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I didn't even think that someone would do this and only looked it up out of sheer curiosity aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd well look what I found I'm just happy that someone is this dedicated and I'm so happy that I can find fellow fans of Persona 5.

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So uh...how have you all been?
You know. Dying Of inpatients Because atlus hasn't released p5s in america yet And yes I know virus stuff but I have the demo on my switch and its awsome which only makes me want it more. So ya know the usual Help me
Best girl and best boi.
Ann she fun and cute and you learn about her and sheo and you get to see her at her highest and worst moments and see her struggle Ryuji your with him the longest and really get to know him and his reason for people not liking him Best boi and best girl Buuuuuuuutttttt we all know joker is best boi
best p5r girl?
Cant we all come together and agree that the best girl is joker
how would you guys feel about a danganronpa and persona 5 crossover?
Heard alot about danganronpa so yeah sounds fun. I think that the person with the palace would be that blond girl with ponytails who's insane and I think it would be awsome. There was an SAO P5 crossover so I think the likelihood is higher than what some would think.<div class='edited'>(edited by Ren_bestrickster)</div>
What is you’re favorite persona
Arsene he is a bird man in a red suit and top hat that has an amazing voice and his nickname is the pillager of twilight HE. IS. AWSOME.
Life will change but the lyrics are in a thread
Step aside you heathens. It's not a game. I'm not a robot A.I challenging you. I'm not a phantom. I'm in your face and I'm here to see it through. Right before your eyes. Watch us multiply. Come to claim our rights. It's time. And as the shadows grow. Trying to stop our show. Might as well go try stop time So you know that we're out there. Swatting lies in the making. Cant move fast without breaking. If you hold on life won't change. Just imagine, we're out there. Took the mask off to be free. Fought it out in the debris. Now we know that life will change.
Persona 3
They can milk all the cows at once for all I care I just want to see a persona 3 remaster on modern consoles it's to good to just forget about
Hello there
Which Arcana are you?
I am the fool but I am also trying to become the hierophant so I might need a little help

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What smt game should I play before 5
I've seen videos of it but I just wanted to get info from the phan base yes I do say it like that
Whyyyyyyyyy does atlus torture me
I'm bored I'm in wait and I'm becoming impatient when please tell me when p5s is coming out I want to die
Dont question it I'm just bored and memes won't cut it so now I'm drowning in persona 5 puns
Waiting for p5s
I dont know about all y'all but I'm eyeing that shotgun barrel with the wait Pleeeeeease it hurts
What do you look for in a favorite persona
I like all the main ones because as use to me they're more friends than weapons also they're awsome
What's wrong with society
The only thing wrong with society is society.
Join me
The world is filled with corrupted people. We need to fix it. I've learned from persona 5 that we can do something about it. Now how about you join me in forming our bbn own phantom thief crew and let loose our rebellious spirits. Also I call the joker role of the wildcard or we could have multiples
Why do people not like arsene
This is a leginament question I don't know
Count down to christmas
2 days till christmas and this time we don't have to steal the treasures.
P5S gameplay realeased and is awsome!
I can't belive they realeased new footage of the persona 5 scramble the phantom strikers. I'm not sure how recent it is so I understand if everyone has seen it already but I still think it's awsome and I don't think everyone has seen it so I wanted to show it and in my opinion it's morevaw ssd's one than I expected and I think we all did. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&amp;source=web&amp;rct=j&amp;url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DHCCx4doJkqQ&amp;ved=2ahUKEwj_qIzBvKXmAhUKP60KHcKmCWsQo7QBMAF6BAgAEAQ&amp;usg=AOvVaw2Hz1b-6OxQvEfuowULvcCf
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