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The Papilon's Deathly Wings
Sam: Welp. Time to go. Ready? Rose: Right. Sam: Catch you later, folks. Try not to get arrested. *A portal opens behind Sam and Rose that the duo pass through before closing. Soon after, a number of police officers enter the area, ready to investigate the issue. Those who remain are likely to face question and/or lethal force depending on how much they resist. The true perpetrators from both parties are long gone however.* <center>--Scenario Over--</center>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
*Upon seeing Kazuo's turtle unforming and then reforming, Galio just laughs* Galio: Alright. That's a new one. But as much as I'd love to stay and chat and talk about my life story to mister analyst over there, I've gotta bounce. Ain't that right princess? Shinami: I can still... Galio: Yeah, I wasn't actually asking for your garbage opinion. Catch you later, children. *Galio blew a kiss at everyone before both he and Shinami vanish in a beam of light. Sam and Rose finally breath a sigh of relief.* Rose; Everyone alright? I think we're safe. Sam: Safe is subjective *Above the crackling of the flames, many sirens can be heard. Seems the fight attracted some unwanted attention.* Sam: Right. I reccomend we leave now.
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
*Galio grins at Luna and Tea* Galio: Maybe some other time, kiddos. *He then looks over to Kazuo and back to his turtle that Galio was leaning on. Despite being called for, the turtle didn't move.* Galio: Y'know, it's rude not to share your toys. Specially after you've been bullying my friend. Wouldn't it kill ya to play nice? Heh heh heh. But if ya really want it... *Galio smirked cockily. He side stepped off the turtle and motioned a hand towards Kazuo. Stiffly, Guilotine Turtle turned around and charged at Kazuo, rearing up to attack it's master.* Galio: Enjoy. Sam: Yeah, you should probably not do that anymore. While your machines were able to check Shinami, Galio's a completely differant monster. Rose: He calls it &quot;Command&quot;. It allows him to take over any physical object just by placing a hand on it. Makes weapons like yours useless. Galio: Aw. No giving away my game plan. That's just plain rude. Well, forget it. Ready to go, princess? Shinami: No... I'll kill... *Shinami coughs. Galio rolls his eyes. He takes the golden mask off Shinami's reflector and pushes it against her face again.* Galio: Sorry, I wasn't really asking your permission.<div class='edited'>(edited by Sam)</div>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>--Player Phase--</center> *Shinami would be caught by all attacks heading her way, being knocked out of the sky by Kazuo's Nova Maxima and knocked around by the following blows. She holds onto her staff as she manages to get to her feet once again then gasps as she is approached by Kazuo's other golem. Suddenly, a blur passes her by. Kazuo's chimera stops dead as laughter fills the area.* <center>-Battle End, Player Victory-</center> Sam: Oh this guy... Rose: That laugh... Ah crap. *Shinami growls.* Shinami: Galio... You bastard... * Dusting off his hands, Galio steps around Kazuo's frozen chimera. He grins, showing sharp yellow teeth. His single eye, visible through the cracks of a large iron mask over the top half of his mask. He leans casually against the mech.* Galio: Tut tut tut. You people really don't know how to treat a lady, huh? Hee hee hee. Shinami: This is my fight. Get... out of here. Galio: Sorry, little princess. We kinda need you alive.
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Player Phase-</center> Rose: What in the- Grk! * In her attempts to avoid the wind blast, Rose ignores the debris being thrown around by the Maelstrom. Unfortunatly for her, this means get knocked on the head by a falling Luna and collapses to the ground. Luna's doll falls right after the girl, creating an unforatable pile the Rose tries to push off.* Rose: Stupid... brat. * Flower grow across Rose's hair and exhale a large amount of spores before shriviling up and being blown away in the breeze. Luna would feel her wounds fixing themselves, waking her up. Meanwhile, Sam's barrier is able to withstand the wind blast barely, and he falls to one knee in the sand below, breathing heavily.* Sam: That... ah... *The rest of the wind blast and falling debris would do well to block the attacks sent Shinami's way or send everyone flying or sinking into the newly formed sand. Sam would rise up, gritting his teeth.* Sam: Welp. Now's as good of time as any. Raijin...Bolt *With a snap of his fingers, a large bolt comes crashing down on Shinami's Position. Sam's arm sparks and falls limp.* <i>Rose: Life Giving Bloom (Revives an ally with half health. Target: Luna) Sam: Keraunos System: Raijin's Bolt (Colosal Electric Damage to one foe. Guarantees stun unles foe is immune to stun. Disable Keraunos System for 3 turns)</i> <center>-Enemy Phase-</center> *Shinami gasps before screaming, her own staff being used as a lightning rod to conduct the elecricity of Sam's attack into her. Lighning surges through her, causing her to be unable to do anything.* Sam: If we're gonna take her out, I'd suggest doing it now. Give it everything ya got. <i>Shinami: Stunned</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Sam)</div>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Player Phase-</center> *Rose grunts in pain as she gets stabbed point blank. She glances over her shoulder, noticing her &quot;allies&quot; still willing to attack through her. She groans.* Rose: Thanks guys. Love ya too. Geez. I'll save myself. * Rose stabs her staff into the ground behind Shinami. The staff explodes into vines and shards of bark. The explosion allows Rose to kick off Shinami, freeing herself from the wings. As a side effect of the explosion, the ground rumbles under Oliver and Kazuo before a large root shoots out underneath them.* Rose: Oops. Did I do that? *Meanwhile, Sam smirks and fires a lightning bolt high into the sky.* <i>Rose: Root explosion (Heavy Physical damage to random targets. Targets: Shinami, Oliver, Kazuo) Sam: Here's the wind up (Skip a turn)</i> *The explosion knocks Shinami forwards, into the path of the attacks, sending her to the ground yet again. Slowly, she rises from the ground on her wings, shooting into the air.* <center>-Enemy Phase-</center> Shinami: Losing? On the ropes? What fight are you in? *Shinami's eyes glint in anger. She frowns, scanning across the arena.* Shinami: No. I've just been playing around. But this? This is me done with you humans. * Shinami spreads her wings. Her spores gather around her before gathering in a single point infront of her. Her scepter spins above her head. The wind picks up, soon forming a vortex, sweeping everything not pinned to the ground up, from roots and concrete to steel and bone, causing it to rise into the air. The spores use the wind and start spinning rapidly. Shinami gives a cold stare to those beneath her.* Shinami: Humanity. For commiting the grave sin of turning your swords to the heavens, to we your benevolant saviours of the Thundarian Empire, I will crush you. Your corpses, bloated and unrecognizable from my toxic spores, shall be tied to a mast and shown to your people about what happens when you rebel. Now fall. <i>Abrimaros Cascade</i>* *For a moment, everything freezes in place. The Tempest stops. Then, the shards part. A massive air canon launches forwards at the party. The ground turns to sand as the winds crash into it and move forwards towards you. The air grows heavy as poison fills it, shot out from the air canon released from Shinami. The objects suspended in the air fall, adding to the chaos.* <i>Shinami: Maelstrom (Cancels Arena effects. Deals Heavy Physical damage randomly) Abrimaros Cascade (Colossal Wind Damage to all foes)</i>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Player Phase-</center> *Sam lifts his can out of the ground, the shield deactivating. He glances around the field, feeling the heat of the flames around him.* Sam: This is annoying. If this fire keeps up... Rose: What are you thinking? Sam: Mind covering me? *Rose nods simply. Sam vanishes behind the burning tree and crouches before he starts tapping away on his metal arm. Meanwhile, Rose runs forwards and leaps at Shinami, bring her staff down on her.* <i>Sam: Preperations are sometimes needed (Skip a turn) Rose: Staff Slam (Heavy physical to one foe. Target: Shinami)</i> *Shinami's wings block Atomy's blow as she falls, only resulting in some frost forming on the wings that quickly melt away. As she lands, she is whipped forcfully back into the air by Kazuo's attack. Her control over her spores stops them from being an issue, but the wind still causes some issues to her. In the air, she can only wrap her self in her wings as she is caught by Marie's Curse Orb and Oliver's shot. She stabilises herself ass eh touches down again. Just in time to catch Rose's staff.* <center>-Enemy Phase-</center> Shinami: Facing me head on now, eh? Rose: In the end, it should just be you and me. Shinami: That help me eradicate these vermin. Join me and we can get back to killing eachother after all this is done with Rose: Like hell. Shinami: Shame. Someone as talented as you would do wonders in our army *Shinami glances in midair. Her spores form once more. They spin together before forming two large swords. They do a swinging motion before crashing down to the ground, heading towrds Luna and Isla. Meanwhile, Shinami uses her wings in an attempt to impale Rose. As she does so, she turns her body slightly, shielding herself from view with Rose's body* <i>Shinami: Steel Spore Slash (X2 Severe Physical Damage to random foes. Targets: Isla and Luna) Wing Slash (X2 Heavy Physical damage to one foe. Low chance to inflict DEATH. Target: Rose)</i>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Player Phase-</center> *Rose's mouth twitches as she watches Shinami's transformation.* Rose: Huh. That's new. Sam: That's not something I wanna hear. *Sam impales his cane into the ground, creating a barrier around his general area, protecting Rose and anyone else who happens to be around him from the needle storm. Rose glances back at her tree, now ablaze, and clicks her tongue. Instead she would spin her staff. Some of the flames react and fly to the tips of the staff, creating a ring of fire. She would then project this ring as a burning disk at Shinami.* <i>Sam: Barrier Cane (Nullify damage to nearby allies for 1 turn) Rose: Flame Wheel (Heavy fire damage to one foe. Target: Shinami)</i> *Shinami would simply flip over Atomy's attack, using a hand to push off it head and launch higher into the air, gracefully dodging Rose and Kazuo's attacks with a spin. Her staff would fly back up to her and clip her wings slightly in the dodge before flying back under Shinami's control and placing itself under her, letting her rest the toes of one of her feet on the metal object.* <center>-Enemy Phase-</center> Shinami: Can't be harmed by physical methods, eh? Like the Hyena. Thanks for informing me. I'll make sure not to make the same mistake twice. *Shinami pushes herself off her staff, flipping multiple times in the air before ending up floating upside down. Spores gather at the tips of her wings as she draws them back. She then flaps them multiple time in quick succession. The spores spread across wind produce, sharpening them as they launch out, firing at Kazuo and his creations. Meanwhile, Shinami falls back through the air, propelled by the wind. She covers her self in her wings, creating the usual bullet shape but now covered in jagged ridges. She flies staight down, hoping to crash straight through Luna's Atomy, bisecting them. As she hit the ground, she'd unfurl her wings, her feet finally touching the ground on her own accord.* <i>Shinami: Razor Wind (X3 Heavy Wind Damage to random allies. Targets: Kazuo, Inferno Wyvern, Deep Gear Tiger) Jagged Bullet Wings (Severe Physical Damage to one ally. Medium chance to inflict BLEED. Target: Atomy)</i>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Enemy Phase-</center> *Shinami lays face down in the dirt. Slowly, she raises an arm and slams it back down.* Shinami: That... is... it... * Slowly, she ascends to the sky. She raises a hand to her mask,* Shinami: I'm sick of you. Machinists, Mages and... and... Whatever the hell that child is. I'm sick of all of you. *Shinami rips the mask of her face. Spores fall from her wings, linking with the flames lingering around from Kazuo's flame attack and setting the entire arena on fire, seemingly turning the clouds above red. Shinami looks down, her face, covered with a large, black, jagged scar in a diagonal line down her face, a picture of anger. She raises her hands into the air. Her wings behind her change and shift, splitting apart and reforming, becoming sharper and more jagged than before. Her scepter flies up to her spinning around as the remaining spores form together, shifting around Shinami in a helix. Shinami attaches her mask to her shield, making it look like a floating head.* Shinami: I'm done playing. Now, I shall reduce you to smudges of... whatever colour blood you people have. Go. Steel Spores. *Shinami claps towards the party. The Helix of spores shifts, becoming a diamond in front of Shinami. Suddenly, they launch forwards in a rain of sharp spikes, raining down across the field. Meanwhile, The scepter flies out, arching around before spinning like a drill and tries to destroy Kazuo's Drake via attack through the heart* <i>Shinami Personal Skill: Steel Spore Mode (Permenantly Raises own Attack and Defence. Permenantly grants 2 moves per turn. Immunity to all Status ailments and Field Effects. Removes effects of Toxic Heal)</i> <center>Field Change- Blazing Field Fire Attacks Damage Up Wind Attacks Damage Up Ice Attacks Damage Down Attack status changing abilities increased by 1 stage Everyone takes fire damage every turn depending on fire resistance(Normal: Light. Weak: Moderate. Null/Repel: None. Absorb: Light healing) </center> <i>Shinami: Steel Needle Storm (HeavyGun damage to all allies + Low chance to inflict BLEED. BLEED deals light damage each turn and lowers attack while active) Drill Spear (Target: Deep Inferno Wyvern</i>
The Papilon's Deathly Wings
<center>-Player Phase-</center> Rose: Ugh. I forgot how much I hate fighting Shinami... Sam: Yeah, she's annoying. Still, you have help this time. And that stick of yours. Rose: Heh. I suppose. *Sam sends Vulcan over to Rose, who zaps her, cleansing her of Shinami's spores. Rose Spins her staff and breathes. Flowers grow over her arms, dress and staff. With a motion, Rose sends the plants outwards to all her allies. The flowers attach to the allies and gives their life force to them, healing everyone's wounds but causing the flowers to wither away.* <i>Sam: Vulcan-Purge (Cleanse all debuffs and status downs to one ally. Target: Rose) Rose: Flower Storm (Moderatly heals all allies)</i> *Shinami's confident face falls neutral as she witnesses the creation of not just a giant metal whyvern but a giant undead warrior. Her mouth twitches slightly.* Shinami: Eh? *Both attack hit her similtainiously, sending her out of the air and crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, Takuto's attack on the scepter sends it rolling across the ground. It doesn't do any damage cause the Scepter doesn't have a health bar though.*

Recent topics

The Papilon's Deathly Wings
*On sunny weekends, a large public gardens in Shibuya gets a lot of foot traffic, both by families wanting to take their kids out somewhere and by foreigners on holiday sightseeing. It's a place of beauty. Not many expect anything to happen. However, this day was different. In the large glass building in the centre of the gardens, housing many exotic plants, people begin running away, screaming as strange pollen causes their skin to burn and collapse, struggling to breath.* <i>The darkest valley. The highest mountain. We walk in the name of our brave.</i> *Ambulances are called and the place is evacuated. However, sighting of a girl in black, a yellow flower in her hair and wearing headphones, walking for the building.* <i>The rushing river. The blooming flower. Descended from heaven we embrace.</i> *People try to stop her, but can't seem to get her attention. Eventually, they all just leave her to her fate. She would stop in front of the glass building, looking up while blocking the sun from her eyes* <i>The steps we take and the pain from journey Could never ever bring us down</i> *With a smirk, she would lower her headphones to cover her neck and continue inside.* <i>The keys discovered. The new worlds opened. Let's run and catch the dawn</i> <center>***********</center> *A few hours later, you arrive. Whether or not you've been hired to investigate, heard about the strange goings on and got curious or were just passing by and decided to check out the situation, you all end up outside the gardens. A nervous man in a sharp suit stands outside, nervously biting his sleeve. Off to the side, a possibly familiar looking blond man with a cane, metallic hand and a lab coat. A few police officers bar the way. The ambulances are just about to take away some of the more seriously injured. How you proceed is up to you.*
Are You Pretty?
I found this series by chance when looking through random Youtube videos. I'm not going to say anything about what these videos are, but I am going to leave the here for others to look at. They're all only short animations, but I think they are worth the watch. It gets my inspiration running. Gives the idea to write or make an RP or something inspired by it. Dunno. We'll see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx5ubE6wAdI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Vh_w_Qb1A&amp;t=8s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EemY2GVMiqI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ByYKNXTsI
Historical Intrigue: Fort Drum
It often astounds me how hidden marvels of engineering is lost to the ages. Allow me to tell you about one of my favourites. Sitting in Manilla Bay is an abandoned structure one can only describe as a concrete battleship. It was crafted in the early 20th century by American engineers so desperate in need of a defensive structure they Terra formed a small island into one. It was fitted with weaponry and tool meant to stave off sea faring foes. In 1941, the Japanese invaded the Philippines and this monster stood in it's way. it out lasted them far more than any other outpost could. The same was true when the Americans came to take the Philippines back after the Second World War. To deal with it, they had to blow it up. The packed the interior of the thing with diesel and gasoline and blew it sky high. Or at least they tried, but the outer wall didn't budge. The interior was ravaged, including the poor sods trapped inside who were burned alive in the resulting explosion of heat and debris. Such a beast is still standing but is long since abandoned. Even raiders have picked all the useful material from it, so nothing is left but the outer shell anymore. Truly a crying shame for such a marvel of naval warfare. I do hope you enjoyed some of the knowledge I gifted you today. Perhaps I'll do it again some time. If you so wish. - Sam Blitz
Drought of Aoyama
*After the sunny weekend, many people around Tokyo were happy to see the clouds and feel the cool wind blow away the sweltering heat. Unfortunately for many commuters wishing to pass through it, Inokashira Park was closed to the public as a number of public servants drained the excess water from it after the mysterious localised storm that happened to it. Conspiracy theorists thought it was a sign of the end times, but no-one believed it. But it wouldn’t be the last abnormal weather pattern to occur in Tokyo. Suddenly across Aoyama-Itchome, the clouds parted and the sun bared down on it, hotter than even in summer. Shujin Academy and many other places around the area were closed due to multiple people collapsing due to heat stroke. Strangely, a twister that seemed to be composed of dust appeared in the Aoyama Cemetery, along with a number of people dressed in white. Rumours even say these people caused the storm and now are causing the sun to shine. Other are worried that some seem to be wielding blades and guns. All stay away.* <spoiler>This is a follow up of the Storm Clouds RP I did during the week. You don't have to have been involved in that to join though. Just clarifying</spoiler>
Storm Clouds over Inokashira
*All over Tokyo, bright and sunny weather has been persisting. People have been enjoying the sun, especially seeing as they may not see it again for a while with winter rolling in. However, one area was different. Inokashira Park, usually peaceful with denizens walking around the beautiful scenery, has been caught in a perpetual downpour. Lightning shine through the darkened area. Due to it's localised nature, a rumour quickly spread about a Nue inhabiting the place. Will you enter the storm?* <spoiler>Since there's been a lack of RPs lately, thought I'd make one. Anyone can join, it's just for fun, but don't expect much. Like all my rps, expect exactly one combat segment.</spoiler>
Sam's Lab: Learning the Terrain
*Once again, Sam sets up a portal in east Shibuya. He pulls a chair out of it and places a sign down before sitting down, opening a book and reading. The sign reads as following.* <i>Wanted: test subjects for a new invention. Do apply if you suffer from motion sickness. Warning: Possible loss of life if applying. Be prepared for combat.</i>
Sam's Lab: Thinking with Portals
*A portal has opened in Shinjuku. Outside it, rocking on the back legs of a fancy looking chair, is Sam, fiddling with his metal arm. Beside him is a sign.* &quot;Help Wanted for possibly lethal experiment. If killed, will provide family with compensation.&quot;
Laughter in the Construction Site
*Over the last few days, a rumour has been spreading. In a long abandoned construction site, abandoned due to lack of funds, construction materials covered in moss and plants, a haunting sound has been said to have been heard. Laughter, wild and crazed. All who have entered to invesitigate have never returned. People say a Hyena is roaming the site. Others say a ghost. Others, a monster. You may have come to investigate these rumours yourself. Or perhaps, it was chance. Either way, it's hard not to notice Sam standing in the entrance to the Site, his lab coat blowing in the wind. He appears lost in thought.*
Pokemon Dream Team
If you lived in the wonderful world of pokemon, what team would you want to have? No pokemon is omitted in this list. You can choose normal pokemon, legendary pokemon, even fakemon if you want. Hell, my team's made of the latter. If you do include fakemon from fan games, add a picture. My Team is comprised of Delta Pokemon from Pokemon Insurgence. Basically, normal pokemon with different types and appearances. They are: Delta Volcorona (Armoured): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/7/70/914_1.png Delta Hydreigon: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/7/7b/912.png Delta Metagross (Ruin/ Mega): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/0/0e/870_1.png Delta Aggron (Shiny): https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/d/dc/851s.png Delta Ambipom: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/5/51/827.png And Delta Blazikin: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/images/f/fe/787.png Of course, if you think a full fakemon team is cheating, my normal pokemon team would be Mega Abomasnow, Arcanine, Breloom, Tyranitar, Zoroark and Malimar.
Anime Recommendations?
I ran out yesterday. Any good anime I can watch?
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