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2 more years
I have come to make an official announcement. I will be running in the next election.
Die, die, die, die
Is Yusuke gay or European?
this is a bad meme it rustles my jimmies it bazings my bazingas
I return for a short period of time
ASK Jevil
weird flex but ok corbin <i>bazinga</i>
What's the point of living anymore.
<quote user="Camziez">Wow, the fact that people are memeing this is messed up. And hang in there buddy, you can get through this!</quote> because it's tagged as a meme

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The Big Bang Theory Set
<i>Everything is normal on the set for Big Bang Theory... Or is it? The crowd looks terrified so probably not. The crowd stares at Sheldon.</i> <b>WAZOMBO!</b> <i>The crowd screams, as that's not what Sheldon's line is. Sheldon has become corrupted, and only YOU can help us! If you need instructions, check out the enclosed instruction book.</i>
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