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Guardian Name: Renox Class/Subclass: Warlock/Stormcaller Weapon: Nameless Midnight (Kinetic), Inaugural Address (Energy), Merciless (Power)

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I have returned
Glad to see that you're the still good shitposter NotIgor
Fortnite is just luck based. 1 match you get a bush and minigun and may take 1st place, but after a 50 loss and not getting any good loot, you want to throw your console out the window.
As much I love Destiny there are tiny things that makes my blood boil. Shotguns are meta, Sleeper Simulant is a unkillable creature, Nightstalkers gives me anxiety like when watching Saw the first time.
I also have one as well... If you're going to make a loot themed game... <b>DO NOT MAKE LOOT THAT IS TIMED EXCLUSIVE AND HARD TO GET FOR A CASUAL AUDIENCE!!!</b> Because guess what you get the Redrix's Claymore pulse rifle controversy where only 9% of Destiny's player base only has. FFS DON'T EVEN DO IT.
You got Discord?
The Red Riot
<i>He gets from the strike but one of his legs is corroded away from the blast.</i> This is bad... Monokuma where are you? I got a leg missing.
The Red Riot
I am the storm, it strikes with hatred and recedes like with fuming rage! <i>The Warlock soon sparks surges of violent electricity into his body and unleashes it upon the Thrall hoard.</i>
The Red Riot
<i>The warlock walks by Monokuma as he confronts Nokris and his helmet visor glowing red, but it's not glowing in despair but of unregulated rage.</i> Long time Nokris... you necromancing fuck.<div class='edited'>(edited by Stormcall_Warlock)</div>

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Something Something in Russia
<i>In the cold land that is Russia and in between the cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod is a giant Vex vault similar to the Vault of Glass on Venus.</i>
I have returned
To those who are new and old, I have returned from college work to see how this place has been doing. Gotta say triggers some good memories. And to those who are new, well glad to meet ya.
Hey Tachanka... Jager founded Bandit's stache
https://i.redd.it/6vw1j1c7zjqz.jpg Hey's just <b>GONE</b>
Literally hanging about
*after four hours of being hanged up by the leg like some decoration by the something, the warlock Renox and his ghost patiently waits for someone to go bring them down to the ground* Renox: Hey ghost... how long till some one notice us? Ghost: I have no clue... obviously talking to that thing was a very bad idea.
Strike Operation: The Web of the Hive
*A team of four members (you and two other) are sitting in a transport vehicle with a tv next to the driver's door, seconds later the tv lights up showing a mission overview of the strike* Mission Overview: A cult demon worshipers are communing with the extra terrestrial insectoid aliens that they thought are their deities known as the Hive. With the aid of the cult memeber's they are attempting to awaken what they call the Dream Devourer, but in the Vanguard records show that it's the previous Taken King's personal ogre guard named Golgoroth. Mission Objective: Eliminate the cultist and their sniveling gods and send the Dream Devourer back to Slumber. Recommended gear/abilities: Nuke based skills, Telesto Fusion Rifle, Red Death Pulse Rifle or Handcannon varient <span class="underline">Modifiers</span> Embracing the Dark: Your team and enemies gains a boost if using Dark based skills Don't turn on the Light: Using anything that produces lights will catch the attention of Vile based demons, but it may nab the attention of a certain friendlier demon.
Convergence of the Machines
<i>The Vanguard Commander Zavala, though being busy coordinating strikes and defenses, points to a folder with the header naming Strike, level of danger: High, action: Immediate action on the table. Within holds data of the mission and the area of the objective</i> Mission Synopsis: A Vex Collective dubbed the Convergent Dominion has been doing self experimentation with a volatile Golden Age nano-bacterial organism located in a old Clovis Bray Facility. Guardian Renox will instruct you into the facility but once radio breaks, coordinate as a team. Objective: Locate and neutralize the Mind that is attempting nano-bacterial replication. Fireteam members Required: Four Risk Level: Dangerous Cayde's Advice: Use anything that can burn or set things ablaze. But worst case scenario, you'll die.
The Return of the Vanguard Tower
*As the ship with some of it's parts made of glass, lands within the hanger, Renox teleport outside of his ship and opens the hatch* Frame: You like to drop the surplus? Renox: I am good.
Join in the Support
Since with the nation banding arms to support and protect Net Neutrality, this website https://www.battleforthenet.com enables everyone to defend it. Sign in and defend the Interwebs
Chilling at the beach
*After doing a continuous chain of missions, Renox the warlock is simply relaxing <span class="through">sleeping</span> on his lounge chair while there is a bunch of dead Cabal behind him poisoned by the Void light*
Infront of a S.E.E.S base
*The Vex/Guardian hybrid stands infront of the door of SEES hoping for someone to let him in* Come on... come on... it is so cold out here...
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