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(insert Le funny me-me here) ha ha look an epic funny insert joke meme!

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Phansite Poke-teams.
do you think you could make mine with cat/feline pokemon?
What game should I play first if I wanna really get into Persona
i started out with persona 5 and am going back to play persona 3 and 4, but if you want to play 3 and 4, get the extended versions like FES and Golden
Join me
Me hate adults, im in
I have stolen your gummy bears.
cry in the shower just like i did lastnight
home depot
imagine being a brit
P5R memes are funny
instructions unclear, dick is stuck in the PS4<div class='edited'>(edited by Slagmire2248)</div>
P5R and P5S
the struggle of being poor is real...

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