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In this thread i give you a designation but it's yugioh
this week i've obtained another fictional character to secretly simp for
Phansite will shut down on December 1
Press F for site. It's been a wild ride but I enjoyed it even if I jumped off the seat halfway. Thanks for letting me have a place where I didn't feel too hesitant to be social tho :p
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
oh ok thanks for the explanation have a nice rest of the night
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Mona, why is this the only place where I’m not blocked? You’re actually a semi-decent person to see when Discord reminds me I can’t send you messages. Block me fr sometime.
What do you call the p5 protagonist
I like to call them "Arsene's stand master"
GYM DX: Summons to Brawl
&quot;Eh, I don't think I'm that calm. The attitude slips through at least. Other than that I never really cared about my feelings that much.&quot; <i>{The girl says blankly. As she lets her feet hit the ground, Shihiro's body would spring back up like it was business as usual. Even in the face of losing, she merely shrugs as she responds again.}</i> &quot;It makes trash talk very easy at least. Though...maybe I held back too much. My program can bring out like...5 demons at most. Yeah, that's the number. They more than make up for me sadly. I guess I still need training. That's even more sad.&quot; <i>{While she attempted to search her pockets with a nonchalant attitude once more, she instantly forgets that the demons are still out. They both would try to wave at her. Well, one of them at least. The other one just walks right beside her. She pets Fenrir and makes a simple gesture for Pixie to follow them.}</i> &quot;Besides, that's always been the case with me. I just now started to try and fight on my own. Hasn't even been that long since I started training I think. Either way, I think it this was fun as well. The only reason why I have a feeling I need to say that was because my colorful personality might've not recognized that...also, I'm going to need my things back.&quot; <i>{Her eyes dart both at the phone, and at the sword. However, she seems much more fixated on the phone that he had stepped on. Despite she herself dropping it, the girl was almost eager to sock Tadashi in the face. That detail also wasn't obvious though, as Shihiro's face was unreadable as always.}</i>
GYM DX: Summons to Brawl
<i>{As Tadashi would grip her neck, he would find that her pulse was very quiet. Her monotone voice didn't even seem to be struggling for any oxygen, and her eyes were as dull as before. No breathes were made from the girl as her hand reached inside her pocket, gripping for a certain item.}</i> &quot;Ok. Good for you.&quot; <i>{Shihiro says nothing else to the boy as she takes a small pocket knife out of the pocket of her shorts. With her buff still active, she would first think about using it to slash at his eyes, attempting to blind him. However, since this was not a lethal battle, she merely showed it to him before dropping that to the floor as well.}</i> &quot;And if this were a real fight, I would wager that we'd both die in here. But you can let go now. I get it.&quot; <i>{She says to him, not afraid at all of the spike behind her. Instead she patiently waits for Tadashi to drop her, her mannerisms being just like when she wasn't being presented with the threat of death. Pixie would no longer try to fight Inti, and Fenrir would have absolutely no idea what's going on, pacing around in circles as he chased his own tail with glee.}</i>

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you know what
Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers are pretty lit
My Dumbass School
They might have blocked the Phansite, but only the front page. Nobody uses that anyway smh my head. I’m so glad that my dumbass school couldn’t even block it all the way lmao.
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