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This is my Phantom Thief OC my code name is Fox I wear a red fox mask I don't know my persona yet if you want you can help me figure one/some out.

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a very persona halloween
I'm going as Joker for Halloween cause he's a really cool guy.
What's YOUR Arcana?
What's an arcana? I'm new to this
Can I have some help?
Ohhhh ok sorry I've never done this type of thing before
Can I have some help?
What does that mean?
Can I have some help?
Btw hahaha hahaha
Can I have some help?
Ok so what is there to do here tho?
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
Hi I'm new to this page can anyone help me out?

Recent topics

Can I have some help?
Hi guys I'm new here and I wanna be a phantom thief on this page what do i do?
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