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A loving, caring father. Hope we all get along just fine. https://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/an9oPYV_460s.jpg

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I Created a Persona Scene Generator
Excellent work, my fellow Pmer.
____________karaoke night_______ how h how do I underlin tex text??????????
Bona, 4/20 was two days ago. <b>You're scaring me.</b>
This site have been revived since the DDOS
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
https://i.imgur.com/TomzDay.png This is what Mona done to this poor man
<i>eats animal crackers</i>
When was this created?
It started off as a anon chat then Mishima created a forum around April 17, 2017
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
https://i.imgur.com/oxdS7r5.jpg <i>returns to lurking</i>
Taking a break
Good Luck man

Recent topics

Hello again
I am summon once again on Father's Day. So, how are you all doing on this fine day?
Friendly Reminder
http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/561/961/529.jpg Happy Fathers Day to all the best dads out there!
Today is National Dog Day
http://imgur.com/a/JmNJa Time to celebrate with all the man's best friends. Post your favorite doggos.
Today is a day when I was born
In other word happy birthday. So hooray for me I guess.
What is your favorite movie?
It could be short film, anime, etc. I'm just curious.
I found Persona 5 Arena!
I like a 2D model better tbh <span class='video' vid='https://www.youtube.com/embed/JKe6uCDo860'>Click to load youtube video</span>
Happy Father's Day
To all the best dads out there.
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