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Meeting of E.V.I.L.
<i>A glowing black door would take shape in the room for a moment, a man wearing a red coat and pants, with long hair, a smug grin on his face and a blazing lighter in his right-hand steps out.</i> &quot;Oh, is this the place? Heheh alright then, I could go for a snack.&quot; <i>He'd quickly begin grabbing up bits of food... And devouring them in mere moments with a smirk as he looks around the place.</i> &quot;So, what are we <b>doing</b> anyways? I mean, something something evil okay sure I got that message. But what's the real point to it all, I may be just some shadow of a jackass but come on, I got shit to do, people to manipulate. The usual.&quot;
I, the great Super Shadow Tatsuya must punish you for this offense Elm! You are a truly disturbed individual and this horrid crime must be punished, so I, the great Super Shadow Tatsuya will destroy you for it!<div class='edited'>(edited by Super-Shadow-Tatsuya)</div>
aMUsE mE
Hah, jokes on you fool! My &quot;RPing&quot; is, in fact, naught but a meme! A shitty meme yes but still, my point stands!
aMUsE mE
I won't ever stop Psych, not until my evil plan is finished. And then it shall be far too late!
aMUsE mE
Heh, those looks of yours scream &quot;villain&quot; to me... However, there is nobody who can match THE GREAT SUPER SHADOW TATSUYA in terms of villainy! You may call yourself a god of death, but I am far beyond such things as death and gods!
The Shadow Thieves of Phantom Thieves
Sorry Lvl1 Izanagi, but my Persona is even stronger... COME, LEVEL 1 SUPER REVERSE APOLLO! <i> A man in a blue outfit with a mask that seems to have flames running off to the back appears... In addition, it has the same badly shopped grin and eyes as its master.</i> Hahaha! You are strong Lvl1 Izanagi, but none can withstand Lvl1 Super Reverse Apollo!
It’s my birthday
The Great Super Shadow Tatsuya wishes you a happy birthday, especially since... It'll be your last if you oppose me!
The Shadow Thieves of Phantom Thieves
Stealing Dreams... Hehehe, you fools think you can stop me eh? That's adorable, but the Great Super Shadow Tatsuya has no intention of his nightmare schemes being foiled!
I the Great Super Shadow Tatsuya, would like to inform you all Shido kills a cat! Unmarked spoilers for P5 Shadow Thieves! Destroy me, or forever be proven weak and pitiful!
hey guya
<quote user="OriginalPsych">try me Shadow Tatsuya </quote> Hmm? You? You aren't even a footnote against the wrath of the Great Super Shadow Tatsuya... And don't forget the Super part!

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