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I’m not a cow, man.

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Trying to do Rivers in the Desert lyrics
I bring truth to tha youth tear tha roof off tha ol' school
What game/port do you want from Atlus next
Wasn't going to say this since the thread was supposed to die, but what Atlus needs to do is give us all the fucking Trauma Center games for the Nintendo Switch because the Nintendo Switch has games therefore Atlas needs to step their game up and give us more games, mainly Trauma Center. Also I guess SMT but I don't care too much, I just want Dx2.
Has anyone seen my bro white rider?
No but I saw Red Rider at Red Robin
I am the paper god.
Thanks for getting me through both Dx2 and P5 early game you're so amazing with your null phys paper god man
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
Mascot characters are weird but Koromaru isn't in this club of bad characterization right
this is a thread i just made
Amazing, thank you for answering not admin
this is a thread i just made
Omg is that the admin himself
post here once a day
I'd like to die
Which Arcana are you?
I personally would consider myself the Hanged Man arcana because that's how I want to end up after dodging all this online schoolwork
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
&quot;People call the Oni demon their &quot;daddy&quot; in my world. I'm not about to delve deeper into that subject though.&quot; <i>{The girl interjects out of nowhere as she taps on her phone, sighing as she dismisses the notification telling her about her phone battery being on 20% percentage.}</i> &quot;Which reminds me, my phone needs charging. Bye Kazuya, I'm bringing a sword next time.&quot; <i>{Shihiro grabs her bag from near the doorway of the abandoned shrine, and proceeds to wave at the two before putting her earbuds in and not looking where she's going as she plays on her phone more, leaving the scene officially.}</i>

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you know what
Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers are pretty lit
My Dumbass School
They might have blocked the Phansite, but only the front page. Nobody uses that anyway smh my head. I’m so glad that my dumbass school couldn’t even block it all the way lmao.
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