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Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Tatsuya had by now been watching the fight between the achemist and the sea user, that was... Interesting to say the least. He's looking forward to being able to try and fight at a level like that in fact, but for now there isn't much to do about. He'd simply begin heading off to class a bit early, wanting to have enough time that it won't be an issue if he ends up having trouble finding the exact room or something. The teacher's directions weren't too vague, but it doesn't ever hurt to be a bit careful, especially in a new area you don't know yet. </i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>A battle in wits and wills then? He sees the logic here, Itachi is probably betting on being able to pull some kind of tricky counter attack with those blades, it makes more sense than trying to match the clearly physically stronger Ryou in brute force at least. Ryou probably sees it too, below the muscle and obvious brawling experience that one seems to have a decent grasp on tactics and mind games... Kinda reminds Tatsuya of himself actually, in a few ways at least. So now the question is just down to who breaks and gets impatient first this round, in so far as the young man in a red coat can tell. </i> &quot;Interesting...&quot; <i> He'd also absently pull out his phone, checking the time to make sure he isn't in danger of being late for class. That would leave an awful impression after all. </i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Tatsuya would glance over at the newcomers, Ryou and Itachi... Ryou espeically seems a bit interesting, a rival of sorts given they're in the same class. And that close range style is brutal to be sure. The sword user on the other hand doesn't seem to be doing quite as well, but only time will tell what all he can manage. The young man would pull his lighter from his coat and begin absently flicking it while observing their battle.</i> &quot;Simple... But simple is all we can manage for now, so I'm more interested in the kinds of people I'll be facing...&quot; <i>He'd mutter his under breath a bit while considering, without knowing either of their hands he can't exactly say what he'd do in either's places. But the dual daggers seems a decent choice, Ryou is fast and hits hard, so perhaps a pair of weapons which are also made for speed could trip him up? That's what Tatsu suspects Itachi is thinking, and he's curious to see how if it works in practice. </i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Tatsu can't really help agreeing with Leonus somewhat, having to pass some test next week will be a pain... But he should be able to manage it, the basic rules seem simple enough to grasp and with some hard work he should manage to pass first try. Probably, main focus this week will be academics really given he's got faith in his physical prowess for the moment, years of martial arts practice he got dragged into and the odd street fight have given him plenty of that.</i> &quot;Makes sense to me. When you say the wildcard will be familiar... Nah I already figured what that means, so it isn't really a question. My only other question, when can we start practicing?&quot; <i>He'd begin sorting through his deck as well, taking a moment to examine it and see exactly what the basic default practice toys of his Red style entail.</i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Tatsuta would crack his knuckles upon taking the red cards, grin forming on his face a bit... Up close and personal huh? Hell yeah, that kind of aggressive fast paced attacking style suits him just fine. </i> &quot;Not planning to go easy on anyone huh...? Works fine for me Sensei, anything worth doing is worth giving your all and then some for.&quot; <i>The young man is at least in good physical shape, and there's a gleam of slightly honed instincts in his eyes while he steps away and gazes over the others who are now confirmed as his current classmates. And upon donning the uniform one would notice that his red jacket is in fact, above it despite all common sense. The jacket is probably never leaving. </i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>Tatsuya would just shrug to himself while following after the trio of teachers... He can't exactly say that speech was the most reassuring but eh, whatever. Figuring out things as you go is the most fun way to learn anyways, it's how he figured out all his engineering tricks so why wouldn't he do the same here? For the moment he really doesn't feel like trying to make any new friends truth be told, that's always a pain and without any clue what people are like around here why even bother for the moment? Give it some time, watch and wait then maybe try and interact with someone that seems interesting. So rather than strike up a talk he'd just walk along silently while observing his area carefully. </i>
Uno Battle Academy - Generation I
<i>A young man wearing a red coat and holding a lighter in his hands would walk up to the gate, staring towards it with a wary pair of eyes and a smile on his face despite himself. After all, it is indeed a chance to try and do something... A chance to find a path worth taking, despite his up to now aimless drifting. The young man would place his lighter back into the coat before walking forward. Onward to the start of a new adventure, for good or ill. There's still quite a bit he doesn't know here, but the one thing he is sure of would be the fact that standing around outside waiting won't get him anyway. He's done that for many years before after all, the mindless wandering has come to a close and so with a heavy heart for his lost friend in the process of getting into this place the teenager would step forward. After all, he's not just here because of himself, he's here to clear the family name as a whole from disgrace long ago brought upon it. A goal worthy of even this dire sacrfice in his eyes. He would however blink with confusion upon seeing a weird purple cat slip in, that can't be normal, right?</i> <b>Name: Tatsuya Suou.</b> <b>Treasued Weapon: His Homemade Motorcycle.</b> <b>Misc: A genius of mechanical building and repair. </b>
Intermission Two
<i>Tatsuya would draw out his gun, blasting wildly at the shackles while they form. A barrage of magical homing bullets rushing towards them and dealing out just enough impact to slow them down slightly. He'd run like a man posessed, slightly inhuman prowess from both years of keeping up with demons and his Persona carrying the old warrior forward just barely fast enough to evade the chains. It's close, but he manages i-... Only to have one of them grab onto his left side. Only half in its range for now though, and with the last few seconds before he's pulled into the void the man would raise up his Evoker to his head with a grim smile on his face. </i> &quot;Seems as though you got me, but not quite well enough to stop this. You've won PK, but I won't let you win without dying at least once. Sorry.&quot; <i>As he says that Lucifer would reform behind him, this time with the form of another Persona appearing as well... The red eyed white fallen angel, and a dark-grey figure with chains on his hands and mouth. Covered in scales with a wide open mouth and seemingly no eyes. </i> &quot;Lucifer, Satan, Final Armageddon!&quot; <i>By this point the chains would be pulling Tatsuya in despite his best efforts, that's fine though. Because the ungodly flow of magic that's more powerful than anything else he's ever done is moving so fast it won't be stopped. Not soon enough anyway. The two Personas would fly high above the battle field, cracking and seemingly bleeding some black ooze not unlike the wounds of a Shadow. The power being used here is so overwhelming it's probably Tatsuya's own life force along with all his magic. A fact that becomes all the more obvious as the unstoppable almightly energy of the attack rushes down from above. It doesn't just ungulf the whole battlefield, it engulfs everything in the room all at once. Raw magical energy that simply tears through any defense short of a god's own power coming to life and taking the shape of a nuclear mushroom cloud just blasting through the entire area and turning everything to dust. It's probably overkill, if he were going to fight much longer this would leave Tatsuya at a massive disadvantage... But those chains sealed his doom anyway, and as the man's almost lifeless body is dragged into the void he'd just smirk slightly. PK may or or may not see it given he's probably being torn apart right now. The Danksuyas oddly are not getting torn apart, somehow stopped by an odd quirk of the magic which focuses the blast in on PK despite engulfing the area in light. And the Demon Hunter offers his foe a smile and thumbs up before vanishing into the void, presumably to die. Unlike his enemy, he won't be coming back either.</i> <center><b>Battle Over</b></center>
Intermission Two
<i>Tatsu would sigh a bit, the bugs do indeed vanish soon enough from PK's attack. That doesn't get rid of the festering wounds they've dealt though. And the blood just doesn't stop pouring out despite how small those are. It does leave the Persona user without his gods and monsters for a moment though, enough to dish out a solid blow straight into his chest that sends the man reeling backwards with a smile.</i> &quot;Hah, oh that actually hurt a little. Won't slow me down right now... But hey you got a solid hit now, good job kid!&quot; <i> Soon enough his Persona is back, this time it's Apollo once again as the man's body is covered with gleaming white hot energy all around it. </i> &quot;Heat Kasier!&quot; <i>As he rushes back up and points his hand at PK's location, magical energy would burn up in a huge display of power before... The whole world just turns pure white for a moment, the entire field is covered in blazing Nuclear magic as Apollo launches his attack from behind his user. Engulfing everything in a massive blasting zone that even covers Tatsuya, of course the energy can't hurt him while using Apollo, so that's no issue. And it leaves nowhere to run, the only option at this point would be an effort at blocking and praying he supposes.</i> &quot;No clever trick this time, just pure power and the will to destroy.&quot;
Intermission Two
<i> Tatsuya would narrow his eyes a bit as the Danksuya gets used like a human shield, that's... Brutal, even by the old man's standards. But those things are seemingly fairly lifeless copies so he can understand being willing to do this, he supposes. That's not going to stop the man from trying to avoid having to kill this copy though, if only out of spite. Lucifer would hover behind its master with gleaming red eyes, darkness forming all around its body and suddenly taking the shape of... Large quick moving insects of some sort, darting towards PK's body all over the beasts made of magical shadow would aim to chomp down upon their foe, biting in and infusing whatever they manage to hit with curses of darkness which would leave the wounds bleeding horribly. There's a large enough number that dodging this imitation of a swarm master might just be rather tricky too.</i> &quot;I see, that's... Quite the tactic alright, I'll have to get a bit more creative to get around this one... Hah, look at me. Fighting harder in death than I usually did in life.&quot; <i>He can't help a bitter chuckle while making that remark, the silver gun appearing in his hands again and this time releasing a pair of bullets which fly at different points, one aiming to slam into PK's left side right at the hip. The other shooting straight at his right shoulder. This does have the issue of leaving the man without his sword in hand though, PK did manage to do that which is why he's resorted to shooting again. He even manages to do some damage with this attack, though Lucifer's power seems to render him resistant to physical blows. And the swarm of darkness doesn't vanish even while Tatsu takes a couple seconds to focus again. His gun having been knocked slightly off aim and stopping further firing for a precious few moments even while the bugs bite in wildly.</i>

Recent topics

Behold, the ultimate in marketing!
https://youtu.be/qImHuiYnVQ0 Truly, the greatest marketing is within this song. Once I find these logo creators I shall <span class="through">take over the world.</span> Make lots of money thanks to my new logo.
GYM: The Return!
<i>A man stares up at the crescent moon, a grin on his face as he absently twirls a blade in his hands and wanders down the streets with a gleeful look.</i> &quot;Ah, what a nice night to come out and do something! Gotta get back in shape with some weirdo around making shadows after all!&quot; <i>In a few moments he'd come to a well-kept building, a sign above the door reading GYM and the man himself pulling out a key. He turns the lock and walks inside, flicking the lights and quickly turning off an alarm.</i> &quot;And now, for the best part! The greatest thing ever...&quot; <i>To stand and wait, eyes absently checking over the large square room, a few doors leading off to other parts of the building. Several large rings set up, with an odd shimmer about them save for at an entry point. Barriers to be exact, can't have stray magic flying all over after all. But regardless, for now the man simply stands and waits, swinging his blade about with practiced ease.</i>
Auto fill: The thread, the movie, the game.
They haven't heard you're using your birthday Flickr lol of good things from what made Gordon you think Viber has changed guess I'll definitely didn't forget how you're gonna raise taxes that could include less messed up getting home from yesterday could bring quite understand your enemies.
Armoy: I haven't done this for a while!
<i> Tatsuya sits at a counter, looking around curiously as he realizes this is the first time in... Weeks at least, that he's opened the place up again.</i> &quot;Geez, hope we're not so busy I can barely cope or something. It'd be a pain if there's too many people in here at once, but I guess that's the price you pay for being one of two people who has actual weapons.&quot; <i>He'd shrug to himself and lean back on a wall. Eyes watching the doors as he awaits the usual herd of people this place seems to bring.</i>
GYM vs Phansite!
<i> Tatsuya walks in the doors with a grin on his face, quickly moving to flick on the lights and turn off the alarm system... And shut down the cameras while he's at it, no sense giving Fakelib more than he needs to after all.</i> &quot;For some reason using this place feels... A bit off all things considered, but I guess it should be fine right?&quot; [i] Thoughts aside he'd then walk around to check everything, wouldn't do to have the place fall apart or something. Satisfied with everything Tatsuya finally walks up and turns the sign to open before going to the counter and leaning against it. His eyes watching the door as he waits for someone to come in.
Sun Mall: Now with 100% more Armory!
<i>The usual Mall stands before you, the open air flowing through thanks to Sun Mall’s lack of a roof, wouldn’t make sense to call it that if it weren’t getting any sun. All the stores one would expect from a mall line the buildings. Along with a fountain around the center, and not too far from there stands a large tree with pink leaves, a calming feeling flows around the tree if one stops to look. For some reason, the usual blue door seems absent as of now, though it comes and goes as it pleases. But as usual Peace Dinner sits off in a corner.</i> <i>The most eye-catching feature in sight, however, would be a large sign reading &quot;Em's Armory: Mikage Branch Grand Opening!&quot;. Under said sign a door leads to a storefront filled with various weapons, lining the wall, on inspection one who knows would notice that they happen to be well made. However, no one seems to be at the counter.</i> <i> And in the back room of said store stands Tatsuya, looking over the design of a nifty little device. Namely, a type of C4 infused with hardlight to summon walls as it goes off, containing the blast... Tatsu sighs and walks back out to the front, he is meant to be running the place after all. Not just playing with weapons. So, with that done the man stands behind the counter and grumbles to himself. Waiting for someone to come in.</i> &quot;Tch, hopefully, I'll get some actual customers soon here. The place has gotten nothing but window shoppers and kids trying to get a cheap katana to mount on their wall so far... Is it really so hard to understand I'm running a real shop? I swear, people just see the place and assume I’m selling toys or something.”
GYM: Way Too Early!
<i> Tatsuya walks into the building with a grin on his face, sure he can't sleep at all but... For some reason it seems like a good night to train. And now, the hunter simply waits at the counter having flipped the the sign to open on his way in.</i>
BlazGYM: Cross Tag Training!
[i] Tatsu walks in the doors, turning the sign to open and looking around. For some reason it seems like a good time to practice... A little different kinda fight, he grins to himself and leans on a wall. Looking over at the door and wondering who might show up for this little idea.[i] OOC: Yup two v two GYM is back, I've been meaning to do this for a while and here we are folks.
BB Stream. (I play this game now)
https://go.twitch.tv/suoutatsuya. God only knows why but I'm steaming BB with Haz and Kaz, apparently this is a thing we do.
Mikage Sun Mall
OOC: First off yes this is a casual thread, that being said I've got no plans to try and enforce a no fighting rule or something, kinda didn't mind the older days of Leblanc with plots mixing in so trying to bring that back a bit here. That being said I don't want just a series of bosses or something, think of it more like getting some interest and giving people an IC reason to check stuff out if you bring a plot here *Before you stands a large mall, the usual mall sorts of things exist of course a few people wander about. One might notice an odd blue door off in an alleyway as well. For some reason a tree with pink leaves sits alone in a room. No one is sure on why that's here really, beyond that a cafe called Peace Diner seems to stand out a bit. Tatsuya himself sits on a bench looking around* Huh this old place is here for some reason? Been a while since I've seen... Anything like this around the Nexus actually. *He stands up with a sigh after seeing nothing abnormal* Sure as hell not gonna find what I'm looking for around here though... *He shrugs to himself and decides to stick around a bit regardless* Oh well can't keep looking into a mystery all day. *The man walks off towards Peace Diner, a slightly nostalgic look on his face*
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