering through the street won't get me anywhere and I have been wanting this new book series. Let's see if this... &quot;library&quot; has it. He immediately steps In and he thinks, what the living hell have I stumbled into. He approaches Novella and he seemed pretty friendly. Hey um I have a question do you have a bbn book series called um... He's embarrassed about saying the title of the book. &quot;Darkened vision.' <b>Novella</b> Oh yeah that should be in the accult section. Um Kazuo could you show him around. <b>Kazuo</b> Sure I guess. He seems to be a little tense but he goes along with it. So what's your name. Kazuo asks to lighten the mood. The names brinkada and your name is kazuo, correct? No need to be so formal. He seems to be tense and he questions really why this place seems so much bigger on the inside. He ponders for a moment before saying i saw a pink stuffed teddy bear on the shelf when I walked in I didn't know what I was in for. I don't think any of us knew so you're a fan of accult to huh? Yeah the suspense is really hooking how you want to know what happens next ya' know Yeah hey so do you know the person who runs this place that girl over there. No not really but she kind of looks familiar to me. I think her name is, Novella. Well thanks I'm gonna get the book thanks for the help. No problem. They come back and brinkada decides to follow in Niko's footsteps and sit on the floor fully immersed in the book

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Join me
The world is filled with corrupted people. We need to fix it. I've learned from persona 5 that we can do something about it. Now how about you join me in forming our bbn own phantom thief crew and let loose our rebellious spirits. Also I call the joker role of the wildcard or we could have multiples
Why do people not like arsene
This is a leginament question I don't know
Count down to christmas
2 days till christmas and this time we don't have to steal the treasures.
P5S gameplay realeased and is awsome!
I can't belive they realeased new footage of the persona 5 scramble the phantom strikers. I'm not sure how recent it is so I understand if everyone has seen it already but I still think it's awsome and I don't think everyone has seen it so I wanted to show it and in my opinion it's morevaw ssd's one than I expected and I think we all did. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&amp;source=web&amp;rct=j&amp;url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DHCCx4doJkqQ&amp;ved=2ahUKEwj_qIzBvKXmAhUKP60KHcKmCWsQo7QBMAF6BAgAEAQ&amp;usg=AOvVaw2Hz1b-6OxQvEfuowULvcCf
Change my bully's heart
My bully is a jerk and makes fun of me for liking persona 5 and he's a huge a***hole so please change his heart or kill him either way I don't care.
Haters of the persona series say that the persona series is copying the jojo series but as always if they'd do a quick google search this could've been avoided. They had mocked me for liking the persona series, saying it's a, &quot;rip off of jojo&quot; BUT the jojo series was made in 2012 October 5th, while the persona series started in 1996. I know I'm not the only one who'd been attacked by these people on a certain level which is why I'm happy to finally prove them wrong. It's either 1. The jojo series is ripping off the persona series Or. 2. They have nothing to do with each other. Believe what you want, but it's undeniable that the persona series came first.
Persona 5 scramble is gonna be AWSOME
They've realeased info on it, it's gonna be awsome. The personas are gonna be quite similar to the original. It's gonna have a few elements from the original and is gonna have a few stealth elements to surprisingly. I dont know about all out attacks or other stuff but in my opinion it's gonna be amazing. 2020 is gonna be awsome for fans of persona and us nintendo switch users. I hope you're all ready because soon, IT'S SHOWTIME. Let's be honest we all have the irresistible urge to say it once in a while.
Ann is bestgirl. It's an unpopular opinion that I know not a lot of people will disagree with but I really feel like and I know people will laugh at me for looking at it like in this way but I feel like her an the protagonist aka Akira would be a great couple I'm a shipper sue me think they'd be good together
Who is the best Persona protag and their main persona
Mine personally is akira kurusu the persina 5 protagonist and his persona arsene they just have so much coolness and personality
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