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Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
You blew the whole place up like, yesterday, Baka. Talk about short-term memory
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
Ha, joke's on you. Can't kill a ghost. I've already tried
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
“Elm practically told us that after the first trial, doesn’t take a genius to figure out that much. A bigger question is how Bram got the resources to pull a stunt like this. Just what’s going on outside?”<div class='edited'>(edited by Setsuna_Tamaki)</div>
Accurate Phansite Statistics
<quote user="Sarinman"><quote user="lnari">•Shitposters make up 63.42% of the site’s content.</quote> I think it's more like 30%. The other 70% are RPers or lurkers.</quote>Lurkers don’t make content, they just watch the fireworks and occasionally correct people whenever it’s most annoying
today is an important phansite anniversary
<quote user="Skechi-Akechi">Call me ignorant but what exactly did they do?</quote>all you need to know is that they were a huge prick who caused a lot of arguments.
Phanganronpa 2: Coldest Case
<i>After a long time of silence, ghost Setsuna finally speaks up</i> &quot;Also if you could tell him that he's about to be sued. I was told being dead would be a great time, its just being alive, but with more Elm.&quot;
Dreaming of Death
<i>Setsuna rolls out of bed, hitting her alarm clock, a bit harder than she needed to to shut it up. The girl rubs her eyes, knocking out the last bit of sleep. She stands up, and feels for the gem in her chest, though the details are blurry to her, she has some vague memory. Something very weird is going on. And like it or not, its involving her. Without much of a clue, the girl quickly gets ready to go out, shouting to her parents as she leaves</i> &quot;I'll be heading out for a bit, call you if anything comes up alright?&quot; <i>she had always been an independent girl, at least for her age, so it wasn't oo unusual a scene for them, no need to worry them until she gets a bit more confirmation at least. And all she had for that was the face from her dream.</i> &quot;Lets just hope that 'Shiki' is real. Can't be too hard to find someone right?&quot;
Dreaming of Death
<i>Setsuna could barely feel anything at that point. Probably a bad sign. Still, she had done well. Though the girl's vision is hazy, the crystal sword drops to her side. Setsuna reaches out one hand towards her opponent as they turn away from her, muttering as she attempts to start up a magic circle</i> &quot;yeah, you better run&quot; <i>and finally falls unconscious</i>
help my confiusion here pls -w-;
entry varies from RP to RP, based on the person holding it. Some require previously contacting them and that sort of thing, but most of those have moved elsewhere, if it seems to be some kinda plot in progress you might wanna ask before jumping in, but otherwise its fair game As far as the site in general you seem to have gotten a hang of how to make an account and post threads, as soon as you say something about this you'll know how to comment too, so that's the basics at least.<div class='edited'>(edited by Setsuna_Tamaki)</div>

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EVerything’s alright
Today I felt like talking, telling a story. It’s about me, as all are in the end. A reflection of the one who made it. Today I’m thoughtful and thinking and everything’s alright. It’s busy and buzzy and that’s alright. But some days are not alright. Some days are awful and worry and so bad you just want to curl up and cry. And that’s alright. That’s what a friend is for. Friends are people who you enjoy being with. When you’re alright, you can be alright together and that’s alright. And when you’re not alright they can be there and talk and make things a little more alright. And that’s alright. Because some days are alright. Today I’ll be out with my family picking out a real christmas tree. We’ll walk up and down the lot complaining about the cold before settling on the very first tree we saw. And that’s alright. So I guess what I wanted was to ask if everyone here wanted to write a story too. It’s ok if it seems long or rambly, or you don’t know what to say. Just start. When you don’t know is the best time to say, because it means your words are genuine. Often times people want to seem and look alright, because that’s what they think others want to see. And that’s alright. But it’s more alright to just be yourself for a bit, whoever that is. For “If I live a life of shallow words and empty replies then. What. Am. I?”
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