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You're too slow!

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Welcome back to Kek Or Cringe with Dr Robotnik
Mmm nicely done, foxboy. Very kek.
Then the Clock Struck 1:00
*A blue blur appears*
Let's be Persona Users!
*Suddenly, a blue streak occurs throughout the metaverse and Sonic is instantly in front of Hiori* YOU'RE TOO SLOW! You gotta keep up if you hope to stand a chance against Robuttnik and purple guy, rookie.
Akechihop: Best place around
RIGHT ON! *Suddenly, Akechihop is filled with hundreds of cringy, poorly drawn OCs. Some being pornographic, of course.*
Akechihop: Best place around
*Suddenly, Classic Sonic is in the cafe.* Quick, I need to shelter some injured resistence members!
I have a question for you
I'd say Espio the Chameleon.

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Infinite is actually Coldsteel the hedgeheg after he joined shadow.
Episode Shadow will show us the fight between Sonic and Shadow where Coldsteel turns against the resistance
What color is Infinite?
Serious question
Together we can defeat Doc Edgeman
If Robuttnik and that purple dude think they can just take over, they've got another thing coming! Together, we'll be an unstoppable alliance! VIVA LA RESISTANCE!
Between Chaos, Shadow, Metal Sonic and Last World guy, who's stronger?
I think it's Shadow cause he's the ultimate lifeform
Sonic Forces theory
Infinite is an fanmade oc
Persona-oriented discussion
So, what are your opinions on the Joker outfit for Sonic Forces? Is it a great addition or even worth getting the game early for? Honestly, I think it doesn't really add much to the game and isn't really that good looking. I certainly won't use it. Anyways, November 7th, the world is taken over by a mysterious threat. The world needs a hero. Play as the blue blur, himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, in TWO ERAS! But, even heroes need help sometimes. That's why Sonic's enlisting an army, and he needs YOU in it! Create your own character and take to the front lines against the opposing threat! This action-packed, too fast for eyes, thrill-ride releases November 7th on all consoles!
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