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Alright, I guess I've been here for like a year so um C O N F E T T I. So basically I'm not funny, Pretty Ok Artist, Not good at photoshop (look at banner), and basically, I'm a pretty cool guy to hang out with I guess? Best Friends with @Sarinman, @elmco and @Mona2. So uh hi?

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<i>rolls in</i>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
As creator of the original card...I APPROVE!
reminder that sam still doesn't exist
You say I don't exist but yet here I am
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
So I see people are using my stupid calling card
reminder that I still exist
Existentance is only a fabrication by space aliens
reminder that I still exist
And I'm just the wacky Neighbour
happy one year anniversary to this awful thread
I remember when Archer said he wanted to be friends I FREAKING MISS HIM!!!
Just post Memes I don't care

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Discussing the Christmas Candy Calling Card....
Hello people you may have seen an image going around in the New Year's thread about a calling card made by someone called Samuel1364 well, I am that elusive Samuel1364 and I truly am surprised that this one image I made as a joke last year is now having some attention. This makes me so happy so I want to say that as a response to that image. It was cringe like very. Now I will use this image ironicly as well. Thank you for reading have a nice day.
Yo who wants to play Animal Crossing New Horizons
Like I want to visit other islands just for fun and stuff
What game/port do you want from Atlus next
I actually want a port of the past SMT games on Switch
Phan-Site Party
Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary since I played Persona 5!
I'm so surprised that 1 year has passed already so much has happened! Also in like 8 days, it's gonna be my one year of being on the Phan-Site so be sure to look out because I have a special announcement!
Art Requests SUPER
Yeah now that I have a phone I can post art faster now. SO PHANSITE IT IS TIME AGAIN
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