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I'm just a huge Persona phanboy, that's all. Meow~

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Squid Megami Tensei IV Splatpocalypse
@elmco you realize that by siding with Order, you also side with <spoiler>Commander Tartar</spoiler> who tried to genocide all of cephalopod-kind that one time? Whereas by siding with Chaos you side with D.J. Octavio who only wanted equality and frankly survivable conditions for his people? I think Marina and Marie are kinda the bad guys here. Also if you side with Chaos you get Killer Wail back so, there's that too.
Squid Megami Tensei IV Splatpocalypse
The most SMT V news we've gotten in a while, lol. Anyway, can't wait to play Splatoon Megami Tensei: Squidsona 3 FEST. Team Chaos FTW!
Persone 5 Royal: Kasumi Trailer
Beauty is Debotion, lol yes, i am aware that's a v.
Twewy: Final Remix, is it worth the buy?
Alright, in that case I'll see if I can recruit my sister as my partner, and pick it up. Thanks for the tip!
The day has come.
I can't believe it! The promised day has come!
Change one word in this sentence.
Best boy is Ryuji because Atlus loves yaoi mpreg phanart.
Favorite Drink?
Carbonated lemonade, because I'm a child at heart.
I played Danganronpa.
Also as a note, V3 is probably the best in term of trial games. They add a bunch of new debate types, make a few hated games more fun to play, etc. However, the ending is a bit of a hit-or-miss in the fanbase, but all you need to know is if you decide to get V3, know you're in for a huge mind-fuck, all the time. 4 out of 5 murder bears recommend it!
Morgana why
Bed time 4 you
I played Danganronpa.
No, you should definitely play the games yourself. Trust me, the class trials get WAAYYY better after the first game, and playthrough thumbnails can spoil you. As for the action game, that one is 100% better experienced played. But yeah, play them yourself if possible. It really ramps up the ~despair~ factor. Upupupupu~

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PSA for Firefox users
There's currently a bug (which may or may not affect you) where all your extensions and themes are disabled, and you cannot re-enable them because they &quot;don't meet Firefox safety criteria.&quot; DON'T DELETE YOUR EXTENSIONS, there is nothing wrong with them. Rather, if you are affected, download Firefox build 66.0.4
Twewy: Final Remix, is it worth the buy?
Played the original, thinking of picking up FR, but reviews online seem polarized. Is it worth the price tag?
[Serious] How to ask someone out on a date?
Like the title says, I wanna ask someone out but have no idea how to go about it. Please don't reply with memes and jokes, I actually want real advice.
I just beat The World Ends With You for the first time AMA
Holy crap what a great game. PLAY IT NOW!
What You Failed To Mention Forum Game
Say something that happened to you (can be true or false) and the person below you has to say something you &quot;forgot&quot; to mention. E.g. OP: I bought a hot dog 2P: What you forgot to mention is that it was a magic bag created by Obama I have a kite 3P: What you forgot... etc. I'll start: I adopted a dog yesterday.
Can someone help me
So I'm trying to DL some music, but due to bandwidth issues, the site makes you &quot;refer&quot; someone to DL a full album. So could just 1 person click this link please? It's safe, I checked, and you can just X out as soon as it loads. Pls guys. https://downloads.khinsider.com/?u=1899653
Has anyone else downloaded the Persona 5 OA app?
And if so, can you explain how it works. I'm kinda dumb, and hesitant to mess around with it lest I destroy something.
Anyone else heard of the Persona 5 O.A?
Announced today, I think. It's like Pokesona 5 Go, as in it's a companion app that sometimes lets you talk to the characters to raise their Social Links, potentially even with Joker according to the screenshots. You can read more here: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/02/16/persona-o-announced-persona-series-official-support-app/
Merry Christmas
So this month, Humble Bundle gave me a game I already have. So what better way to use it than to gift it to someone who wants it? So use the link below to get a free copy of Hiveswap: Act 1. Please only claim the game if you'll actually play it. Thanks! ~Soupicide https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=PYdXakpRkKfwKXGN
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