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Alright, I guess I've been here for like a year so um C O N F E T T I. So basically I'm not funny, Pretty Ok Artist, Not good at photoshop (look at banner), and basically, I'm a pretty cool guy to hang out with I guess? Best Friends with @Sarinman, @elmco and @Mona2. So uh hi?

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Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
I agree with all of these except for the <i>hair</i> but yeah all Part 3 fights were just punch punch punch punch. Win
<i>rolls in</i>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
As creator of the original card...I APPROVE!
reminder that sam still doesn't exist
You say I don't exist but yet here I am
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
So I see people are using my stupid calling card

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Gushing About Infinity Train
LIKE HOLEY MOLEY THIS SHOW IS SO FRICKING GOOD! Like this is the only cartoon show that gives you mature themes without it feeling forced. Like this show brings me so many feelings it's honestly surprising how a show can do this. Book 3 was so surprising that honestly, when it ended I just couldn't stop being so shocked. Who knew that Owen Dennis could create such a beutiful show with well written characters, a good plot, and beutiful visuals. This show DESERVES to continue.
Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
Shigechi should have stayed alive.
Discussing the Christmas Candy Calling Card....
Hello people you may have seen an image going around in the New Year's thread about a calling card made by someone called Samuel1364 well, I am that elusive Samuel1364 and I truly am surprised that this one image I made as a joke last year is now having some attention. This makes me so happy so I want to say that as a response to that image. It was cringe like very. Now I will use this image ironicly as well. Thank you for reading have a nice day.
Yo who wants to play Animal Crossing New Horizons
Like I want to visit other islands just for fun and stuff
What game/port do you want from Atlus next
I actually want a port of the past SMT games on Switch
Phan-Site Party
Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary since I played Persona 5!
I'm so surprised that 1 year has passed already so much has happened! Also in like 8 days, it's gonna be my one year of being on the Phan-Site so be sure to look out because I have a special announcement!
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