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Hello everyone. I am Reperzell, or ''Rep'' for short. I am somewhat known as a Veteran on the phansite, which always at the corner of being dead, but somehow makes a comeback every single time. Now, who am I specifically? Well, other than my well known Oc [Reperzell the Snakipede, who is also 7'3 FT]. I was also known for my very medicore roleplaying skills. Barely even able to do a simple one liner. This is mostly why I have had very long hiatus from the phansite. But as of late, i have returned to the Phansite, hoping to leave my bad history with this site to recreate a new one. [Avatar made by ''Aki-Joker''. A fantastic women with fantastic art.

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Phansite Poke-teams.
Phansite teams: Cannon Characters Edition: Akira: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#charizard-mega-x+houndoom+darkrai+liepard+zoroark+hydreigon Ryuji: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#steelix-mega+armaldo+metagross+dusknoir+excadrill+golisopod Ann: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#mawile-mega+delphox+florges+carbink+salazzle+blacephalon Yuske: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#sandslash- alola+empoleon+lucario-mega+weavile+froslass+bisharp Unfortunately, I cannot remember the rest of their names, so I'll just go with the somewhat ''Original'' Phantom thieves. <div class='edited'>(edited by Reperzel)</div>
Phansite Poke-teams.
<quote user="Mona2">oh i wasn't actually suggesting Byleth I was just saying the word</quote> Ah. Apologies, but does the team I made fit? The ''intelligent physic'' theme team I made for you?<div class='edited'>(edited by Reperzel)</div>
Phansite Poke-teams.
Alright then, second pack of teams: Mona2's Team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#alakazam-mega+xatu+gardevoir+claydol+reuniclus+beheeyem Interneko's Team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#rapidash+victini+zebstrika+zoroark+stunfisk+zeraora Shihiro_Tamshi's team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#delibird+glalie-mega+rotom-frost+vanilluxe+cryogonal+avalugg As for Byleth: I don't know enough about FE and three houses to make a team for them. Champion_Red's team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#venusaur+charizard+blastoise+pikachu+lapras+snorlax And Slagmire2248's Team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#raticate-alola+persian+persian-alola+delcatty+purugly+liepard I hope you all enjoy.
Phansite Poke-teams.
<quote user="Gin">I mean, Regice is a legendary and I said no Legends, but other than that, I'm alright with it. But I prefer mine. I'd switch Avalugg out with Frosmoth, but no gen 8 in the site your using. I work with what I'm given. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#sandslash-alola+walrein+abomasnow-mega+mamoswine+aurorus+avalugg</quote> I deeply apologize.
Phansite Poke-teams.
Alrighty, here I go: Ally_of_justice's team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#absol+empoleon+lucario+zoroark+bisharp+malamar Gin's Team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#lapras+regice+abomasnow+mamoswine+beartic+aurorus And Kazuya's Team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#gardevoir+manectric-mega+gallade+hydreigon+aegislash+lycanroc-dusk I do hope that this fits with all of you. And for Reperzel's [Human form]'s team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#tentacruel+muk-alola+crawdaunt+toxicroak+seismitoad+krookodile<div class='edited'>(edited by Reperzel)</div>
Phansite Poke-teams.
<quote user="PrimPrim">Mine: -Primarina -Primarina -Primarina -Primarina -Primarina -Primarina </quote> https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#gorebyss+lumineon+swanna+jellicent+alomomola+primarina Here's a genuine team for you.
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Sense im stupid, I didn't fully read the thing, lemme do this again: Hello there, I am ''Reperzel' And I shall be using my Oc: Reperzell: Human form. My discord is: ''Reperzell#7664'' When it comes to partners, I have none at the moment. But if anyone wishes to be a partner of mine. Please DM me on discord. I hope this is of use.<div class='edited'>(edited by Reperzel)</div>
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Howdy. I don't have any Alternate accounts, only this one. My discord is: ''Reperzell#7664'' Hopefully my writing juices are still flowing.
I have stolen your gummy bears.
<quote user="Slagmire2248">cry in the shower just like i did lastnight</quote> <b><i>Y o u r t e a r s t a s t e d e l i c i o u s </i></b>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
My god. I was still semi active when this first started, i gotta say...its impressive.

Recent topics

Phansite Poke-teams.
Continuing my activity on this site. Recently I have been in a massive Pokemon mood, and thanks to that, I have also been in the mood to make Pokemon teams for people. And the Phansite is no different. Today, I shall make Phansite Poke-teams for users of the Phansite, all I ask is a comment that asks me to make a team, your characters name, and theme you wish for your team to be. {I.E: Typings, a trait of a pokemon, like all of them having black fur, etc.} And as a side note: I shall not add: Gen 8 pokemon, nor will I add legendary unless told so. Here is Reperzel [Snakipede form]'s team: https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/national_dex.html#beedrill-mega+scizor+seviper+scolipede+escavalier+accelgor
Hey. I just noticed
My first actual Roleplay post I made in god knows how long, has Fifty posts to it. That makes me feel good. Yay.
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
<i>Three.</i> <i>Three years, close to four to be precise. Those years have been long and lonely, pure and utter isolation of both matter and mind. [i]Three.</i> <i>Three years, close to four to be precise. Those years have been long and lonely, pure and utter isolation of both matter and mind. silence does not come without the price of mental stability. Depression gloom over every day, separation of any outer things, but why would one want to make themselves suffer like so? Maybe a punishment sent by their own force. But slowly, they approach back into society, a creeping, grueling traverse back into the reality of others, maybe the internal cold shall be warmed by the empathy of others? And who even is this stranger of silence? His name, reminiscent forgetful memories of the past. Others remember as the bane of their existence… Zane Thomas Mayhew, A.K.A ‘’Reperzell the snakipede’’ was regarded as a hateful spirit. Constant violence, hateful intent every waking second of his life, the ending result was always the same: A defeat. This only grew his burning rage for the people he despised, even his only few friends began to question Zane’s mental stability. With every single loss, death, or even a slight wrong twist of the head. His rage begun to grow. His persona, Omukade didn’t help either, for it was [and still is] a gruesome beast of pure murder and slaughter...It almost seemed that the monster controlled his creator. This centipede monstrosity may have caused more chaos then Zane himself, but I digress. After the constant internal struggling of his social life crumbling and his mentality, slowly crippling away...there was practically no other choice than solitude, away from the people that harm himself or others. These three years have finally come to a close, and thanks to the cold warning him to the new years, it may just be a better time than any to return than any. The road was a long one, but finally...back at the place where it started it all[...The GYM. So many memories locked in this large attire, to the countless doors being kicked down, the endless adrenaline rushing battles that commenced...and Eito, the last friend Zane lost. A new set of doors seemed to be in place as well. But anyway, with one single push of the 7’3’s man’s hands, the doors slide open...and up came a tidal wave of nostalgia.</i> ''...Now, 'et's see who's 'ere, eh?''
The beloved mascot is still alive.
Howdy. Its me, that 7'3 snakipede boi from three years back...I'm still alive.
Why must everyone be so racist to bugs.
Well have feelings to <i>hnnng I don't like it</i>
Im here. And stuff. Anf plus spring break, its cool. If any of ya'll wanna talk to me on discord, its: Reperzell.#7664 And my tumblr: https://something-something-tall.tumblr.com/ So ay again, im alive
I have a tumblr.
https://something-something-tall.tumblr.com/ you probably don't care.
Googly eyes makes everything better
<spoiler>Expect garden of rose</spoiler>And you can not prove me wrong
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