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(: Normal Academy Life :)
&quot;Ah! ...Right, off to class.&quot; <i>Asami would follow beside Anghel, blushing a little as she is referred to in a such a flattering way.</i>
In this thread i give you a designation but it's yugioh
Jokes on you, i'll enjoy anything you do to me.
Spirit of Unity
<i>Asami's divinely enhanced eyesight dissipates as soon as she hears Kayo, walking up to him and looking at his eyes. She holds her hands together in front of her chest with worry.</i> &quot;H-hey, Mr. Psychic! Where'd you go? And where's the spirit girl?&quot; <i>She would attempt to press him further before realizing she was being impolite, sighing as she drops her arms and looks to the side.</i> &quot;Ah, sorry, we actually did hear that they work for Anemone! Nothing suggests anything they've told us was dishonest, but man, these guys are something else!&quot;
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>Asami, out of boredom, decides to send Kazuo a funny meme of JFK Diavolo going &quot;My day be so fine then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom then boom&quot;</i>
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>Asami seems somewhat embarrassed, but the meal did satisfy her enough that she didn't feel like asking for more.</i> &quot;Ah, i'm good, thanks!&quot; <i>She did seem to be somewhat tired at the moment, stretching her arms behind her back like she were contemplating whether she should stay longer or not.</i>
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
&quot;Ah, thank you, I will!&quot; <i>Asami pauses the game and looks at the meal, ready to receive it. Once its on her table, she pushes the laptop to the side and starts eating nearly immediately, at a ferocity that gave the impression that she doesn't eat at home.</i>
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>While waiting for her order, Asami goes back to gaming super epicly.</i>
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>Asami cheerfully smiles upon being given the recommendation, nodding with interest.</i> &quot;In that case, i'll order the Sincere Omelette.&quot; <i>She giggles a little when Kurumi offers to write a message, feeling silly.</i> &quot;Try to use words that are easy to learn, please!&quot;
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>Asami glances over the menu for a few minutes with a strained musing, trying as hard as she can to decide what she prefers between what are to her seemingly random sequences of foreign symbols.</i> &quot;Uh... um, I can't really read. Is there anything you would suggest I order?&quot;
Akihabara: "Alice's Apron" Maid Café
<i>Asami smiles politely at Kurumi, somewhat anxious and unsure how to respond.</i> &quot;Ah, i'd actually like to order something, but I don't know how much yen I have. I don't really know how to add or subtract large numbers.&quot; <i>She sets her controller down and pulls out a stack of yen totalling somewhere around one million.</i> &quot;What kind of food do they have here, anyway?&quot;

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Shibuya: Kosei High School [Looming Dread]
<i>Sometime just recently, the school grounds would receive an influx of spiritual energy of the malevolent kind. It would be potent enough that anyone with the faintest amount of &quot;weird&quot; would be attracted to it, especially so at night when it was most prominent, manifesting in concentrated blots of darkness painting the air they breath and obscuring the night sky all around. The back of the school would be the prime subject to investigate, with one man already on the case. Some would know him as Apollo. He had known about these developments for quite some time, keeping them to himself. Looking over the malignant portrait from atop a hill, he muses to himself, seemingly perplexed by the situation he finds himself in.</i> &quot;Damnit... this better be a dream...&quot;
Invasion of the Immaculate: Foray into Darkness
<i>While Tokyo had its fair share of anomalies, none would be on the scale of this. A blast of violet energy large enough that it could be seen from space rendered anyone it hit braindead, save for those with strong enough wills. It originated from some sort of shopping center. This could only be deduced by the ruins around the spire-like slim portal which stood at the center of all the havoc. Arriving at the scene before anyone else would be a little girl who, horrified by her surrounding, wanders into the portal with determination. </i> <spoiler>For this I ask that one person volunteer as leader for no reason other than giving us that authentic jrpg vibe.</spoiler>
Non-specific Mountain Range: [Divine Abode]
<i>Asami stood at the foot of a large mountain somewhere around southwest Tokyo, probably. She gently sighed a breath of warm air, surveying the area around her. She also appeared to be acting particularly cautious, attempting to avoid contact with anyone she didn't know. </i>
Nihon Kagakuin college
<i>The silver-haired young man would head out of the station at Kamata, casually walking through Suzuran Dori until he reaches a 7-eleven which he elects in go into and purchase a single kit-kat and sprite. After making this purchase, he walks out of the store and takes a sip of the soft drink, stoicly sizing up the college campus right across from him This large-scale campus has the most advanced facilities with cutting-edge practicum learning materials together with a relaxing environment. The new 20-story tower with one basement level includes a lecture theater, which can accommodate about 600 people, an Internet lounge with the ubiquitous information environment, and a spacious and bright library.</i>
Sun Mall: Now with 100% more sun!
<i>A duo consisting of a young girl and a much taller, silver-haired male are wandering through the streets when they come through and entry to a large open-air mall. They are walking in tandem, with the girl's right hand interlocked with the boy's left.</i> Boy: &quot;Thankfully, the natural sunlight in this area should allow you to evade some measure of suspicious glares from the public. Nevertheless, we should take any precautions possible. We can't risk any direct confrontations until after the time of your coronation.&quot; Asami: &quot;Look around you, brother. There's no danger anywhere near here. You fears are completely uncalled.&quot; Boy: &quot;You're still just as reckless as ever. What would you do if you got hurt and no one was there to help you?&quot; Asami: &quot;It's not like i'm so defenseless! I have the staff you gave me, remember?&quot; <i>The staff in question was presently absent from the girl's hands.</i> Boy: &quot;A pale imitation of your true potential, might I add. Anyways, just what was it you wanted to come here for, Asami?&quot; Asami: &quot;Umm...&quot; <i>The girl would glance over the various stores set up in the mall, musing over the names and displays of each. After a few seconds of doing this, she turns to her brother.</i> Asami: &quot;Come to think of it, i'm not really sure where it is. Maybe we could find a map somewhere?&quot; Boy: &quot;Hmm...&quot; <i>The boy would stare upwards in a similar manner while walking forward absent mindedly, noting the layout of the mall including the large foutain which he approaches and begins to dip his hand into. </i> &quot;Well, whatever it is, we certainly have donations to spare. Wait here a second.&quot; <i>Asami would sit on the edge of the fountain while her brother sifts through it for various coins and miscelaneous treasure, some of which seemed nonsensical in the current setting.</i>
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