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A (possibly) Nice Night in the Park
<i>{Walks in from behind, looking at phone.}</i> &quot;According to my free app, it says that I have taking 6969 steps so far. Boy do I love being active while still looking at my phone...What time is it again? I forgot.&quot;
Who Will the Phantom Thieves Target Next?
I would have said that were I not scared but ^^^^^^^^^^<div class='edited'>(edited by Shihiro_Tamashi)</div>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>{As everyone had gotten transported towards their even newer destination, Shihiro stared ahead with no idea what to do other than eat the PB and J sandwich she made for traveling purposes.}</i> &quot;Oh, that's pretty cool.&quot; <i>{The girl finished up the remains of her sandwich once Woz appeared, casually waving to him as he was floating down. She took note of the scarf, whatever help that would do, and listened intently as he gave the party directions. Once they were told to create debris, Shihiro looked idly at the others already making quick work of what they can find.}</i> &quot;Hey, I've always wanted to play Minecraft in real life.&quot; <i>{Shihiro says, taking an unassuming axe out of her bag, it glimmered with a few sparkles of as she examined it under the sun. With that out of the way, she simply runs over to the others like a child trying to hit something with a baseball bat, and hits any buildings with her axe to make several quick dents, smiling as she does so.}</i> &quot;I almost forgot we were supposed to have some boss fight...right?&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by Shihiro_Tamashi)</div>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>{Shihiro checks her phone, seeing one of her friends just send her a picture of the word or. What could that ever possible mean. Would that be some kind of hidden secret route, a key that unlocks many secrets only accessible once one has delved deep within? Maybe it's a part of a bigger picture, maybe she should say the word to the booming voice, the one that asked her of this seeing as how she is regarded as a chosen one.}</i> &quot;Yes.&quot; <i>{Goddamnit.}</i>
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>{Shihiro herself, of course, did not really make any efforts or try and loophole out of the sensation that pulled her towards wherever it may have wanted her to go. In fact, she would not even go so far as to question it, merely performing some daily activites as she let her body take her towards the chapel. Albeit, the only fighting back she did do was of course just passing by a soda machine and getting her drink.}</i> &quot;All I wanted was some coke and now I feel slightly dizzy.&quot; <i>{As the teenage girl arrives at the church, she drinks her soda and gazes at the archiecture of the church, being a bit surprised that somebody went out of their way to at least install those stained glass windows. Colors are always nice to look at.}</i> &quot;Hey gang. Is this some kind of secret hangout meeting I stumbled into?&quot; <i>{She took out her phone and checked on it quickly before giving a blank stare at everybody else, as if she had no other means of communicate and tell all her friends she was going to die now.}</i> &quot;My name is Shihiro. Tamashi Shihiro. Fun time to meet everyone. I assume we aren't all here to be told to go to church more, hopefully.&quot;
Annihilation Beyond Space and Time
<i>{The girl laid in the bed of her room, staring at the ceiling fan as she rubbed her eyes. She almost felt like going back to sleep until her phone had vibrated on the nightstand next to her. A notification she read slowly before putting down the phone with a groggy attitude.}</i> &quot;What did I dream about again? A...prophet that exists...beyond time?&quot; <i>{She goes ahead and puts on her new clothes while thinking over that dream she doesn't bother to fully piece together. A pink motorcycle jacket, some fingerless gloves, her trademark blue checkered dress, some blue tights, and boots. The girl picked her phone back up before looking at the wall for a few dry minutes, leaving her to decide.}</i> &quot;I might as well go. And tell my friends about it too. They won't mind.&quot; <i>{She picked her bookbag up from off the ground and headed out, putting a sticky note on her front door that had small and girlish handwriting.}</i>
So, who's going to tell him?
I would like a girlfriend
But I'm the default option smh.
I would like a girlfriend
Ooo, next? That means you're driving me to McDonalds afterwards.

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My Dumbass School
They might have blocked the Phansite, but only the front page. Nobody uses that anyway smh my head. I’m so glad that my dumbass school couldn’t even block it all the way lmao.
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