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I... Am a Guardian of Fate, my name is Simon, and I'm sure you've met my Reaper, Eva. *Eva waves*

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The path you carve- roleplay
"I guess they're cool for some." Simon spoke. He turned and his cape shifted, revealing that he also had wings.
The path you carve- roleplay
The white light went around Jessica, forming small white wings. Much like Angelica's wings.
The path you carve- roleplay
&quot;The garden of Guardians...&quot; Simon trailed off. A white light surrounded Jessica. &quot;Do you wish to accept the wings and burdens of a Guardian of Fate?&quot; Simon asked. <b>I'm much better at cool responses than Angelica! Though I'll admit, she's prettier than me. More graceful to. <span class="through">trips on a root</span> see?? She doesn't trip so easily.</b>
Investigation Team, if you're reading this
<quote user="Yu-Narukami">Ignore everything written above. Best way to get to the End is first uninstalling minecraft. Then you must throw you computer into a bathtub and go in with it. If you do this all right you should make it to the end in a matter of seconds.</quote> My way will get you to the end of Minecraft, not the end of your life.
Give me your unpopular Jojo Opinions
... The characters have bad hair... ...
The path you carve- roleplay
&quot;That sounds fun.&quot; Simon spoke. He stepped forward and bowed. &quot;I am Simon. A Guardian of Fate.&quot;
The path you carve- character cast!
&quot;If we are both devils, demons in the flesh, then let us stay side by side all the same.&quot; I am Simon Hope, one of the Guardians of Fate. https://i.imgur.com/vOAjit9.jpg &quot;Please don't shoot me... What do you want with me?!&quot; &quot;Choose your path and choose it fast.&quot; I stumbled toward the door which brought me down a path where I would never be the same, it brought me to meet Angelica, who looked like an Angel, literally. And... It lead me to Eva, the one I call My Reaper. https://i.imgur.com/xv1rPBW.jpg She means the world to me. And she always will. Until the day I die- and beyond as well.
The path you carve- roleplay
&quot;An interesting pair... I don't believe we've met, are you two Guardians? Only Angelica has met all the Guardians and Reapers and Samurais and the Chooser.&quot; Simon spoke. <b>If you choose to be one of the starting Guardians or Reapers or Samurais, or the Chooser, later on your character will die in this roleplay, is this the path you wish to take?</b>
The path you carve- roleplay
But such wouldn't work, as Simon could not die, and Angelica no longer held the burden of dealing with Niko, it was now Simon... And his Reaper, Eva. &quot;Such trickery effects us none, choose your path or your life I'll take.&quot; Eva said.
The path you carve- roleplay
<quote user="Blue_n_Velvety_Niko"><i>He's already gone. You cannot stop him.</i></quote> But the door would not be able to open in the first place, the only way out was through one of those four doors... Or in a wooden box, as Simon stood behind Niko, smiling softly. &quot;You chose to come here... So either you die here, or you exit through one of those four doors, the door you brought is useless here. So trying that is completely useless...&quot; Simon spoke.

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More curiousity from me.
What would you all do if the Phantom Thieves were real, and responded to requests off of THIS Phansite? Just curious.
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